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How Do They Feel About You? Timeless Tarot Reading.

Tarot Card Reading that's timeless. 3 cards for each sign in this reading. Aries to Libra in this article.

Reach Out For A Personal Reading!

Reach Out For A Personal Reading!

July 2022 Timeless Tarot. How Do They Feel? Aries to Libra.

Aries: 8 of Cups, 9 of Pentacles, Page of Cups in Reverse. Right now, this person is walking away from the situation, and focusing on their money (and themself). They are not focusing on love at the moment, and they aren't trying to learn anything new about a love scenario or person. They do not care to invest in anything heavy right now, they want to take it easy, and just relax a bit. They may need a friend more than a lover, reach out.

Taurus: 10 of Swords in Reverse, 7 of Cups, and The World Reversed. This person is tired of being hurt. They feel like they were stabbed in the back, and like they probably did the same thing to you. You guys BOTH share the energy of the 7 of Cups, telling me you BOTH had several options at different times in the past. They feel like they endured nothing but misfortune and heartache with you. They feel unlucky regarding love, especially love with you, Taurus.

Gemini: Page of Pentacles Reverse, Page of Swords, and the 4 of Cups. Damn is everybody's reading gonna be shitty?

Lawd. Sorry I will get on with the reading now Gemini. Your person, or the person you have on your mind, has stopped investing time and effort in this. They are waiting for some sort of message, or text (email), to decide if they are gonna be up front with you about something....and if that's not it, then they are trying to find out the truth about something that relates to you. They want to be sure they will be able to give to this down the road, because they have a tendency to get bored and act like a little bitch. Sorry, not sorry about calling it like I see them.

Cancer: 5 of Cups in Reverse, The Lovers in Reverse, and The World. YAY CANCER! You finally got something half-ass decent. LoL. So, this person believes you two could have the world together, but only if you stop focusing on what you have lost in the past (a lover, perhaps?) and you give to this new relationship. Awwwww! Focus on the present, remember that Cancer. We have a tendency to love nostalgia and memories so much, that we stay there more than we should. We also tend to worry ourselves to death thinking about the future, and so we miss the present moments that are set to become tomorrow's memories. It we blink, we will miss it. Be aware of Now. Be aware of the Moment.

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Leo: 7 of Cups, Queen of Cups in Reverse, and the 6 of Pentacles. This person has clearly got you upside down! They are looking at this as one of the options they have in love, seems to me they have several different things that take up their attention. They care about you enough to string you along, clearly seeing the need to give more to you, but refusing to do so. They aren't somebody you should keep around you, this is just my opinion and it will not resonate with all of you. Take it if it DOES ONLY! Do not make this fit!

Virgo: The Hierophant Reverse, 5 of Swords Reverse, and 5 of Pentacles. They feel like you left them hanging, and that you didn't want to commit to this. For some reason, I am also thinking there was a competition between two people, I have no clue why or who, but it may involve another energy. (3rd person or something important). The best thing they can do, in their eyes, is to walk away from this. (Or either somebody lied and cheated, and now one of you guys are dipping out.)

Libra: Instead of 3 cards, 4 cards Popped out on your pull...I accepted the extra card and added it to the reading for you.

5 of Cups Reverse, 9 of Cups Reverse, 10 of Pentacles, and 2 of Pentacles in Reverse. They feel like you need to give more to them and not focus on yourself so much. They are proud of what they built (or what they are building) with you, but they want you to stop juggling so many things (not affairs or anything serious). Let them help you out with the stuff you usually handle alone. They want you to see that you are appreciated, and they want you to enjoy the things you guys both worked so hard to have. Slow down and focus on them for a little while. You will be glad you did.

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