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Numerology 3/20/22

Debra McDermitt is a professor of World Religions and has been studying numerology for decades. She offers numerology readings and charts.

Numerology 3/20/22

Numerology 3/20/22

Numbers of Today 3/20/2022:

Major: #2, #11, #20, #29

Minor: 3, 5, 7, 9, 23, 25, 27

CC: Be observant and cooperate with others!

Norris: Be mindful of our attachments and habits; ask if they are right with spirit, keep us creative, and knowing what is important. When what we devote ourselves to becomes excessive or is unhealthy it is time, with love and compassion, to find liberation and travel away from it.

Equinox Special

The 2 of today connects deeply with the equinox as 2 can be seen as two halves – half day & half night.

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Further, today, the emphasis is finding your balance.

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It is a very special day today. It occurs every year going from the 20th into the 21st and makes both those days in March quite auspicious.

I thought I would share all the sacred events happening around the globe today as the Northern Hemisphere slips into the Spring and the Southern Hemisphere slips into the fall. However, I realized as I was doing the image that I wanted to focus on the meanings of that shift from the 20th to the 21st numerologically, and especially for this year.

The number 20, in my primary system (Norris System), is most often understood through its vibration of compulsiveness, addiction (especially in a personal chart it points to alcohol and things that impact the kidneys), and even a danger of violence. Yet, as I have pointed out in previous lessons there is, the vast majority of the time, a counterpoint vibration. The other side of the story so to speak. Before going into that I do want to touch on why, when those of the Norris system read (and some other systems that do include 20) they tend to go to the “darker” side. It comes down to seeing what the 1920’s led up to, what the 2000’s has been filled with, and that when dealing with addictions and compulsions they are, more often than not, not the kind we want to maintain.

20 also is understood as habits, attachments, things we can be devoted to or yes fanatical about. I like to think of Buddhism and the Skandhas when I ponder the number 20. To have enlightenment be revealed (a big part of the #21) we must let go of all our attachments and also realize the impermanence of existence. Liken it to Ecclesiastes and the reminder that to everything there is a season (and I am sure a few of you thought of the song by the Byrds with that). That impermanence in Buddhism goes through the levels of knowing our bodies constantly change, our ability to sense things change, what we label as good/bad change, and then there are the two deeper parts that are harder to see and experience as impermanent. The one is consciousness but before that is our Mental Dispositions. These are the things that define us by, that we believe are truly part of who we are or are meant to be, they are the habits we have adapted (or as Aristotle would say have habituated ourselves to), the Confucian notion of a 2nd person we have created (though perhaps not following all the virtues he would have us).

Here is the thing, those habits can be good. It can be seen as the lama who attaches himself (choice is generally ours what our habits and attachments are) to particular objects, sacred verses, or places so that he is recognized in his next life. It is the person who has habituated himself to regularly aiming to be virtuous, compassionate, kind, loving, and so forth. The person who is mindful of who she is, is becoming, and the devotions that will help her on the path.

The great thing about the Equinox and this energy of the 20 is that it is a time of openness, balance, harmony, and it is as the whole world is saying with this balance you are empowered to choose your life yourself. Neither dark nor light but both in harmony.

As we move into the 21st that vibration of revelation, of spirit revealing itself, of the questions of ultimate concern leading us to find our own answers arrives. 21 brings with it the 3 and the 7 of the spiritual in a beautiful and mystical way.

The added energy that comes from the 20 of the Equinox implies that the invitation to find balance is a very powerful one. A invitation that if we move further along our sacred path, beyond the dangerous compulsions and addictions, into the light we will be welcomed with great blessings.

Let this equinox be a prayer for you, a blessing, and a healing. Let yourself today reflect and be observant of the balance you are ready for. And yes, as the Coull part mentioned… welcome cooperation in this, for others absolutely want you to shine!

Many hugs and much love on this Equinox and ALWAYS

© 2022 Debra McDermitt

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