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There Is No Separation or “division” With Father God!! (7/6/2016, Message#18)

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Need Some Hope?

Jesus is the Only Way!

Jesus is the Only Way!

Separation, What's That?

Separation: to depart from or be away from; the opposite of being together. Another good definition would be to “isolate” someone or something. Not to say that separation is bad, the way this world has used it comes into question. Who really wants to be isolated, kept away or set a part from something, whether it’s a group or a community? Look at the way this world operates, there’s separation, division and even subdivisions!? What is this? If “We,” Humankind is supposed to be “One” species, why are “We” so divided?

Tower of Babel

Where and When Separation Began!

The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel

When Did the Need for Separation Begin?

The answer might surprise you, according to the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), from the Beginning of Creation, to the great flood of Noah, until the Tower of Babel. There was only one human language and everyone on the planet spoke the same language. It was at the Tower of Babel when God changed the one human language into many languages. The goal of the Tower of Babel incident was to break humanity into smaller groups, so man would be less likely to exalt himself too high or puff himself up. God just wants man to remain humble and realize He is Greater and not man, he is but created.

At this point in Human History, there was One Government, One Religion and One Currency. If this didn’t work then, what makes anyone think it will work now?

The Poor Feeding the Rich!?!?

The Facts of This World!

The Facts of This World!

What is the Purpose for Human Separation?

It would seem to be this, to keep the elite or ruling class in charge or running things and the less fortunate, less fortunate. Was this too abrupt or straightforward? Sometimes the truth is and it’s often best this way. Seriously, the rich are getting richer and their numbers are maintained. On the flipside, the poor are getting poorer and their numbers are growing. The truth is this; the rich are getting richer off the poor. How, you might ask? Who owns everything, not the poor? When we need something, we must get a service to repair or maintain things we need or use, right? Water isn’t free anymore, yet this is natural resource of our planet and we must pay to have it?

We go to work to live; we buy a house, car, rent an apartment and so forth. The government’s taxes us on every purchase we make, companies make profits off of every item we buy, the poor support the rich, through our purchases, investments and retirement plans. We work every day, week in and week out, year in and year out. Even when we try to make more money, we are still put into classes. The poor, the working class, middle class, upper middle class to the upper class and so forth; what has all of this division brought us? More separation and arenas, ideas, plans for the rich to further exploit the poor to make more for the ruling class.

Separation from God?

Together in Darkness Is Good?!?

Let's War Together?!

Let's War Together?!

"Separation" is a Form of Control?!

The servants of the god of this world are the ones who have everything in this life and to them; their life on Earth is Heaven. They have all of this stuff because they are being controlled. The rich must portray that they have a good life and that their existence is very good to them. Many of them are doing the will of the devil (Lucifer, Satan), the god of this world. Their master is using them to deceive other into following and living their lifestyle. Maybe it’s not so “Bad” to be poor after all?

From the outside looking in, it would appear being rich and wealthy, they are free and can do whatever they want. The same might be said about the poor; they are in bondage to this world and can’t be free. One is a slave to money and it’s “power,” the other is a slave in this life just to survive. To be honest, the entire Human Race is a Slave in this life as a whole. We all are born into Sin and Sin is Bondage! Sin is also darkness and the master of Sin is the devil. Unfortunately, whether rich or poor, everyone serves this master at some point in their lives, because he controls this world and every aspect of its survival.

Separated to Have Less of a Chance to Sin?

Smaller Groups of People?

Smaller Groups of People?

How Does God Use Separation?

For those who don’t know Him, nor do they have a relationship with Him, He uses separation to keep people in sin or darkness a part from each other. For those Who Know Him and have a Relationship with Him, there is no separation. We can come together and as a whole, do His Will here on Earth. Separation is for those who still live in darkness, live in Sin and do not know Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty). Why would it be good to keep or allow people in darkness to be all together? That would begat more sin and more darkness.

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This world is already darkening and slowly becoming darker every day. Sin and Darkness are again, tools of the devil and they have been unleashed upon the Earth. Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) doesn’t want to have people in darkness to gather together, this is what the “New World Order” is. Simply because the worldly people desire it, the Lord God of Heaven is going to give it to them or allow them to have it. However, it has been foretold in the Bible long ago and will happen just as it says. Yeah, just another mere coincidence!

Still Be Looking Up, the Lord Jesus is Still the Answer!

Jesus Is The Way, The Truth and The Life!

Jesus Conquered All!

Jesus Conquered All!

How Can I Become Free From Separation?

If this life was all there was, there would be no hope for so many! Most of them would never know the goodness, nor have any idea what truly waits for them in the next world. Simply because of Jesus Christ, we have so much more than just a promise or a guarantee. We have Life and we have it more abundantly through Jesus and what He did for us at the Cross! By acknowledging Christ, we are free from separation, free from bondage, free from this world and free from death or Hell rather. This is why the Bible states,” I (Jesus) am the way, the truth and the life. None can come onto the Father (Elohim, El Shaddai) but by Me (Jesus).” There is no other way to become free, Jesus Christ, God the Son is the way!

To become free, you must confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe with your heart God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved, and set free from separation! There is so much Life with Jesus and a Hope that this world only wished it could know. Jesus Christ is Light, not darkness like this world is fast becoming. Come to Jesus and be set free! This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

The Finality of Hell!

The Place of Total Separation From God!

The Place of Total Separation From God!

What is Total Separation from God?

For those who refuse or will not acknowledge the Lord God of Heaven in this Life, there is only one destination for them in the next life. This destination is one of Total Separation from Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) and only because they would not acknowledge Him or live for Him in this Life. They were given opportunities where they could turn away from wickedness, but it felt too good to them and they never did. So when they died here in this life, they go to a place of total darkness, isolation and Eternal damnation. The Time is Now to be Pulling People Out of the Fire!!

Father God is Pure Light, Hope, Love, Peace, Purity, Holiness, Righteousness, and so many adjectives of Goodness! The opposite of this is pure darkness, fear, hatred, worry, villainy, ungodliness, unrighteousness, and so many adjectives for evil and pure darkness. This is the place of total separation from God or in plain language, Hell. Does this sound like a place you really must visit, a place to put on your bucket list?!?

For This Very Reason is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

This Is Total Separation for the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

No More Separation!

With God There Isn't Any!!

With God There Isn't Any!!

Do You Feel Like You Are Being Separated? Share Your Thoughts?

TeamSTM (author) from AnyWhere In The World on August 01, 2016:

Alright and I am glad you agree! People need to realize separation and division is not of Father Jehovah God. For the Bible says: "He is no respecter of persons." Meaning all can come and experience His Many Blessings!!

Jessica from Tennessee on July 07, 2016:


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