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Obey the Walrus and the Cult of La Morsa

I've been interested in researching the supernatural and paranormal for many years.


It was back in 2005 that a video surfaced on the Internet that took off like wildfire and, frankly, scared the life out of many people.

The video has been the subject of many rumors. Due to the strange, yes bizarre, nature of the video, many people felt compelled to find answers as to its source.

Over the years, many things have been revealed about this video and many strange incidents have occurred due to the viewing of it.

Obedece la Morsa: The Video

The video shows swirling colors and plays a distorted musical track that is sped up, gets slower and plays backwards. In the meantime, interspersed is a very thin and misshapen woman looking very close into the camera, and then tap dancing with a parasol; at some point, she is featured with a clown head on top of her head.

The video, when watched, is said to create intense feelings of fear, distorting the mind, and creating problems thereafter for the viewer. One man reported that his computer was hacked after watching the video and that he was thereafter alienated from friends. Essentially the video is thought to be a curse of some sort.

It is said that subliminal messages run through the audio and visual effects of the video; variously said to show people in a circle praying and telling the viewer to do horrible things and to "follow me". The clown head is said to be symbolic of the condemnation of the soul.

Furthermore, it is said that the video is the product of a satanic cult that abuses and exploits children. It is the cult of the Walrus or La Morsa. The cult is said to be based in Brazil but has a faction in Germany.

Luigi Pirandello Connection

It is also touted that playwright Luigi Pirandello was able to get his sabotaged theater production of La Morsa completed by way of this worship of the Walrus. In fact, in 1898 his play L'epilogo was not produced because of accidents on the set. When he renamed the play La Morsa in 1910, the play went on without a hitch and was very successful.

This is also the case with Italian film La Morsa della Morte; it is also believe this film's success was dependent on the La Morsa cult.

Is It Real?

The claim is that the video is actually footage of a cross-dresser named Johnnie Baima, also known as Sandie Crisp and Goddess Bunny, taken from a 1998 documentary. It is said Baima has polio and is permanently disfigured due to a botched surgery in which a steel rod was placed in his back. It is also said he grew up in foster homes where he was abused. Johnnie has been very popular in the gay and transgender community, particularly in West Hollywood, for many years and has even appeared in the Marilyn Manson video "Dope Show".

It is said the Hodge-podge of Baima and the spinning colors and weird audio was uploaded to eBaum's World in 2005 and spread across the Net from there, scaring the life out of a good number of people and creating various rumors as to the origin of the video.

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Johnnie Baima.

Johnnie Baima.

Is the video really a curse propagated by the infamous La Morsa cult or is it really just a concoction of a crafty Netizen that used footage of a famous drag queen to freak everybody out? Is there a connection to famous Italian playwrights and film-makers?

No, it's not the product of a cult nor is it cursed. It is a video that runs an audio track of the song "Itsy Bitsy Spider" sped up and then ran backwards. It creates various disruptive visual images with swirling colors and footage from the Goddess Bunny documentary. Basically the short clip plays on the mind, disorients the mind with discordant sound and unusual visual designs and plays on our fear of those who are different and our stereotyped images of people with disabilities and ideas of gender and "looks".

All of that combined was enough to make the video an Internet sensation going on 10 years now, as of the writing of this article. To this day you can find "reaction" videos on the Web, of people watching the video and being "disturbed" by it.

We just love to be entertained and like to push the boundaries of what excites us.

Obedece la Morsa: Obey the Walrus

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Anon on January 09, 2019:

I was disturbed when I first saw it. Not because of the individual who I found out was Goddess Bunny, but because I knew that it was produced to portray Goddess Bunny as something to fear based on appearance. People really should watch the “ Illusion of Bias “.

LilWayneOnTheBrain on September 15, 2017:

Not nearly as terrifying as spirit cooking..

Felicia on January 07, 2017:

How old is la morsa

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