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One Stray Button

Just another head in the crowd, with a positive spin, to anyone who has been set aside.


You know that extra button that comes with a new shirt? It's neatly placed in its own crisp packaging. Just in case you need a replacement button, it's there, waiting to be of some use.

Most of the time we think we'll never use that button. It gets thrown out, tossed aside, lost, or flung into a mason jar full of other stray buttons that we only think we'll use one day. Most of the time they just end up sitting there, collecting dust, serving no purpose, other than a decorative, multi-colored, eye-catching jar, full of seemingly useless buttons that sits on a shelf.

Until one day, somebody thinks they need a button. Rummaging through the mason jar, they quickly scour through, searching for the perfect button, critiquing every, single, one. “That one's too old”. “That one’s too small.” “That one is ugly and those are just weird.” “That's not the right color and these are damaged!” And this one here, I just don't like this little button!”. None of the buttons live up to their standards, so back in the mason jar, they go! Bottled away, sitting on the shelf, waiting to one day be of use. They're no better or worse than the buttons already being used that ARE serving their purpose. Yet, there they remain...just stray buttons.

Some people feel like those buttons. They've been tossed aside, forgotten about, treated as unimportant things, and critiqued by those around them or closest to them. They've been told that they don't matter or are treated as insignificant, meaningless objects that can just tossed aside and replaced. They are told they are too old, too young, too ugly, too weird, not the right color, too damaged, and they just don't fit. If they have a special gift, and they all certainly do, they are scoffed at, mocked, slandered, and made fun of...the lowest on the totem pole. This can take its toll on a person, and they may even start to believe it, seeing themselves as insignificant people, having no purpose or real value.

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But if those buttons were God’s people, they’d be the remnant! They’d be the ones who are set apart, not set aside. The special packaging each button comes in should be a clear indicator of this. The people critiquing the buttons, but never using them, are the spirit of Jezebel who runs rampant, sent to punish God's people and kill His prophets with slander and lies! The jar is the hand of God, that secures the buttons in a safe place until the time is right to use them. The shelf that the jar sets upon, represents the world that overlooks the remnant, who are right in plain sight.

If you find yourself being beat-down, scoffed at, slandered, overlooked and a feeling of insignificance overwhelms you, leaving you with the false conclusion that you have no purpose...maybe you're "just a button" who’s been purposely targeted, because the enemy knows who you are, even if you don't! Maybe you are set apart (not set aside), for something be used by God at a later date.


One Stray Button :)

Matthew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

© 2022 Gena Warren-Wilson

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