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Numerology: 3/27/2022

Debra McDermitt is a professor of World Religions and has been studying numerology for decades. She offers numerology readings and charts.

3/27/2022 Numerology

3/27/2022 Numerology

The Daily Numerology Report

Numbers of Today 3/27/2022:
Major: #9, #18, #27 #36
Minor: 3, 5, 12, 14, 16, 30, 32, 34

Cordelia Coull: Send out good will and peace to the world. Love, and love is reflected!

Norris System: Today is a great day to travel for the sake of travel. As you travel send out love, compassion, kindness, and peace for today is a day of universal love and sympathy.
It is ok to keep busy, focusing on self-development, and get your work done today. If you haven’t made up your mind yet on something, think specifically about what best express beauty, love, and good will.
There is a bit of a gypsy vibe occurring today as well!

Vibrational Meanings of #27

The number 27 has a vibration of movement. Specifically, towards travel, exploration, adventure, and action. This can even mean in the sense of analogy such as the adventure of the mind in reading (with the minor 12 pointing to reading or writing about adventures). Travel that is done is often understood as travel for the joy or love of travel. However, there is a minor vibration (meaning we would look to other numbers, the dob, name, and combo charts) that it could be related to social activities (especially around politics, government, leadership, and ownership).

With travel comes this sense of the courage to try. The higher risk energy that comes with adventuring and taking action on something. When the 27 comes into the dob, name, or combo chart there is a tendency of one’s temperament to be courageous, daring, and even what one might call lionhearted and fearless. For those with a 27 in their charts on the 27th of a month or times when the minor numbers of the day are 27 it tends to be a great day to start a new adventure or move forward with something that may have been delayed. For today this could mean the additional energy to persevere through troubles (some of the vibrational energy of the 14).

The Smaller Vibrational Meanings

As we keep looking into the numbers, we see things such as the minor numbers for the day, where in a full dob chart a number repeats only twice, how we consider each letter of a name or small spelling variations, or in the combo charts looking at diagonals to see how much of a role they play. Smaller vibrations can sometimes have big impacts and sometimes small. Often, they help us understand which vibrational direction major numbers are going. If we are looking over a period of time, they may end up being a prediction of what is coming up – tracing back vibrations and seeing how the small vibrations grew larger due to math or other things that started coming in to play (addresses, phone numbers, numbers of people keep seeing around them).

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The smaller vibrational meanings are also those that may be meanings of a particular number only when there are other numbers around. Then, in that case, do we consider this smaller vibration. This occurs with the 36, in a chart of someone with 1’s emphasizes the leadership trait, specifically one who will be self-enterprising. A 14 with a 5 (yes both are minor numbers today, so looking to the dob, name, or combo would be key here) lends to an artistic vibration that may focus on clothing including dress design or a fur coat. At times it is about the nature of a reading that we focus on the smaller vibrational meanings.

If we are doing a chart that focused on ones’ vocation, or a life path, then while we could use the CC Character Analysis to get the Life Path Number, we could do a vocational reading with the Norris system. Many, not all numbers, will have clues or direct statements that relate to what one’s job could be. Continuing with the 14 and 5 example their job may relate to fashion design, creation, or the wearing of clothing. If there is a 12 added it could be someone who is writing about this topic, add in a 22 and they may speak about or with the 14’s vibrations do videos on fashion. With other numbers it could emphasize more the notion of being fashionable that beauty through dress was very important. See, we can get into the subtleties, the smaller vibrations, when we work on specific questions or topics and do numerology. In a general reading they may come up in discussion though it takes more time studying, meditating, and discerning to get the deeper interplays of the numbers.

I hope you have enjoyed the two lessons of today. Moving forward I will not be providing lessons on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays. Those days I will only be providing the Daily Numerology Report (what you see in the image). As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, I welcome them.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Debra McDermitt

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