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Numerology 3/26/2022

Debra Mcdermitt is a Professor of World Religions and a numerologist. She has been studying numerology for multiple decades.

Numerology 3/26/2022

Numerology 3/26/2022

Today's Numerology Report

Numbers of Today 3/26/2022:
Major: #8, #17, #26 #35
Minor: 3, 5, 11, 13, 15, 29, 31, 33

CC: Be the executive and organize your forces.

Norris: Share that loving compassionate heart today – with yourself and with the world around you. Self-respect and self-esteem are to be balanced between extremes. Nerves and sensitivities may affect the tummy, devotion to the spiritual, finding the beauty in everything, and being in good company will help and heal. Pay attention to the details and remember it doesn’t matter what others think – this is your life! Unneeded delays come from procrastination, focus on the knowledge and education you have. Remember your creativity, kindness, compassion, connection to spirit, and good principles are your power.

Lesson of the Number 26

Today we look first at the number 26 in the Norris system. 26 is about love. It is the idea of having a loving heart and being capable of love. This is a love that includes compassion and sympathy – an understanding love. This love can be expressed in relation to a significant other but more often the 26 is more of a social love. In the DOB or Name chart it tends to indicate a person who loves other people, loves being around people, loves helping people.

Most numbers include a balance, a second way of interpreting and in this case, this is a love that sometimes may neglect the self over the sympathy and compassion they have for those around them. Even this can be a positive vibratory effect as the total for 26 is 8. Remember, 8 is the ego. It is one of the stronger vice/virtue/vice numbers where the vibration is working for self-esteem and self-respect, but the balance can be shifted and become a vice of shame or the vice of pride (the egoist). If someone has a number of 8’s and perhaps an 18 in their dob, name, or at some point in their combo chart having a 26 near tips them away from the egoist and pride but could also tip them the other way. As with most all of life it is finding and continuing to be in a state of achieving balance.

The Love & Spirit Mix

The other topic I am touching on today is the Love & Spirit mix. In the months of March (3), July (7), September (9), and December (12) there are greater vibrations of spirit and compassion that are going to be present throughout the month as those numbers emphasize such. For March the 3 lends us to think of the Trinity (Christianity), the Trimurti (Hinduism), the Triple Goddess (Pagan +), and the vibratory meanings connect to the spiritual, mystical, the visionary, the psychic, the philosophic, metaphysical, esoteric, and artistically the aesthetic ‘heavenly’ sounds.

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Then when we get to certain dates, in each of those months (including March), we have added emphasis on Love and Spirit. Those dates include, but are not limited to, 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 17 (though this can vary a lot), 21, 26, and 30. The result is that on these days in March there is that added mixture of love and spirit. The way that spirit or love come together on these days is impacted by the other major and minor numbers. Often it helps us know how to overcome some trouble or difficulty that another numbers vibration is bringing up.

For instance, the 17 whose vibration is connected with nerves and anxiety on these days can lend more to its emphasis on sensitivities. Being more sensitive to the spiritual and having more empathy can be the result. Now of course in looking at 17 there are many ways this can go and knowing the DOB, Name, or this years Combo Chart would be helpful in discerning that.

Another example from today would be the interaction of the Love & Spirit mix with the minor number of 13. There are a few meanings of 13. The major component is the delay vibration and one of the others is working with those who have questionable morals or are young (one day we will do a full lesson on this). If someone is a teacher who does work with kids, a philosophy/religious professor, or someone say on an ethics committee today may feel like they are being tested for their compassion, kindness, and understanding with the students and it is such things that will help them handle others better. Regardless of the profession any delays that we meet with we know that the key to moving through it is primarily love and spirit. I would add that because the 8 is the total and a major number having the right balance of self-respect will be part of the answer as well.

I want to thank everyone who has read through the numerology report and lessons today. I truly am enjoying writing these and hope they are beneficial. I would like to let you know that I have a kitty that helps with these and that I love very much. He is in a contest right now and any support would be appreciated. Reach out to know more on that or if you have any questions about numerology or religious studies.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Debra McDermitt

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