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Nude Dream Meanings-Dreams About Being Nude-Naked Dream Meanings-Nude Dream Interpretation


Dreaming about being nude in public places are actually a common dream theme that both men and women have. There is a great chance that you will dream about being nude at least once in your lifetime. Nude dreams can come in a variety of different scenarios. Most often, we are clothed and the next second we are butt naked. It is even possible that we don't recognize it right away. Being naked in your dream can represent a variety of different meanings. In this article, we will discuss nude dreams and nude dream scenarios. You will learn different meanings and learn why we dream about being naked. In the end, we hope that you are able to better understand your dream meanings and the suggestive corrections to possibly make it better.

In most situations, when we dream about being nude, it often represents our own aspects and emotions in our waking life. Even though nude dreams can be positive, in most cases, it actually represents negative emotions in our life. When we have dreams about being naked, in our dream, we are often doing everyday things. We may be shopping, eating at a restaurant, or standing in line at the gas station. The next thing we notice, we are completely nude! The emotions that you feel at this exact time can be meaningful in determining what your nude dream represents in your waking life.


Most commonly, dreams of nudity represent emotional feelings such as guilt, embarrassment, insecurity, and vulnerability. In such cases, the dreamer may have a secret that he or she is guarding closely. This could refer to a secret about anything. You may even know something that you wish you didn't and it can be possible that someone else knows this. Dreaming that you are nude can also represent our insecurities in our waking life. In most cases, nude dreams symbolize our insecurities about our physical appearance. You may feel that you are overweight or you may not feel as beautiful since you are getting older. These emotions can even lead to anxiety and depression.

Nude dreams can also represent that you feel that you are not being accepted. Chances are, you may feel that you don't belong or it is possible to feel rejected. You may have been passed over for a raise or promotion. You may feel that you friends are leaving you in the cold, possibly doing things without you. Perhaps, you feel that your boss is overlooking your work. This can represent a variety of different scenarios in your waking life. Feeling acceptance is important to us all.

Dreaming that you are naked in public can point right back at your own insecurities of your physical appearance. When we look beautiful, we feel great and it increased our self-esteem. However, if we feel that we look bad, it can bring negative emotions. Everybody cares about their appearance, some more then others. Remember though, we are all beautiful. We all are made differently for a reason. If you don't love yourself, others may not either. This type of nude dream can also represent are lack of confidence.

Dreams about being nude in public can also symbolize that you have a long guarded secret that has recently surfaced. It may not pertain to being a secret. It may just be something that you didn't want others to know. Either way, this type of nude dream can represents emotions of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Keep in mind, these are the same emotions that we would feel if our secret is no longer a secret.

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Your dream of being naked may be interpreted by simply remembering the kind of emotions that you felt in your nude dream. When you realized the you were nude in your dream, what type of emotions did you feel? The way you felt at this point in your dream can be the same emotions that you nude dream is representing. Did you feel scared, guilty, or anxious? Did you feel embarrassed or shameful? Did you try to run and hide from everyone? Did you try to find your clothes? Maybe, you didn't feel any of these negative emotions. It is possible that you didn't care at all. In fact, you may have even felt happy, proud, or joy. Although it is rare to feel happy when this occurs, it can happen. If so, then your dream about being nude is a positive sign in your waking life. This type of emotion in your nude dream represents strong pride. Being happy in your nude dream can also suggest that we are ready for whatever life throws at us. This type of emotion in your nude dream may also represent that you are comfortable with the way you look.

Dreaming that we are naked can also suggest that we are not being ourselves.You may be trying to be someone that you are not. You may be trying to fill the shoes of another. This can represent a variety of different scenarios in your life. None the less, nude dreams may represent that we need to be ourselves. Don't try to be somebody that you are not. You are special the way you are. Keep your head held high and be happy being you.



Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 24, 2013:

Thanks for another interesting hub on dreams. I hope I don't have any naked dreams, as I can just picture others in my dreams running away and screaming in terror :)

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Frank Atanacio from Shelton on May 24, 2013:

wow this one was actually really good Lyric .. the series of dream interpretation is so far second to none :)

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