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Numerology for 4/1/2022

Debra McDermitt is a professor of World Religions and has been studying numerology for decades. She offers numerology readings and charts.


4/1/2022 Basic Numerology Report

Numbers of Today 4/1/2022:
Major: #1, #11, #2
Minor: 4, 5, 7, 9

CC: Cooperation helps awareness and brings achievement.

Norris: The vibrations of today will bring multiple roles and responsibilities. You are asked to take the lead and be center. Restlessness fades as you embrace creativity.

See the beauty that comes when you are connected to spirit, compassionate, empathetic, peaceful, and promote love.

The 4 of April has us balancing our organization and managerial skills with being down-to-earth, flowing or traveling as water, and speaking clearly.

The Norris Basics of the #4

I start today sharing some of the vibratory meanings that come with #4 in the Norris System. The 4 tends to bring about good management and organization. There is a sense of practicality, honesty, and being down to earth. A 4 is structured and can point towards an architect or a good builder. The artistic component of 4 comes with a focus on the design and structure of the art. The 4 with a 10 points towards being good at thinking outside the box as there is a desire for uniqueness that comes with this combination. When combined with a variety of other numbers such as 22 the emphasis is on being able to speak well, a clarity of and impressive voice. 4, with a 40, points toward large bodies of water, where the 4 on its own is a pool or flowing water.

As I mentioned in a recent post when we look deeply into numerology, we find that the vibratory meanings often match up with religious, spiritual, cultural, and philosophical notions. Thus, for the month of April we are going to start going beyond the Norris system for the lessons to get additional meanings for the #4.

When we start to examine the number 4, we can go back in time to merely observing the world and cycles around us. There are 4 major seasons that are separated by the 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices. There are four main directions. Four was associated with the stages or the seasons of man. For Pythagoras and other ancient philosophers, the number was also associated with Justice, being Wholesome, and Completion. Beyond the seasons of man, it was the four powers of man that consisted of mind, science, opinion, and sense. It was the first number formed by addition and multiplication of equals, the 2, and the smallest squared prime.

The Sacred #4

Now, let’s see what we find as we look at how the #4 arises in religion and spirituality.

Hinduism. There are four main Vedas in Hinduism and four aims in life. There are four stages of life, traditionally four main castes, four yugas, four main Yoga’s or Marga’s, and the traditional Hindu sign of good luck signifies goodness from all four directions. With Hinduism we have Tamil or Indian Numerology which includes looking at Vedic number meanings and cultural meanings. The 4 is connected with Dharma which relates to our duties and responsibilities is the protection of the divine order and the assistance to all beings. Chatur is the number for four and deities with four arms are going to be important such as Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, and many others. The ruling planet for the #4 is Rahu and it is said in Tamil numerology that Rahu, #4, people can be disciplined yet unpredictable, practical yet antagonistic, and devoted yet non-conformist. The 4 may create a new reality as they take a new or different approach thus changing the existing conditions.

Buddhism. Four is a very common number with concepts in Buddhism. From the Four Sights seen by the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Four Heavenly Kings, and more. The four in Buddhism often relates to completion, perfection, and balance. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism does not have its own or separate numerology.

Taoism & China. While the #4 can be associated with death and seen as unlucky in China it has a deep history associated with many concepts. This includes the number of seasons, four directions, four key skills of the ancient Chinese, the Four Books of Confucianism, four famous Buddhist mountains, four famous pavilions, and more.

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Judaism. Most important is that the Tetragrammaton is the four-letter name of God. Ezekiel’s vision is of the four creatures, there are four primary matriarchs of Judaism, and at Passover one drinks four cups of wine, four questions are asked, and there is the importance of the four sons. There are four angels that surround the Throne of Glory, four kingdoms of the eschaton, and four Sages who enter paradise. The number four is Dalet which means door and signifies completion. The 4thof the Sephirot is Chesed which means Mercy and is connected with ideas of loving grace and inspiring vision. Chesed is a primary Virtue of Judaism corresponding to the right hand, the element of water, and is the sephiroth of water. Meanwhile, four in Kabbalah Numerology is often related to a lack of fortune and being fruitless.

Christianity. The four gospels are key to Christianity. There are four horsemen of the apocalypse in the book of revelations. 4 is the number of creation, specifically the material creation that God completed on the fourth day. The four is associated with the symbol of the cross which has 4 points.

Islam. The number four represents stability, order, and completeness. Allah determined 4 to be adequate for proof beyond doubt. It represents a cosmic order and there are four cardinal attributes of Allah, Rabb; Rahman; Raheem and Maalik. There are four functions of the prophet and four characteristics of a believer. Prayer, Salat, has four components.

There are numerous cultural connections to the number 4 as well. We will explore those at another time.

What is the meaning of April?

For this we are looking only at the Northern Hemisphere where Spring has begun.

Of course, most well-known is this first day of April as April Fool’s however rather than contemplate on that the focus will be on the meaning of the month April.

Well before 400 BCE the Roman Calendar included the month April. Its name in the Latin is Aprilis which is likely derived from aperire that implies to open. One theory is that the opening is referring to the flowers and blooms that come in the spring. However, as deities played important roles in ancient Rome and Greece, there is a theory of the name having a connection between the Roman Goddess Venus and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite both associated with love. The Veneralia of Venus is held the first day of April and it is thought Aprilis was originally her month.

Over time more connections and meanings become associated with April even becoming origin stories. The goddess Eostre is associated with the Oster-Month (think Ostara, celebrated at the Equinox in March). However, some believe that as Christianity spread the name Easter replaced Pesach for recalling the last days of Jesus and his resurrection. As a professor of Religious Studies my personal view is that while there may be connections between Eostre, Easter, and April with the role of Pesach and connection to Passover these theories are somewhat lacking.

Starting roughly a week after the Spring Equinox April is the month where we truly take notice of the increase of sunlight. Flowers and trees are blossoming. Animals coming out of hibernation begin procreating and having babies. Most notable of course is the rabbit but also sheep and other creatures. Thus, April is associated with love and new beginnings.

The birthstones of April are the diamond and the quartz. The two astrological signs are Aries (diamond) and Taurus (emerald). The flowers of April are the Daisy and the Sweat Pea. April colors are considered to be the tones of Red and Pink. The birds most commonly associated with April is the Wilson Warbler, the Canary, and as it is connected with Aphrodite the Sparrow.

And of course, we cannot forget,

“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.” ~ Thomas Tusser

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Debra McDermitt

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