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North Carolina Haunted Places

North Carolina Haunted Places

Site Of Where The Two Sisters Wrecked And Were Killed

Site Of Where The Two Sisters Wrecked And Were Killed

Devil's Tramping Ground

Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk

North Carolina Ghost Light Legend Caught on Film!!!

Ghost Hunters visit Greensboro College

Ghost Hunt Old Bluff Church NC


True Ghost Stories

The Ghosts Of Caroleen Bridge 

There are ghost stories of hauntings all over North Carolina. One of the most famous is the story of the two sisters who were coming back from a trip to South Carolina in 1943. They lived on the other side of the river bridge going towards the town of Caroleen when there came up a horrible thunderstorm. A truck ran the sisters off the road and their car fliped over and over ending up in the river. Both of the elderly ladies were killed in the accident. And it was not long until people began to tell a strange paranormal story. It is told that when there is a thunderstorm going on after dark people have picked up the ghosts of the two sisters walking on the road before you get to the Caroleen River Bridge. They get into peoples cars and say thank you and tell where they live on the other side of the bridge but they vanish when the car is driven across the Broad River bridge.

And over the years many people have told of picking up the two elderly ladies. Some people have reported that when you cross the bridge they vanish and there are two wet spots on the car seats. Ghost Hunters from around the United States have visited the site and some have even recorded a evp near the bridge that is said to be that of an old lady saying " Please Help Us" So apparently the two ladies who wrecked there are trapped there forever in a residual haunting that seems like it will go on forever.

The Pirate Blackbeard’s ,Ghost Ocracoke, North Carolina

Blackbeard or Edward Teach is infamous around the outer banks of North Carolina and the town of Ocracoke. Over the many years since his death Blackbeard has been seen by many people from all walks of life. His Ship, The Queen Ann's Revenge  is all saw seen and people believe Blackbeard is looking for all the places where he hid his loot. Many ghost hunters and paranormal experts say that the NC Outer Banks is one of the most haunted places in the whole United States. It is said that scary ghosts are seen all up and down the ghost of NC but especially around Ocracoke. Maybe Blackbeard has some creepy ghosts helping him out haunting the NC Outer Banks. People say the ghost of Blackbeard is most often seen walking on the beach near Ocracoke. What is he looking for. Is it his treasure that he is said to have buried in the area long ago.

The Devil's Tramping Ground , Siler City NC

Located in the woods near Siler City NC is a large circle where nothing grows. Over the years people have placed large stones inside the circle only to come back the next day and find the stones gone or moved out of the circle. In 1986 one of the best documented events ever happened at the Devil's Tramping Ground. A group of boy scouts was camping at the location and one scout set his tent up inside the circle. The next morning the tent and the scout had been moved 75 yards outside the circle. No one saw the move but 47 Boy Scouts and Scout Masters say it happened.  

The USS North Carolina Battleship

Sundown At The USS North Carolina

Sundown At The USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

True Ghost Stories Of North Carolina

The Battleship, The USS North Carolina is located at 1 Battleship Road in Wilmington NC. From all over the United States came the men most of them not much more than boys that served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The US North Carolina was involved in almost every major battle of the Pacific Theater and many young men lost their lifes aboard the ship while she was involved in the fight against Japan.

And many of the mens ghosts remain today aboard the grand old lady. She keeps her secrets well but many of her visitors have had some very strange paranormal experiences aboard the USS North Carolina. You name it and it probally has happened. Tools vanish. Vacum Cleaners have completely vanished never to be seen again. People have sworn they have saw a officier running across the deck yelling at people to get down. Many people have thought it was part of a show. But its not. People hear screams of men and strange banging sounds coming from below deck. And many ghostly figures have been seen running or walking all over the ship. Ghost Hunters who have visited the ship say it is one of the most haunted places they have ever been. Just simply a hot bed of paranormal activity.

The Night Watch Men on the ship over the years say that 3-4 nights out of the year for some reason the activity is the highest. On those nights ghosts just simply put on a show. You hear the ghosts running up and down the halls and if your below deck you hear the sounds of the big guns above you only when you get back above deck there is no activity and no one around.

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The Night Watch Men have also smelled the smells of cooking coming from the old kitchens. They say you can smell coffee boiling plain as day. But there is no one cooking in the kitchen. A black cook's ghost is also seen in this area. He simply walks through and vanishes at the kitchen door.  

"The Haunted Dames Inn Of Wilmington, NC"

Pirates in Beaufort, NC

Beaufort NC

True Ghost Stories Of Beaufort North Carolina

Beaufort North Carolina is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the state of North Carolina. You can see a great collection of photos of Beaufort in the slide show of photos of Beaufort just above there. Beaufort is just simply full of haunted places and true ghost stories. In fact there is a regular ghost walk almost every night of the year in Beaufort North Carolina. You get to see Blackbeards House and the 300 year old burying ground just off Ann Street in Beaufort North Carolina. If your looking for ghost and spirits or hoping to get some great ghost pictures you should plan a trip to Beaufort North Carolina and go on their Ghost Walk. I promise you that you won't be disapointed.

The Ghost Walk takes people to what is now called the Hammock House that was once hone to the infamous pirate Blackbeard. It is also said to be the home of the ghost of Blackbeard and many of his victims who were killed in the house.  

Haunted Latta Plantation In Charlotte NC

The Haunted Latta Plantation In Charlotte NC

The Haunted Latta Plantation In Charlotte NC

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Blackbeard, Edward Teach , His Ghost Is Said To Still Haunt The Outer Banks Of N.C.

Blackbeard, Edward Teach , His Ghost Is Said To Still Haunt The Outer Banks Of N.C.

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Richard Pittman on November 22, 2015:

Ghost of Caroleen Bridge: This story is nonsense, The sisters who died did happen, but not in 1943! It happened in 1995. I worked at the Burlington Caroleen Mill that's about fifty yds. from that bridge! I got to work at 2:00 pm that day right after the accident had happened The bridge was under construction and a new bridge was almost ready to take it's place. So there were, temporaily, two bridges at the time. The sisters were not coming from South Carolina but from the opposite direction, from Forest City. The sisters came around the curve too fast, almost hit construction workers, and went off of a bank, next to Caroleen Dam. When I got to work, I parked my car, and went over to see why so many people had gathered. The car, apparently had tumbled onto the sand, beside the river, and was upside down with a wheel still spinning. I'll never forget that day! It was a terrible tragedy, that has nothing to with thunderstorms, it was a sunny day, and it was just a freak accident! So quit, this nonsense of a Ghost Story! I still live in the Caroleen area. I travel across that same replacement bridge 3-4 times a day. Never have I ever seen any such ghost, but for years someone would place a memorial, to remember the sisters, at the base of the bridge.

amylove on March 27, 2015:

Hey this is so cool I never knew there were haunted places in North Carolina .I lived in Charlotte N.C. but I moved last year to California I moved to North Carolina Charlotte when I was five but I moved when I was 13 which I am now but I never know there were haunted places but I know something that happened to me in my old house in charrlotte one night my mom and my step dad and my Lil sis went to rent a movie from Redbox and me my sis,bro,and my two step cousin stayed home .we were in my mom bed room watching a movie but we went to the hallway to play ball and my bathroom is connected to the hallway so we turn the light on but the kitchen and the living room was dark and we start playing and next I think I hear the door knock but I don't know but I sow a girl looking at us playing she has long black hair and she was pale but her eyes was dark and with swirling white and I yelld and we ran to my mom room but my bro and sis I was scaring them but my one of my cousin to me that he hears voice but I think ten min later my parent came back and I told my mom but she start telling me her own scary thing that happen to her if u want to know the story just text me and ask me I want to know 424-206-3414 oh and I had experience in my old house oh and my mom and stepdad and my Lil sis still lives there OH PLEASE TELL MORE HAUNTED PLACES IN CHARLOTTE PLEAS

ali on June 22, 2013:

Me my fiancé and my daughter moved into locke mill plaza 4 months ago and i need help.because since we have moved here things have been weird...we hear walkin aroun in my daughter's room..someone knock on the door and know one be fiancé went to the bathroom down stairs n got hit in the face by one of the light bulbs that was in the socket before..i hear someone walking up.n.down the stairs n ik its not my fiancé bc he is asleep n my daughter ik for a fact cant get out her crib...i feel uneasy at so scared n im fearing for my family please someone email me if u know anything please im begging please pregnant again also n i feel very uneasy like someone wants to harm me n my husband n wants to.keep us away from our daughter please help please

buffalo24 on March 11, 2013:

Have you ever seen anything strange around High Point road and Alamance Road? I used to leave around the area in the early 90's and my house was constantly haunted by this guy in a grey overall like the one they used in the 1950s gas stations, black hair and he used to pass by through the house without making eye contact. Ironically, in 1992 a huge crash took place in High Point Road right outside my house and no explanation was ever found. 2 cars had a head on collision, a 3rd car was involved as well, neither driver was drunk and they all had belts. I will always wonder if they ever saw what I saw. Those drivers all died. Did anyone ever notice activity in the area? I bever wanted to return there, occasionally drive through and creeps me ever time. thanks

alliekat1282 on December 17, 2012:

When I was a little girl, my parents built a house in Rocky Mount. It was on Old Carriage Rd.. Its been a long time since we lived there, and though Ive had many other experiences before and since, that house has always stuck with me. If anyone else has had any experience in that area I would love to hear about them. I can tell you that there was a tobacco plantation at the site of our house. My father had our house built on the foundation of the old house. Also, (sometimes I wonder if he wasn't asking for a haunting!) there was a small family cemetary. He just remove the headstones and left the grave there. We started having incidents immediately after moving in. I was 6, my sister was 14, and we were afraid to sleep at night! There were several entities. One of them I was never afraid- it was a woman, and she was very nurturing. About a year after moving in, and having unexplained experiences, my Mother found one of the headstones and force my father to come clean. Because it was a small family plot, and it was very old, and it was hidden in the field behind our house, he chose not to have it removed. Doing so would have been expensive and would have held the building of our house up. Not long after that discovery, a sinkhole appeared in our backyard. It turned out to be grave. It was . beautiful house, I was often scare in the house and on the property, but there were also times that I felt wrapped in protective cocoon in that house. If anyone has any information for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

TheCoolDork on June 11, 2012:

Hi i need some of yalls help i live in north carolina i want to do some ghost investigations with a group of friends i would like yall to tell me what places i should go to to have more of a chance to get unexplanable things recorded i would like to know where the place is and the history of it

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on May 27, 2012:

When I was around 12 years old me and my family visited the USS Battleship in Wilmington. I am remembering that I couldn't wait to get off that ship because it felt so stifling, or another word - oppressive. I didn't know at that time that is was haunted. But now maybe that is why it felt so oppressive?

Marlon on May 07, 2012:

I use to live in the Meadows apartments near Laurel Hill Apartments. I never new it to be haunted; but, some people have clairvoyant abilities to see the spirit world so I don't doubt the wooded area is haunted. But a ghost can only scare you if you don't know who spirit of the ghost is. There was some weird incidents about the woods between Holy Oak and Laurel Hill for years. It was known to be a haven for pedophiles too.

donald russ on April 16, 2012:

me and my girlfriend recently moved to wilmington nc and are wondering about haunted sites around the area we live by 4 cemeteries and go to all of them none are haunted lol but wed love to hear about other sites we could email is if anyone has any suggestions

Haunted Cotton Exchange Wilmington NC on March 20, 2012:

I took a tour in Wilmington last year at the Cotton Exchange. I had heard from some of the shop keepers that the place was haunted. While on the tour, I caught several orbs and what looks like a face in the Paddy's Hollow Pub. The tour guide had caught a similar picture several years ago. The stories were good but seeing shadows moving out of the corner of my eye really gave me the creeps. I understand that the Ghost Hunter show has tried to investigate the Cotton Exchange but the shop owners refused, not wanting that kind of publicity?

Bella R

leanna jacques on February 16, 2012:

look up broughton mental hospital it has a history... a very bad history...

Jonathan Blais on December 11, 2011:

Me and my friends went out to the devils tramping ground this weekend and we encountered many strange things. It seemed like a normal camping trip until about 12:30. our emf detector that we took started going crazy. i myself felt something touch my back when nothing was behind me. i saw bright yellow orbs. also when walking the trails that surrounding the area and heard growls over their shoulders. also we made recording trying to reach the spirit but the responses that we heard were not human but some sort of strange creaking after almost every question that we asked it. Ever sense i went there i have felt a strange feeling like something is always over my shoulder and i also heard something fall in my house right behind me to turn around to see nothing had fallen. But about things being moved off the tramping ground that is false because we were able to spend an entire night there. We did not go to sleep tho and we will be returning to see if we will be moved from the grounds.

real true haunted house charlotte nc on October 21, 2011:

hey all me & my sister are painters & im a amiture ghost hunter in charlotte & we were renovating a house over at 1710 east dilworth rd charlotte & we would hear voices of a child a teanager & a olderlady at times while we were there & as this house was being painted i did some EVP'S around the house & got 3 cd's worth of evp's from many male spirits that are earth bounded & my sis is a non beliver but 1 night i askd for a spirit from the basementto walk twards the door & about 5min later she & i here heavy boots walking twards us & needless to say my sis was in awh & non shes a beliver now.....

so every day we workd there i would hold evp sessions & some time see shadow people...but how this house came to be haunted is that some teenagers held a sayont in the house & they used the mirrors to open a portal for the spirits to come thru..lucky for them they weren't demonds

& to get a 2nd opion i had the charlotte paranormal ladies come over & do there thing...that part was sooo fun haven there spirit box handy was great.....

so as we were getting close to finish up our work painting the house out of nowhere i get these 3 female spirits & 1 guy spirit that followd us to my house

how I knew this is that my dog got all scared & tryen to hide in places so as i held my own personal evp sessions in my house i came to know who was at my place & why ?

the older lady named nancy didn't want to give me her last name but says she love the color white as 1 afternoon as im home alone nancy decided to jump from my sis room to my brothers room back & forth & all i would see is her white dress just like the ones from the 1800s later i gather that nancy loved make up & she would spend nights going thru my sis makeup stuff...

she new the boundrys i laid out as with the child spirit

she wanted some one to just play with her so i allowd her to spend time with my dog here & just like majic my dog would go into the bathroom & lay onher back for hrs

as tho shes beeing petted....& so i told the child shes welcomed around my house any time & i sk the child if shes got any questions for me & she replys to me asking me ( how old am i & when was i born & why do i like smokeing with nancy she told me i smoke to much as well with the teenager girl told me i was a chain smoker....& that i really need to quit...

so with the teenager girl she grew to hate it when i would record them i would maker mad at times with out knowing but she would syop my emails from goig out if i said or anything bout them being here it just wouldn't go thru.....

an so with the guy spirit her just quiet playing on my guitar & i wouldnt hear my guitar playing at all

but the fun started after every one the spuirits knew the boundrys i laid out every body got along great

till this 1 male spirit from that house manage to get to my place & started bullyin my dog so i just

vananishdh him like abad parant

DZS on October 20, 2011:

I hav always enjoyed reading about ghost stories

Bella Rise on October 17, 2011:

I just took the Haunted Cotton Exchange tour in Wilmington NC. At first I wasn't sure, they say it is one of the most haunted locations in Wilmington. Well.... after about 30 min. I was convinced. I captured several pics with orbs and one had a face in a window. We also ran into a very strong smell of vinegar. There was no way it was coming from a restaurant. Everyone smelled it, our tour guide was very surprised and I think shaken but kept the tour going. Very enjoyable!

Oh my goodness on October 14, 2011:

I'm usually not one to get scared just reading about supernatural encounters, but reading Amanda's post made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I had no idea the USS North Carolina was rumored to be so active. I've been inside several times but being that I'm a bit claustrophobic, I've never gone down more than one level. I'm glad I didn't know..

Amanda on October 07, 2011:

I live in Shelby North Carolina and have heard about that little girl but I actually lived in a haunted house on 410 Gold Street and my family and I lived there for eight years and I can tell you it was the longest eight years of my life. At first it was just little things like something being moved from where you put it and you just think you misplaced it and my cats looking like they were following something or even hissing at thin air every so often but I can assure you things got progressively worse. It is a two story brick house built in the early part of the 20th century and seeing as my family was always interested in history we recognized the setup of the house was similar what an older funeral home would be like.The hallway by the stairs always made you feel like someone was staring at you from the top of the stairs and the little side door in the hall that led to the basement always made you feel a cold chill right down your spine and that there was something evil down there. Not to mention once you got upstairs which we always ran up there like someone was following us. Over the years we just lived with it until about the last three years which was how long it took us to get rid of that house. We have always embraced the paranormal but in the room my sister and I shared the closet door would always slam open and hit the wall late at night around midnight and I would peek out from under my blanket and I swear I would see a shadow staring at me like a large man and it would seem just plain evil. Then another time about three months later I just awoke in the middle of the night for no reason out of a dead sleep and saw the light on from our upstairs bathroom down the hall on and we always turned it off, and across from that door is an unfinished creep and foreboding room where you can just feel that something bad happened in there, anyway I walked down there too see the sink and tub handles turned on full blat and the sink and tub almost overflowing I should explain we had put a light candle with lavender and rosemary around the candle to soothe the spirits and that candle was snubbed out right before my eyes and the door across from the bathroom was wide open and I could feel someone staring at me with my hair on the back of my neck standing on edge. Then the final straw came when my grandmother left for a trip and she wanted em to stay in her room so her cat wouldn't tear up her furniture. I had a dream that a large bearded man was chasing me through the back yard and I tripped and fell and he straddled my back wrapped his hands around my throat and started choking me. When I woke up I heard my closet door across the hall slam open again, when I woke up from that restless night there were large hand prints bruised around my throat. My mom, and little sister and I were the only ones in the house that night and after that we finally moved but things continued to happen up until the last day like my grandmothers clock in her closet it had died so we took the batteries out and put it in the closet at least five months ago and the last day I went to get it and there were no batteries in it and it the secondhand was ticking away but the hour and minute hand were frozen at twelve. I rushed out to go downstairs and get out of that house and as soon as I looked across the hall from the top of the stairs I saw the dark figure of the man from my doorway I ran out of the house strangely enough one of my friends at the time heard me tell someone at church that we had moved she asked where we used to live and once I told her the address she told me her great grandparents used to live in that house and that they were told that someone who lived there before them was pushed down the stairs and their neck was snapped and even today if I drive by the house I can see him peeking out from the top floor where my brother's room used to be and feel panic rush over me and get ice cold.

Leah on September 26, 2011:

In Bath Nc there are a few places that are haunted one of them is the old church they have there. People have spent the night there and have heard voices and bumps and whispering. Its haunted because people are buried under it. It's a really good place for ghost hunting. Also there is a bunch of old houses that are haunted. Sometimes you also can see lights.

dukes lake mill on September 14, 2011:

There is an old mill on Dukes Lake Rd in Zebulon, NC. I've been to dozens of places that were thought to be haunted and never encountered any strange things. That changed when I went to the old mill. Whatever is there is not friendly and I believe something bad must have happened there. I've heard different stories from people who have lived in the area for more than 50 years but no one is sure what happened. I have got some really strange orbs and other apparitions on camera in side the mill and around the lake. The mill seems to have the most activity but the lake itself does have some interesting things going on.I'm not the only person who has encountered strange activity at this place so I'm certain there is more going on than meets the eye. I felt an over-whelming since of sadness and anger while I was there. It was enough to make me not want to ever go looking for ghosts again. The mill is located at the corner of Dukes Lake Rd and Fowler Rd in Zebulon,NC.

Anyonomus on June 25, 2011:

I am a resident of Laurel Hill Apartment complex. The ever tragic death of Lilly Willover is completely true. However the story of the ghost girl by the creek is completely fictional. The fact that Lilly’s mothers name is Amanda is coincidental at best. The pictures of the apparition is probably a miss find caused by two factors one you don’t know how to hunt for ghost or two you don’t under stand the cameras technology. The rumors that the apartments are built on a cemetery are also false.

Lady Luvathrill on June 13, 2011:

There's no place like home: Odell a small community located in Littleton North Carolina All spirits are alive and well, There has been so many sighting in this community that I feel the need for anyone that test these type of occurances please go. I trased the property back to the eighteen hundreds. For it was sold to my family dirt cheap(basically lets get rid of this. there were some barrell found on the property buried still there no one investigated. come one come all.

iDontHaveAName(: on June 04, 2011:

In Sanford, on Jefferson Davis Highway, there is a house behind the tattoo parlor and the worn-out bingo place. The address is something alike 3162 Tramway Road. My friends have actually walked into the house, saying they have sorts of experiences, like people talking and they even found bloody newspapers. People around town say that there was a maid, who cleaned the house several times a day, and she would always mop a certain area where blood seemed to always come back, so it was covered up with a rug. Can anyone give me any feedback on this house?

Brian L on May 18, 2011:

Piney Grove Church, in Concord NC. Did an investegation there lil over a year ago. before going i heard things about the place. well they are all true, I didn't catch anything on video but got some cool EVP'S of a man saying hey to us several times and church bells ringing when there isn't any there. Creepy, creepy place.

Josh B on January 14, 2011:

I have had an experience in the USS North Carolina. Last year, me and my family took a vacation to Myrtle Beach. On the way back, we decided to take a detour to the USS North Carolina. We went into the ammunition room below deck, and were in awe of all the things they used as counter attacks when suddenly, I felt myself lift off the floor and get throw backwards. I couldn't hear what the spirit was saying but it felt like he was saying, "WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING BELOW DECK?! GET TOPSIDE, GO GO GO!!" I was forced out of the room with no recollection of actually walking out. As hard as I tried, I could not get back into the room as if someone was holding me back.

Kristen "Tranquil" on October 13, 2010:

ok, so i was able to snap a couple pictures during a drive by. you cant make out much, but this supposedly haunted mannor sits opposite of a small store in a tiny town called Terrell, NC near Morresville, NC. please email me with any research findings, ty!

Terror Under The Bridge on October 02, 2010:

Can't wait for this years event halloween haunted house Terror Under The Bridge in Conway SC

Ashley on September 06, 2010:

Last night me and some friends went to a house that was supposed to be haunted. It isn't a well known place but we decided to check it out anyway. We got there and parked in the graveyard next to it and took a few pictes just for fun. We caught loads of orbs and it was amazing that they only showed up in certain areas. When we finally got to the house we sat on the porch and sat a flashlight in the center of it. While we asked the 'ghost' a few questions the flashlight would blink on and off as if answering to the questions. We also saw shadows peeking around the barn and a blind actually started rocking back and forth. Needless to say, we were scared.

zsilvey on September 04, 2010:

These stories are great to me because I. Live around the area, and my mom used to read me stories about the devils tramping ground! It wasn't mentioned here but the brown mountain lights are also spooky, I've seen them myself, Once u look away they're gone! I've been 2 the battleship many times and its great

MyrtleBeachHuntedHouse on September 03, 2010:

This old warehouse was visited by The Ghost Hunters a few years back as they gathered evidence of paranormal activity.Some think this warehouse built in the 1890’s is haunted, and is the area’s only true Myrtle Beach Haunted House. This 8000 square foot, lower river warehouse, is located a few minutes from Myrtle Beach. Situated in downtown Conway SC, under the Main Street Bridge on the Riverwalk.

Kristen "Tranquil" on August 23, 2010:

I happen to be very fascinated with the spirit world, but not once have I encountered anything genuine enough to label "paranormal" (grrr). about every other week, i pass by an old, abandoned house. I was told that the Conner family once lived there a long time ago, and that house it rumored to be haunted. I dont know the story hardly at all, but if anyone can give me any information on this location, drop me an email. This house I believe is near a small town called Terrell. It has green awnings with a large "C" on them. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this place, and let me know. Thanks much. email is