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Numerology for 3/21/2022

Debra McDermitt is a professor of World Religions and has been studying numerology for decades. She offers numerology readings and charts.

Numbers of Today 3/21/2022:

Major: #3, #12, #21, #30

Minor: 5, 6, 8, 10, 24, 26, 28

CC: Bring smiles to all around you!

Norris: Spirit & Revelation are the vibrations for the day. Let yourself wonder and wander into the realms of spirit, love, compassion, and friendship. LOVE is part of so many vibrations today. Take the lead, notice the opportunities, enjoy the travels you have, or take be it physical or spiritual.

Equinox Special 2

The energy of the equinox continues today bringing into being what you set as your intentions (habits).

Let the light, the joy, the smile of spring continue to bring beauty in balance and with spirit.

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Read further for todays numerology lesson.

As I started thinking about the numbers today, I was getting excited. I knew that it was going to be 21 and 3 but it hadn’t quite clicked how strong the 3 was with that 21. The month is 3, the total number is 3, 21=3, and there is also the 30 in there. Joining those numbers is 5 for beauty, 6 for friendship and social but also that energy of the approaching 7, the 8 which is the self but is also from the sacred perspective that combination of the physical and spiritual as the new birth (after the 7), and well I started smiling!

My aim today is to talk about how the energy of the equinox is still with us and it is bringing balance; at least the ability is there to choose it, to connect with it, to feel it, and to take it into the next season. In the northern hemisphere, where I am, that is Spring and in the southern it is Fall. Because of that variation I am not simply falling into the Spring energy which definitely adds to the rebirth energy that is vibrating alongside the 8 and some of the other numbers. That being said in the turning over to the Fall in the southern hemisphere it is the preparation of letting to of that which is not needed, thus preparing. Again, though those energies are not the core part of this lesson.

21. 21 is glorious it is definitely one of my favorite numbers to see in charts be it DOB, Name, or the combo charts that look at the years of our lives. The reason being is that one of its strongest vibrations is revelation, the mystery being revealed, the discovery of the hidden, and the traveling of the spirit. Now, based on other numbers that surround the 21 we may lean towards some of its other meanings or more often we can get an idea of the nature of the mystery being revealed, a glance at the place where the revelations can happen.

All the 3’s and the energy of the equinox tell us very clearly the vibrations are about balance, spirit, the divine, the sacred, about love, compassion, sympathy & empathy, of affection, sentimentality, and once more for emphasis the mystical. This portal if you want to call it that is spectacular this year as with the 20 and 22 which are not always the best numbers this equinox is letting us know we have free will, we have the ability to balance those energies in ourselves and the world around us. The vibrations are letting us know this new beginning, this shedding of the old (fall equinox), is what we are going to make of it. Saying that we can transmute the compulsions and addictions of the 20 into habits of love. We can take that 22, which will be doubled tomorrow, and let it be explosions of joy, be the kindness and compassion of small groups of friends, and transmute the vibrations of resentment/revenge to a teaching lesson of forgiveness and love. As a mild warning tomorrow, as we slip into the energy of the new season, while you still have the energy of the season, and of course so many additional opportunities, it is the day to consecrate and show you are resolved to the new, to what you have set forth.

Today though, today find the light and share it, find your smiles and share them, welcome the change of the season with a connection to that which is your spiritual connection. Welcome the healing that comes with living in awareness of balance, with letting go of past attachments, and with… LOVE!

Thank you for reading the lesson today. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts please reach out!



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