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Oracle to Himself Through Tarot

Nikolas is interested in the role of intuitive thinking in rational thoughts and actions of our life.

History of the Life's Formula

The occult opinion considers that the ritual of Egypt priests' initiation was cipher in the cards of Tarot. According to Paul Chritian, pen-name of the nineteenth century French occult author Jean-Baptiste Pitois,the future priest was entered into the gallery decorated with caryatids in form of 24 sphinxes, every side had twelve ones. Among them there were frescoes of magic figures and symbols as prototypes of the Senior arcana. Passing by those pictures the adept received guidelines of the priest.Each arcane due to the pictures visible and tangible was representing the formula of human activities in relation to spiritual and material forces. Later on, Gustav Young proposed and introduced in his"Psychology of unconsciousness" the exclusively comprehensive term - Archetype.

With a Light Hand of Antoine de Jebelin

Antoine de Jebelin (XIX century) not less famous connoisseur of Tarot was supposing that the first deck had appeared as edification for young Pharaohs. There was moment when the priests' caste conceded the reins to warriors and rulers. In contrast, the habit of initiation while climbing the throne left. In some way, it was uncomfortably to make the crowned person to wander in dark corridors. That's what physical ordeals were replaced by the symbolic walk-through of mysteries' cycle. It means from the Fool till the Universe

With a light hand of Jebelin it went the belief: the Ancient Egypt word "Tarot" denotes "The Road of Kings".

Arcana by Albrecht Durer According to the Cards of Tarocchi

The Deck of so Called Tarocchi Mantegna

Besides, it is well known the pack of so called Tarocchi Mantegna named after Andrea Mantegna, North Italian Rennaissance painter. It was dated by 1465 and the influence of Cabbala is very strong there. Instead of accustomed 78arcana it consists of 50 cards which related with 50 gates of Beene and divide with 4 not 5 trumps. There are Dome of heavens, Foundations and virtues, Science, Muse, and Social status. Eliphas Levy, pseudonym of the French writer Alphonse Louis Constant, became the first who had paid attention to the Cabbalistic allusions. He added the meaning of letters in Hebraic alphabet to the cards.Alister Crowley continued a century ago his great send off. This writer, philosopher, and occultist related trumps and Hebraic letters with different mystic symbols according to Hermeneutics. As a result, it gave a stimulus in using Tarot not only in augury, but in magic practice.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

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  1. What are Tarot cards?
    • Simply a deck of cards
    • A book of wisdom
  2. How many cards does Tarot have?
    • 76 cards
    • 78 cards
  3. Into how many groups are they divided ?
    • two groups
    • three groups

Answer Key

  1. A book of wisdom
  2. 78 cards
  3. two groups

The Official Science Says

The official science as usual is more pragmatic. It indicates to the Italian origin of the Tarot. The most ancient from decks preserved till our days were created by Milan masters Visconti and Sforza (Visconti-Sforza Deck or Golden Tarot) in the middle of XVI century. In contrast, if to believe to the painter Niccolo Caveluzzo, cards went to Europe from the Islamic world. In the decks of Mamelukes, similar ones of Tarot, there were 22 trumps and 56 low-order cards. they were divided into the same suits, such as Minor arcana of Tarot, i.e.Wands,Cups, Swards, and Pentacles. As a result, Mamelukes, tracked smart in the Northern Africa, could borrow semantics of Tarot from Egyptians. In contrast, due to the prohibition of Koran on the icon of people the familiar images were substituted by patterns in form of arabesques.

Visconti-Sforza Deck

Golden Tarot

Golden Tarot

The Magic Tarot is hardly the single fortune-teller approved by science. According to Carl Gustav Jung the signs similar to the Major Arcana that reflecting the key archetypal situations have the property to activate energy of unconsciousness. In the world of rough substance it likes as the attraction of a certain situation.You can not to name the visible reality objective one. Consciousness, Ego or Myself, is responsible for the perception . It passes information through the filter of subjective imprints, i.e. evaluations,prejudices, complexes, and other false mirrors. The real essence of things remains occult till the moment when the energy of unconsciousness dissipates in vain. In contrast, being concentrated on a certain problem it becomes the focusing lens on these or those problems.

Who Can Save You?

The symbolic system of the Tarot so multi-layered and holistic will put stars in any eyes in the labyrinth of reflections and elucidations.Only the own honesty will save. In fact, cards don't know any better than the unconsciousness of the soothsayer.

My Favourite Card Reflecting My Character


The Fool

On this card the man is depicted in the clothes of the arlequin, He keeps hold of the rose.The cave is on his shoulder, from which the bag, embroidered with magic signs, hangs down.He looks at the skies, and walks to the invisible cliff. The doggy tries to stop him unsuccessfully.

Archetype-a child, Task - cognition through the play, impartial perception of the new; risk - to become incompetent, frivolous; sense of life - go-go spirit, the habit to rely on the instinct,nonchalance, carelessness. ,

To be or not to be ?

Tarot has the Global Meaning

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