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On Astral Projection. The Paranormal Concept

Out of the Body Experience

Astral Projection also known as OBE or Out of the Body Experience refers to a state when the consciousness of a person leaves their body temporarily, allowing the person to travel, unbound by the rules of physics.

Astral Projection also known as OBE or Out of the Body Experience refers to a state when the consciousness of a person leaves their body temporarily, allowing the person to travel, unbound by the rules of physics.

Personal Experiences and Testimonies

At a very young age, I would dream dreams that don't mean anything to me, a child of 6yrs. I also heard sounds I couldn't identify, yet seems like lullaby to my ears. Most prominent or arresting was the sound I hear as I drag myself to deep sleep. The sound of rushing water or waves hastening to shore. It startled me at first, yet I learned to appreciate it. I cultivated that listening ear considering I was a precarious child. I knew there was something in me that no ordinary boy or girl had. I see and feel people's presence even of one or multiple entities so vague, even discern scents while asleep. I would find myself atop rocks then at one instance, on railroad tracks staring on the other side of the tracks as moving trains blocked the direction of my vision. Until one early morn, I tried to get up but I couldn't as if being pulled back by imaginary chains on both arms and feet. Then it happened. Headstrong and stubborn, I passed through without difficulty on closed doors without opening it. Blinding white lights welcomed me but at that moment without understanding where I was, I got scared. I asked myself "was this still a dream state or am I travelling and wide awake?"

Most of us had at one time in our lives, experience the unknown, the bizarre, the freakish and off-the-wall oddity. Below, you shall find some far-out strange experiences on Astral Projection commonly known as Out of the Body Experience or OBE.

_ Tony Cicoria was a surgeon in upstate New York. Waiting for his family at a Lakeside park, after he hung up, ending a call at a payphone from his mother he was struck by lightning. People were converging on his body, as he recalled in an interview with The New Yorker. Cicoria was watching himself in an out-of-body experience. It was the most glorious feeling he ever had. The woman, a nurse, who gave his unconscious body CPR, was successful in her resuscitation efforts. During the effort, Cicoria found his astral serenity replaced by pain. He was alive again.


_Where most people would assume disbelief on paranormal occurrence, Brian's experience, now 30 years of age, made him more open minded. At age seven (7) he took a fall from a tall tree he was climbing in his backyard. He landed flat on his back, hitting his head on a root. The next thing he knew was he was getting up and dusting off his clothes. His mother ran from the house, yelling for his dad. Brian was ready to tell her that he was okay, when he looked down and saw another him still lying unconscious on the ground. From a distance, he watched his mom kneel over his body and gently pat his face. He woke with her leaning over him. To this day, he still isn’t sure what caused this amazingly real experience.

Types of Astral Projection

It is a pleasant experience to some people who practice Out of the Body Experience or OBE based on the aforementioned testimonies or personal experiences we read of those who study and form the habit of doing it.

Depending on the level of lucidity and energetic control the person experiences during OBE, they vary in types or quality.

Read on:

1. Spontaneous projections or OBE. _Often outside of the control of the person in question. A person may simply be having a nap, or fall asleep at night, and while their body is sleeping, wake up to find themselves outside of their body, in their astral body or psychosoma, at times, even seeing their physical body sleeping.

2. Forced projections or OBE. _Either a sudden shock or trauma to the body such as a vehicle crashing or some type of traumatic occurrence, can be caused by these sudden exits from the physical body.

3. Unconscious projections. _Being woken up with a jolt with a sinking feeling prior to that jolt, chances are you have just reconnected with your physical body after a separation or disconnection. Most people separate at least some inches from the physical body every night when they go to sleep. The astral body, hovers just above the physical one, remaining attached or connected to the body via the silver cord.

4. Semi-lucid projections. _You may intersperse between projecting and dreaming and never really reach full lucidity and awareness.

5. Fully lucid or conscious projections. _The most productive kind of astral projection as the person is in control of their thoughts and energies and can make the most of the projective experience. This is where a person is fully conscious. It may or may not include a conscious take off from the physical body, however once projected, the individual will be fully conscious with the heightened sensations and abilities of the subtle body (astral body or psychosoma).

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The Enigmatic

To Travel With the Mind

It was mystifying! Unfathomable!

A good traveller is one who knows how to travel with the mind.

So they say. Nothing of significance though, we all know how powerful thoughts are.

It was a humid weather that night. Getting the right kind of sleep was elusive. Deep, nurturing sleep was nowhere to be found. It was the late 90's and the sounds of Celine Dione's "My Heart Will Go On" topped the charts. Yes, maybe with it, raised "Titanic's" gross sales at the theaters.

Then it happened.

Just simply a nap, not even falling asleep as when fray nerves puts the body at rest. It was surreal. Sort of disorienting, hallucinatory yet offered that kind of fantastic experience.

I saw my body in slumber, realizing, I woke up to find myself outside of my body. The thought and cognizance of such did not scare me, no, not at all. But it solidified my belief that we were made in the likeness and image of God having a spirit higher or greater than just being human.

We were created in the image and likeness of God, thus share those Divine qualities of Love, Abundance, Health, Beauty, and Goodness.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2Timothy 1:7

We all do!

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