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Objects That Vanish



Did it ever happen to you, that you misplaced something, like your house keys, or your wedding ring? Something personal that you use and are aware of nearly every day. You put it down on the counter or kitchen table. You turn away for a few seconds, only to return and realize that it is not there anymore. Where did it go? Did you really misplace it? Did you put it somewhere else but didn’t remember? Later, maybe seconds or maybe a few days, it shows up again in another place. You resign yourself to the fact that you had a bout of absentmindedness. It is understandable. You are busy. You have to work. You have to take care of your family. All of these obligations sometimes stress you out.

But when the missing item reappears in an unusual place or even more upsetting it reappears in the place that you saw it last, then what is happening? Is there something more going on here?

These disappearing and reappearing items have a name. It is called the “Disappearing Object Phenomenon,” (DOP). What could possibly be behind DOP? There are a number of possibilities, such as:

  • The object has shifted into another dimension
  • The object has temporarily become invisible
  • The object is being manipulated by poltergeists

Moving Into Another Dimension

The dimensional shift is an interesting idea because it explains many aspects of DOP. The object disappears and then reappears in the same location or in another location. Sometimes the object never returns. Could it now be permanently located in an alternate reality? If your alternate self in the other dimension finds this object or item, how will they react? We may already know the answer because this is another facet of DOP. Items that appear that the owner doesn’t ever recall buying.

The object temporarily becoming invisible is probably the hard one to understand because what is actually causing it? Some people have witnessed objects slowly reappear after vanishing in the first place. Wouldn’t this be just another example of dimensional shift, that the object is returning to our world? However, there is the idea that our own perception might be playing a part. Human consciousness probably has more of an affect on reality than we realize. Could it be that the human mind can alter the state of matter? And if so, then how does it work? When does it work? Could the answer be with our own emotions? Hate, anger, or maybe on the other side of the spectrum, excitement, joy. Could these states of mind cause objects to disappear? These are many questions that obviously are hard to answer.

Playful Ghosts

The final possibility is poltergeists. What exactly are they? They have been known to manifest around teenagers and could be a consequence of the teenager’s energy and the changes that are occurring in their lives. They also could be a ghost, noisy and mischievous. Or maybe this manifestation is defined by both?


Examples of Missing Objects

Regardless of what is the cause, when you have the experience, it can be disturbing. Such as the man you lost his wedding ring. Along with his wife, they searched everywhere early in the morning. The last location was the night stand. Hours later, to his horror, he found his ring. It was exactly where he had left it, on the night stand.

Then there was the teenager, working on his computer. Suddenly, a floppy disk that was on the computer desk disappeared. He looked all over but couldn’t find it. He even looked in his computer disk file box, but it was not there. After leaving the room and then returning, an awful feeling came over him. He went back to the file box and there is was, but it was placed in backwards compared to the other disks. He claims to have heard a faint amused laugh when he found the missing disk.

Finally, there is the case of the women who placed her keys on the kitchen table only for them to disappear. She never found them so she had new keys made to replace the missing ones. Eventually, the keys did show up but they reappeared in an unusual location. She found them in a metal tin located in a closet.

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First Hand Account

So are these cases real and true? Yes, they are vague, with no names and no times. They have been reported many times from many sources. Their origin is not certain but it is fairly sure that these accounts were first reported in Fate Magazine.

However, when mentioning this phenomena to people that I know, I encountered a first hand account. To protect them, I won’t use their original names.

Erica is a widower that lives alone with her two adult daughters. One evening, after finishing dinner, they cleared the table but left a few items. One of them was the salt shaker that was located roughly in the center of the table. After dinner, Erica and her youngest daughter, Monica, and her oldest, Lauren, moved themselves to the living room and settled in to watch TV. When Monica looked into the kitchen she noticed that the salt shaker was missing. Frantically all of them looked all over for it, especially on the floor. With two small dogs, they were worried that maybe one of them ran off with it and were concerned that they could get sick if they managed to open it and ingest the salt. However, it was nowhere to be found. Also there was no commotion, no sign that one of the dogs had jumped on one of the chairs and knocked the shaker to the floor. It just quietly disappeared. After giving up and returning to the living room they both suddenly noticed that the salt shaker was on the table exactly where they had left it. When Lauren was in the living room, she was not at the vantage point where she could see the kitchen table so she did not see it vanish and reappear. Even though one daughter did not see it, I trust the testimony of Erica because I know her very well. Both her daughters are trustworthy as well so I believe that Erica and Monica are telling the truth. They experienced DOP. So what was the cause in their case? Erica thinks that maybe her husband, who past away recently, might have been involved.


Is it Real or Just Legend?

So what is going on with DOP? We have the three possible explanations, but is it true? Is this phenomenon real? Many of the incidents reported are somewhat vague, with no names or no places given. This forces the possibility that maybe DOP is not real, that it might be just an urban legend, that there is no real substance here, but after first hand testimony I am inclined to believe that maybe DOP could be a real phenomenon.

  • Disappearing Object Phenomenon
    Do objects disappear around your home, then inexplicably reappear? You might be a victim of the disappearing object phenomenon. What's the cause?


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 29, 2021:


Another inspiring piece of work.

This had happened to me & others I know.

I cannot explain how an object just shows up after searching relentlessly for it..and usually it shows up right where we looked.

Maybe a ghost of a love one playing tricks on us ...who knows?

Great article.

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