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Occult Impacts on Humans Lives, by Edward Alexander

Alnajda is a forever learner and explorer about History, Ancient Archeology and Mythology, she is graduated in the field of History as well.

The planetary Impacts

Planets infuse a direct indication upon people or the other earthling creatures, because they are energetic and full of energy, in other words they are also known as archetype subjects. This can be found in an astrological chart which shows clearly the very personal data about these people's lives, their past, their present, and even their future events.

So, the person gets charged by the energies of these planets since the very first moment they were born and depended on the position of planets, where they are closer, where they are more distanced, these are different kinds of energies collided in a person. Some of the energies will have a stronger impact and will charge the person with more energy of these kinds, rather than other energies around.

This energy is the main energy that creates the foundation of a person's personality, spiritual state, destiny, and so on. Such planets are going to impact a person in life, from the movement of these planets and the power of their different energies, depended also by the person already possessing those, in special parts of the world these energies might be stronger, and weaker.

But this energy ensures the foundation of a person's personality. You may say that people are not their real selves or their purest selves, because of these outer impacts but all of this is to make you learn and adapt to certain energies of certain planets. Through this technique, a person rest can change for better his core personality and develop it even more and more while learning and obtaining the truest purpose of why this person has come into existence

The Astral Impacts

The Astral subjects (beings) impact people and infuse upon them the energies that these people already have accepted and apply in their minds and bodies There are many kinds of Astral subjects in the Astral realm.

Some of them impact people for a certain purpose, we can exclude in here the models to change the mental state of humans. Many claims that it might be a form of kind control And very few people are aware of that. So people, in general, think that they are a certain way because that is what they are since the moment they were born. Different diseases and many other problems also might result in the cause of being exposed to these astral Impacts.

However, anybody can protect themselves in different ways. The protections will just improve the lives of these people in many ways and eventually will attract positive astral subjects to these people. The positive astral subjects might impact the person in many good different ways.

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The Earth Impacts

Some specific places on planet Earth possess different energies. Let's mention here the pyramids in Egypt. These specific places on Earth are charged by certain energy that impacts humans in their mental state also in health. Planet Earth is covered by energetic clouds for good also for the bad.

Technology Impacts

Tech types of equipment, made by man, impact humans in different ways, mostly in negative ways, because many of them were created to manipulate mankind, to manipulate their mental state and make them more and more visible towards control, such as the televisions, computers, cell phones...etc, etc. But still, this can be also managed by spending more time in nature away from every kind of technology.

Man Impacts

Humans themselves have a great impact on each-other Thoughts get transmitted in a telepathic way and they get accepted by everyone. Telepathy can be used for good intentions but also for bad, consciously, or unconsciously. Here comes to the surface also the " Everyone is you pushed out" phenomenon of Neville Goddard, claiming we are just reflections of each other.

Karmic impacts

Karma is the energetic impact upon yourself from your deeds. It is a sum of deeds towards others and yourself or thoughts as well. Past lives also may impact you energetically through incarnations from past events, events, experiences, and the past deeds related to Karma.

However, Karma can be balanced through the righteous work within ourselves To give this an end such impacts may be as negative also positive that impact our present lives in many different ways.

A lot of negative experiences such as hatred, depression accompanied by anger or even the physical problems, and so on, might be a direct impact of these outer impacts, which consistently pour their energies upon us.

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