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Numerology 3-24-2022

Debra McDermitt is a professor of World Religions and has been studying numerology for decades. She offers numerology readings and charts.

Numerology 3/24/22

Numerology 3/24/22

The Basics:

Numbers of Today 3/24/2022:

Major: #6, #15, #24, #33

Minor: 3, 5, 9, 11, 13, 27, 29, 31

CC: Focus on education and business interests today.

Norris: Friendship is a blessing and getting out among others will help. This is especially true for increasing your knowledge, understanding, and networking. Be willing to travel, physically or otherwise as you think about what your core principles are. Spiritual and devotional love vibrations are strong. Have the courage to give adventure and exploration a try. Creativity helps with restlessness and delays. If important papers are being handled keep compassion and empathy in mind but watch for being overly gracious.

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Today’s Lesson

Part 1: The number 24 in the Norris system. The primary vibration of 24 is travel. It is often something that could be traveling a long distance but not necessarily out of the country. If certain other numbers, like 12, are nearby it can be out of town and if it is showing up in a mixed chart (a chart combining name and dob with the current year) it can point to moving. Now, that is where the primary meanings stop in the main notes form Norris.

That brings us to the next part of the lesson.
Part 2: How do we know the meanings? The meanings for the numbers in numerology can come from many sources over many millennia. Most simply the Norris meanings are from the meditations, studies, and experiences of Marie Norris. I did not know Marie, but I studied under her student, Dr. John F. Miller and now am collaborating with another student Rhavada E.

Now, Dr. Miller was a colleague of mine, he passed away in 2021, who taught Introduction to Philosophy. Over the years he taught many philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, and esoteric courses at a variety of higher education institutions and in places for the general public. From his own research he found that Marie had incorporated meanings from the Pythagorean system and the Kabbalah system. My own research has shown this to be true with even other additions to the meanings that align with Chaldean Numerology or with how numbers are sacred.

In this sense one other way we learn about the meanings of numbers is from the religion, spirituality, and culture from which we are looking at the number. A few weeks ago, when we had the series of Palindrome Dates (February 20-28th) I included on many of the lesson days what the meanings were for the numbers not just from the Norris or even from numerology but also how they show up in religion and culture. Just as a brief example the role of 24 in Christianity touches on the description of the 24 thrones surrounding the primary throne in the book of revelation. In Judaism it is the number of books in the Tanakh and there are 24 what could be called courses ordered by King David for priests of the temple. If we look towards Hindu and Indian beliefs, we find the dharma or Ashok Chakra wheel with its 24 spokes. There is a notion of 12 judges of the southern and 12 of the northern hemisphere that is connected with Chaldean numerology but also the religious beliefs of the ancient Persians who influenced parts of Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and Judaism. I could go on but there is one more thing I want to point out.

Years ago, when I was working on my master’s degree in religious studies and at the same time was a licensed massage therapist there was a Chinese Medicine course I was taking. It was at the same time as I was doing free classes at a local acupuncturist and herbalist. One thing that was brought up only a time or two and struck a chord was the notion that there are points and herbs not just for ailments and the like but ones that are for periods of time. Meaning, that as time passes when there are certain elements waxing and waning then different herbal combinations or different point combinations would be more or less useful. Now, it didn’t mean things stop working all together but rather there were changes which one who was an adept at the subtle energies plus Chinese astrology, numerology, and I-Ching could pick up.

As I work more and more with the numbers there are times when I do notice that there is another component that I ought to add to the meanings list I primarily use. As it is I still have a lot to learn for Chaldean, Tamil, and other systems. Often when that little voice in the head or the heart says, “wait, what is missing” I will look to the other systems or to religious/spiritual/cultural meanings that could play a role. Just as one notes the meaning of life is 42, right? Well, if that is the case it is even more ironic as 42 tends to have a primary vibrational meaning of trouble and unhappiness (ok, maybe it does work?).

There are times when through observation or just feeling a new or varied meaning seems to take shape around a number. It gets added to the list with a notation whether it does or doesn’t match something known, if it is felt it needs to be researched, or if it is something to just keep an eye out for. The meaning is tested out for dates, names, the combo’s, and over time it will be accepted or rejected. Rejected ones can even be kept in another file just by chance it does fit for some situations such as how a couple numbers may impact another one but only those couple numbers have that impact.

Ultimately it comes down to discernment.

Thank you for reading through the lesson today!

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© 2022 Debra McDermitt

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