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Northern Girl

Northern Girl

Northern girl!

Why are you so bland with no insight or respect for your man.

What do you want your man to be? What do you want your man to see?

A life not worth living. No, I don't think so!

I know you don't, but if he ask you for help. OOps!! No you won't!

You rather help tear him down like an old abandoned building.

When he ask for love, you give it with no feelings.

Not knowing he sees your insides out and your heart is so revealing.

My sistas, my sistas, quit sweating yourselves!

Look at the mirror, the pictures, there is no one else.

So stare into your eyes and take a real good look.

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Sit yourself down and start to write your own book.

Flip and flip through the pages of your mind.

Read the words, think, and redefine . . . the way you are suppose to be for your king, your husband, yes!!! . . . your Majesty!

Bow down and take your thrown . . . for your King can't rule it all alone.

He needs a QUEEN, a mistress, oh yes, a WIFE. So he can FULFILL his quest on LIFE.





Tyrone Smalls (author) from Edi, Isl. on August 10, 2010:

NORTHERN GIRL is for those who fit the shoe . . .and are willing to change to be every woman 4 her man . . . HIS QUEEN . . . his MISTRESS . . . HIS WIFE . . . REPRESENT LADIES!!!!!

Tyrone Smalls (author) from Edi, Isl. on August 06, 2010:

Do anyone feel d same?

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