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Televangists: John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley -- an Open Letter. . .

Please tell the whole truth! It matters now!

Dear; Joyce Meyer, James Dobson, Hank Hanegraaff, Billy Graham, John McArthur, Pat Robertson, Adrian Rogers, Allister Begg, John Hagee, Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley --- perhaps many others.

Why do you NOT tell the whole truth regarding the most basic of issues when GOD’s word is all about truth? I have listened long and hard to what you have said and I know that you are sincere, extremely well educated and possess a high intellect. I also believe you are certainly well intentioned. Frankly, I would not speak to you like this if I did not have a great respect for the great accomplishment of your work.

But Uzza meant well when he reached out his hand to steady the Ark of the Covenant – but He wasn’t doing what GOD said to do – and in his case Gods anger was kindled against him!

Cain thought his offering was appropriate but it displeased GOD

Saul rationalized that he did not need to follow Samuel’s instructions as inspired by GOD.

Kind David thought that “numbering Israel” was a pretty good idea – it kind of made sense to him – but GOD showed HIS displeasure in a pretty dramatic way.

Christ said that “good works alone” including the casting out of demons was not enough and HE commanded that those people leave HIS presence because they were sinners because they didn’t do the things that fostered a proper relationship with HIM – who they claimed to worship. He said in Matt 7:23 “Depart from me you workers of iniquity – I NEVER knew you!

And most importantly Christ said people could actually worship HIM in a meaningless way. Saying in Matt 15:9 “In vain they worship ME – teaching for commandments the doctrines of men” He wasn’t talking about things HE commanded which HIS word makes abundantly clear. Who was it that gave the 10 commandments among them the command to keep the 7th day holy? Moses wasn’t the giver – he was only the “reporter”

So let’s consider some very basic things:

· Did GOD say in HIS Holy Word that the 7th day is HOLY – true or false? Remember it was GOD who said this not Moses – not any man – The very HOLY word of God upon which you stand says that it was GOD himself who gave this command – isn’t this true? – Yes or No?

· Is the bible the Holy word of GOD or not?

· OK -- What does “holy mean”?

· Doesn’t it mean, “He is involved in it– infusing it with HIS Spirit – endorsing it – sanctifying it– and certifying it”!

· Didn’t He say in the authority of HIS Holy Word to stop your work and assemble together before me?

· Didn’t HE say in the authority of HIS Holy Word this should be a delightful thing!

· Didn’t Jesus say in the authority of HIS Holy Word of the New Testament that the Sabbath was actually made for us – for our benefit?

· Didn’t He say in the authority of HIS Holy Word it will actually be a “sign” of who HIS people are:

· Doesn’t the authority and record of HIS Holy word say these things – yes or no – your answer please?

· Can you find anywhere in His Holy Word that he says he stopped being involved in the 7th Day – Infusing it, endorsing it, certifying it, or sanctifying it. No its not there – you can’t show me because it is not there – is it? Yes or no?

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