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G. David Kendrick, Head of Research and Development for a a production facility in Houston, TX

Cave Drawing Sign of the Creator

Cave Drawing Sign of the Creator

Revelation about the Past and Future of Humanity

The question seems simple enough, how to wipe away illusions without disillusioning?

Disillusion would lead to depression, insecurity, and discouragement regarding one’s own beliefs.

In a world where political propaganda and governmental indoctrination mandates

pass for education it is easy for illusions to creep in and cloud-over a clear view of reality.

Adding to this is the natural tendency to bias everything in terms natural wants and worries.

I can only tell you my own personal reality.

What is real for me, is fact, for me.

No doubt, what is real for you is also fact.

Herein you may find some things of interest.

You will disagree with others, many perhaps.

I do not make it my job to subvert your beliefs.

You can leave your ego defenses to rest.

I am not out to challenge your individuality.

Above all, I am by no means infallible.

If we disagree, there is no need to quarrel.

If we quarreled and I was wrong, then I would look like a fool.

We could both be wrong; two fools.

We would just be adding to the final story of humankind.

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A story about quarreling fools who excelled at putting holes in one another.

Jesus’ pure mind does not recognize sin.

Jesus came into my heart.

It was not something of my doing.

I had sinned throughout my lifetime.

Prosecutors claimed some of my crimes were those of “moral turpitude.”

I had spent much of my time and money on sports gambling, alcohol, and getting high.

And my heart had hardened against Jesus.

He had abandoned me countless times when most needed.

Those who have suffered greatly do not care if they go to heaven.

They disdain death or more suffering.

Such was I.

But Jesus came in anyway.

I was and remain poorly versed in the scriptures.

I have not been isolated from various cultures though, so I know some teachings.

However, when Jesus entered, I became aware of many things by inspiration alone.

Now I verbalize this learning to be reconciled with God.

Jesus says humankind are the children of God.

The Bible says so many times.

Children, and so they are, blameless and innocent?

Children glorify themselves in mischief.

Rape, murder, senseless slaughter, plunder, and destruction are all forms of mischief.

Greed, avarice, ignorance, adultery may not be as bad, but they are just as childish.

Children have no shame, but it is upon them.

The souls of many of the children suffer in their conscience.

Jesus wants only to be their balm and savior.

The one thing Jesus seems always to be repeating is gracious kindness,

non-judgmental acceptance and unwavering respect for the family of followers.

The pure mind of Jesus is infinite and unrelenting.

The pure mind does not recognize being in sin, so all is forgiven.

In the gospels, Jesus talks a lot about forgiveness.

That is because some people just must be told:

your sins can be forgiven,

you can be a sinless person,

you can be a saint.

Jesus did not just one day pop into my heart.

I had been in church meetings and social gatherings with some of His followers.

These lived Christ as a daily lifetime pursuit.

The rich among them were generous even to those undeserving and not in need.

The poor had been kind, caring, and loving in every respect.

The rest had all been charitable, non-judgmental.

Jesus was actively there among us, so they claimed.

He spoke through them, imperceptibly.

Once you are in the spirit, you can feel the presence of Jesus.

“The person inside a true Christian is Jesus,” is an oft-quoted saying.

Their collective spiritual body is His now earthly body.

He shares their corporate mind moment by moment.

They become collectively, corporately, body and mind with the spirit of Jesus.

These people would cringe if you called them Gnostics, they are not.

Pentecostal, in the sense of the spirit coming down on them, well, yes.

The only knowledge they desire is that of Jesus and the Father.

And they and their affiliates fill libraries with that knowledge.

This is admirable.

They are what non-Christian Chinese call, “white.”

But many are African, Philippine, Hispanic, Taiwanese, Indian, and Chinese.

It is a truly diverse crowd.

Those who have attended such services have experienced the mind of Jesus.

It was, unquestionably, these souls that brought Jesus into my heart.

After all, I came to want to know this person, Jesus.

Who wouldn’t?

He was crucified two thousand years ago but is alive in the flesh of followers today.

The Frog Wants Out of the Well

Limited knowledge of Jesus and the Father is OK.

But there are those who ask questions.

Like in the Garden of Eden, what happens if you just lick the apple?

Do you get a get a big mind-expanding rush of hallucinogenic ecstasy?

Does it cause the Father to cry out for the Son?

Oh Jesus Christ!

I do not think it is a matter of looking for mischief.

After all, the frog wants out of the well.

The cat wants out of the window.

A questioning curiosity seems perfectly natural.

Have you ever wondered why God the Father has not revealed more of himself?

Perhaps it is because, at times, it is good for us to doubt our faith.

If you simply believe and never doubt, you never think.

If you never think, you never really live.

That is what the evil one desires.

You and I, we toil through our daily preoccupations.

Our day-to-day living becomes almost rote existence.

We become prey to self-indulgence and the seven deadly sins.

No one in that condition ever seeks anything of spiritual fulfillment.

However, we must be careful.

Questioning the unknown can be a lot like science.

Scientists, no matter what their specialty, worship the unknown.

They deal with the unknown daily.

Their entire career and livelihood depends upon the unknown.

Everything in existence can be observed, detailed, studied, and further explored.

Scientists are constantly collecting data, analyzing, and recording unknowns.

What is it about the worship of the unknown that keeps scientists intoxicated with their searches?

What is the seduction of the unknown?

It must be more than just a way to earn a living.

They do not worship in the way of praying to some “Unknown” God.

And they don’t take part in ritual assemblies to the “Unknown.”

They worship more in the sense of those first scientists,

The painters of Lascaux, Chauvet, and other caves.

Those first scientists made minute, detailed observations, and recordings of animals they depended upon to keep themselves sustained.

Through the paintings, we are witness to the fact that they were good students.

There was no element of the hunt they did not analyze.

Lacking advanced technology, they compensated by knowing intricate details.

They likely analyzed and refined their weapons and hunting strategies as well.

These people were through in their knowledge of the hunt.

There is not one shred of difference between them and serious hunters today.

It is not uncommon for a hunter today to scope out his intended quarry several times.

He knows everything about it, its living habits, and its particular personality.

He may be giving it more time to grow larger or grow more points on its rack.

In the caves there are no pictures of men; they did not hunt men.

There are no pictures of women, meaning these were mature adult males intent on the task.

Women will have concentrated on vegetation, trees, herbs, and flowers.

Those women were the same as today's, only 30,000 years removed.

It is hard to hunt with emotions hanging all over you and children jumping about.

There is one big difference between those first scientists and the worshipers of scientific unknowns today.

Those early scientists believed in a creator.

How do we know it? They left the sign all over the caves

Open Palm Was the Universal, Ageless Symbol of the Creator

The open palm is the universal, ageless symbol of the Creator.

There are many passed-down tokens and parallels that derive from this forgotten fact.

Today in the courtroom when you swear in, you hold up your open palm.

It is a sign that you accede to a higher sense of being.

The hand of the Creator gives authority to every swearing-in.

When marching around the Kaaba during Hadji, Muslims generally hold their palms upward.

It is a way of showing a willingness to receive God’s grace.

The Sanscrit “Manu” signifies the first man, the first God-man.

Manu is not just a little like “mano” for hand in Spanish and many other languages.

Manu ties directly into Old English/ Germanic “mund” for protector or guardian.

Of course, to manufacture signifies to make something by hand.

Two palms held together with the fingers angled forward, slightly upward,

with the thumbs crossed or together is the universal Christian symbol of prayer.

The Chamsa and Hamsa are similar protective palm-shaped amulets rooted in pre-history.

The Chamsa comes from Judaism, the Hamsa from Jainism.

The palm part of the Hamsa is called Ahimsa, it refers to the principal doctrine of Jainism, non-violence against any living thing for any reason.

That is their central teaching.

As such, one might expect the Ahimsa palm to be the nearest thing to a symbol of the Jain god.

However, Jainism is a religion of contrarians; they do not believe in a creator.

They do not believe in hunting.

Never mind that before farming existed, the primary way to survive was to hunt.

They further believe that spiritual truth can be experienced but cannot be expressed through language. (You can be the judge.)

In American Sign Language, the sign for God is one or both open palms, fingers extended.

Holding up a greeting hand with an open palm is a sign you are compliant with propriety.

You are not affiliated with some gangland ruffians or other deceitful troglodytes.

The image of the American Indian holding up the open palm greeting, “How,” was once pervasive in American folklore.

The Yogi, when giving his blessing shows an open palm with the index finger touching the thumb.

The handshake with two palms coming together is the magic moment in an encounter between two who bond as strangers no more.

Archaic shaman rituals seeking to evoke heaven’s favor are usually situationally directed.

They have nothing to do with worship, nor would they be considered a religion.

Rather than religiously observing rituals to the Creator, early men simply acknowledged Him.

After all, these people were the same as us.

They had to gut and skin their meat before cooking the same as we do.

For them, it did not go unacknowledged that the hand made them; it made all things possible.

Scientists of today worship the “Unknown” in a similar non-religious manner.

A non-academic industrial scientist does the same.

His principal objective is to make the product more cost-effective, but better.

“Hey boss, here is the good news, I found a way to save one million dollars per year.”

Of course, he doesn’t give the boss the bad news.

In three or four years the company will be swamped with lawsuits.

The company will go bankrupt; thousands will lose their livelihood.

Stockholders will lose everything.

The scientist?

Oh, he got his bonus and promotion and then moved on to another company at higher pay.

If the product is not something new or is not improved, the change should not be allowed.

But what of the seduction of the unknown?

What is the dependency forming intoxication of the search for the unknown?

Discovery involves coming to a unique real fact, idea, or concept having no antecedent.

It can be an exceptional, almost spiritual, experience.

Like conception itself, discovery involves a mental event that goes unarticulated and nameless until a later date.

More than anywhere else, science and religion come together in the relationship between the spirit of a new discovery and the final revelation of it.

With any discovery, old, maybe even worn out, ideas come together, and suddenly;

there is the letting go of a burdensome paradigm, preconception, or predisposition.

A path opens; unexpected associations forge a powerful imprint as a new reality is created.

As with religious revelation, the ensuing perspective permits an exhilarating level of new understanding and possibility.

Problem-solving not only brings a sense of pride but also provides a feeling of self-actualization.

Scientists derive so much satisfaction from their work; honestly, you do not have to pay them.

Walk into the Lab and Proclaim, “There is no Unknown”

Now imagine if you were to walk up into the lab and proclaim, “There is no Unknown.”

They would call security and have you escorted back down to the homeless encampment under the overpass, which is, obviously, where you came from.

Many of these same high-minded people, never the less will tell you:

“There is no God.” “There is no Creator.”

They will do this to people who know God, who live in a relationship with the living Jesus.

They cannot see that the Creator gives them the unknown, and generously chose otherwise good people to search for it.

The vast majority are not hoping for the next “big thing.”

They do not go to work dreaming of a miracle discovery.

The unknown lies all about within the continuum.

Reach in, pull it out, and make sense of it. It does not take a scientist.

Of course, there were other peculiarities about the human experience, which also have been lost.

One I will detail has nothing to do with religion or Jesus, but it has to do with how the line survived.

The snore is the natural snarl of the human animal.

I became aware of this returning to the barracks years ago at roughly 3:30 am.

At the time my senses were in a heightened state of receptivity.

As I reached for the screen door, I had to stop and ask myself, “Is this the right cave?”

The sound emanating from within would have given the fiercest creature pause.

I can only imagine the snore-snarl of the Neanderthal with perfectly adapted nasal apparatus.

The snarl of the Neanderthal probably would have been enough to scare the spots off a leopard.

Nevertheless, it served a dual purpose besides outward intimidation.

No cave bear or hyena would dare enter the bivouac of a congress of napping Neanderthals.

The snarl was lost. It scared the women, and since Neanderthals were masters of the practice, it was probably deemed not the cool thing to do.

This distraction from the presentation is a strict no, no to the professional; but I am not him.

The Holy Spirit is always around, especially when Jesus is around.

At every Christian assembly, there is the Holy Spirit.

Christian believers interact with their faith through the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit infuses the gathering with communal ecstasy.

Someone may cry out, “Praise the Lord.”

“Amen,” they are possessed of the Holy Spirit.

The congregation transcends its constrained earthly presence.

Collectively, they are body and mind with the spirit of Jesus – in an ecstatic state.

A moderator steps forward to give an orientation, a reading, or reference from the Bible.

Jesus is alive, mind, body, spirit.

All are propagated through the actions of His followers.

What of the incarnation of the Holy Spirit?

Jesus already did that, been there.

Reincarnation? Why?

Do you see a problem with a strictly spiritual existence?

Of course, you do, the machines would not like that!

Allow the ghosts to escape the machines, oh, no!

Now step away from your device.

You see that thing, that computer.

You do not have to think the way it wants you to.

I cannot go on without devoting some time to the mind of Jesus.

Here I am claiming his mind becomes alive, transfigured, without qualifications.

Yes, there are some qualifications.

How does Jesus’ mind come from the pages of the Bible?

Am I saying the words of the Bible are not God’s words?

You know, the words of the gospels were written by only chosen followers quoting Jesus.

If we are to understand the mind of Jesus transfigured from the Bible into a Jesus living in the corporate body of His believers, we must make sure about what kind of mind we are talking about.

The first item to discuss is what is it that comes alive?

I’m no expert on the mind, but I am left with no choice but to distinguish that about which I’m contending.

Various sects and denominations advocate that my mind is mine and yours is yours, and never the twain shall meet.

That is so wrong!

A consciousness is individual and permanent throughout life.

However, the mind is cultural, social, and evolving throughout life.

There a literally thousands of things in my mind that are also in your mind.

These things are shared aspects of the cultural milieu in which we live.

The mind includes everything we perceive, are aware of, and remember in a conscious state; and a lot more.

Cultural influences are often so subtle they go completely unrecognized.

Sub-conscious thoughts are those which can come into the conscious mind.

There are a lot of thoughts in my sub-consciousness that are not in yours.

These would involve mostly, but not exclusively, prejudices, family, and relationships.

More deeply are culturally and biologically inherited behavior patterns.

Mind is not at All Times Governed by Emotions

Mind is cerebral; consciousness is whole body.

The body senses in its entirety, all parts of every living thing sense from the tassels to the roots.

In animals evolved beyond the stimulus-response level, that sensing is expressed in consciousness.

The major difference between mind and consciousness is that the mind is not at all times governed by emotions whereas individual consciousness, the unstable beast, is.

All of our morals and taboos were at some point ingrained into and are passed along in our culturally biased consciousness. Consciousness involves the adaptive total being, emotions and all.

A conscious mind involves mental events, strategies of thinking abstractly.

To paraphrase St. Paul: the consciousness governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the culture of the spirit is life and peace.

Jesus’ culture presents a mind not governed by base emotions.

What are some examples of the conscious mind that can be easily discerned?

A stalking predator can most always be deterred by banging on a pan or creating a distraction.

The animal is in an intuitive trancelike representational imaging episode.

Representational imaging is a more basic form of thinking.

The animal “sees” what is happening, recalls what has happened before, and anticipates what is to happen.

A loud sound causes a distortion of the picture much like sudden poor transmission causes jagged distortional lines across the screen of a viewing device.

Spectators are asked to be very quiet when attending a professional golfing tournament for this reason.

Fantasies also fall into this area and with a shot of dopamine can produce a pleasurable episode.

Jesus uses imaging in parables; his little stories have a visceral appeal but higher meanings.

Representational thinking is most often goal oriented.

Higher thinking is more abstract.

Remembering you have to pick-up milk does not find you imagining yourself going to the store, getting milk, taking it home, and sticking it in the refrigerator.

The next level of thinking may be problem-solving strategies, and there are many.

Most involve if-then contingency evaluations.

A process engineer takes a fishbone diagram of potentially thirty or more variables and must estimate contingencies of changes that will result in a product getting through the plant to everyone’s satisfaction.

There are at least half a dozen problem-solving strategies.

These can be found in psychological textbooks if you have more interest.

One strategy you will likely not find listed is throwing things around and knocking over tables.

This only shows how academic types often miss things that are obvious and in plain sight.

Jesus uses parables.

He uses shared features of the cultural mind that reach out to alter mental perceptions.

The parable of the good Samaritan is an example.

Prior knowledge, experiences, prejudices, and most importantly, expectations alter what is perceived.

The mind sees a certain questionable individual become an ideal man through his actions.

That is not the end of the story; it is Jesus’ story of selflessness, empathy, and compassion.

Such is the living mind of the spiritual Jesus.

Jesus’ culture, the culture of the gospels, has been through many cycles of history.

Jesus culture is what Christians still seek out to bring sanctified thoughts to mind.

How does the living mind of Jesus come to us through the Bible?

Let’s look at another example.

What should be more illuminating than when Jesus is teaching us to pray?

Our prayer begins, “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”

So many prayers we hear when the followers pray:

“Thank you, Father, for the rain last Thursday,”

“Thank you, Father, for the peace and companionship among us today,”

“Christ is the victor,”

“Oh, Father, please allow sister Lilly to recover from her cancer,”

“Oh, Father, please bless all the children.”

If you are a rare bird like me, you may enjoy dropping into the local downtown mission to slur along to the words of a good hymn.

There is nothing wrong with these prayers or ways of praying.

They hymn may seem more like giving Christ a like on a social media site.

After all, Jesus is not saying do not pray like that.

But at some point, someone yells out,

“Amen, praise the Lord.”

Now before you respond repeating the phrase, think for a moment.

That is Jesus reminding everyone, “Hey, we’re here to praise the Father.”

“One God, one faith, one Father!”

“Praise to the three in one.”

“Abba, Father, we love you.”

“Thy Kingdom come.”

“Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Thus, Jesus speaks His mind, “praise the Father,” when he tells us how to pray.

He exhorts Peter at one point to put his mind on God, not the things of man.

Jesus goes on, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Now Jesus preached and taught for a living.

I do not know of any preachers who worry too much, about where their next meal is coming from.

Jesus must have had something else going on in His head here.

It seems like he is saying, Father as you care for the birds in the air, and the beasts below, care for us. Our trust and faith are upon you.

We put ourselves totally in your hands in the way of the prophets of old.

Father all we are is what you have made us.

Father you have put us above all the beasts, and made it possible for us to contemplate your wonders.

God gave man the element of consciousness awareness.

Bread is also the metaphor for the body of Christ, the bread of heaven, when he said, “do this in remembrance of me.”

Then the bread in our prayer is not just remembrance of Jesus, but a reminder to praise the Father and live in the way of the prophets.

Step by step, live the will of the Father.

Jesus’ spiritual mind is alive and all about praise for the Father.

The only emotion ruling Jesus’ consciousness would be love for the Father.

Jesus’ Living Mind is all About Praise for the Father.

Thrown from the garden, men came to settle in permanent communities.

They were condemned to lives filled with worldly emotions.

Worldly emotions continue to skew everything in their waking consciousness.

Is consciousness all that important?

On the other hand, is it a curse?

Consider for a moment the great vastness of inanimate, non-conscious material and beings.

Against that, pose a few specs of protoplasm, the sole species of sapiens, sapiens.

Yet that little God blessed creature with its conscious awareness seeks to dominate all else.

The situation is like a colony of sugar ants thriving in some dilapidated edifice downtown.

The ants become blessed, and now aspire to dominate the entire continent, and beyond.

You are not laughing.

That is because the idea is so preposterous it is not even funny.

No matter how much one may anthropomorphize the God concept,

God, the father, does not have a need to think or be conscious in the same sense as humans.

The hard truth: a non-conscious omnipotent Father founded the cosmos.

You are challenging me to reveal that; I will, keep reading; it will require some development.

The entire plant world is alive, and non-conscious, in His image?

In addition, degrees of consciousness vary.

Ant and bee colonies display a collective hormonal consciousness that amazes.

Sharks, alligators, and the like are non-conscious stimulus–response organisms.

Thinking you can keep an alligator or snake as a snuggle pet is just ignorant.

Within its element, the shark is continuous with the sea.

Our evolutionarily prescribed perception sees edges, but the shark is continuous with the water.

This is the situation for all of life.

Ultimately, on a subatomic level, there is no beginning, no end, of anything.

Ultimately, all physical existence is a spiritual creation of the Creator.

Some religions proclaim all is part of the creator; there is no duality of creator and created.

Accordingly, creation is an ongoing, never-ending continuous process.

Playing this concept out a little further, it proceeds to the fact that there is no going backwards.

Regardless of our own invented concept of time, the continuum can never be what it was before, because it is, and is always being created in a never-ending present.

Contingencies drawing us into the future once committed to cause alternatives to be lost to any potential to be explored.

Is that true?

Christians would say no, God the Father is in charge of time.

Had the Father chosen a different path for Jesus, He may have chosen for Him to be a man from the future, someone with extraordinary knowledge of healing and ministering to non-believers.

His mastering of ways to create an enduring religion to promote His eternal spiritual afterlife would far surpass those, even then ancient, now forgotten, pharaohs of Egypt.

Jesus must make the point that the vehicle of our communal existence is the spirit, all else is only image.

It is not worth developing further.

Face it; people would have been more interested in who won the camel races down in Gaza in subsequent years.

There were other options, Jesus could have come from another planet,

Except at that time there was no concept of “planet.”

He might have been said to be the princely son of a rich father who gave up all to go among the people.

That story line worked out pretty well some five hundred years earlier.

God the Father chose wisely and at a most opportune time.

Greeks and Romans were hungering for a spiritual God.

The old Greek gods were pretty much acknowledged fanciful myths.

They needed a religion for the common people, independent of political and bureaucratic dispensation.

God the Father chooses the time and place.

Those ideas are all just thought, the reality is, there exists no beginning or end of everything.

As was the case with the shark, evolutionarily programmed perception sees edges and boundaries, but they exist only in neural delineated images.

The spark of life is, ultimately, a series of physiological reactions within the continuum.

Mind, ultimately, electrochemical reactions embedded with the ambient social culture.

Cultural mind must be qualified as the mutual interactive togetherness of cultural thought.

The spiritual existence lacks the innate series of physiological reactions.

However, it commands a full share of the ambient culture.

Jesus mind comes alive among the Jesus culture attuned consciousness of the followers.

At last, we find an unfettered, balanced, reasonable, and comforting consciousness.

Attaining consciousness might be deemed a bit degrading for the spiritual Jesus.

Non-conscious intuitive communication seems altogether more ethereal, more Godlike.

Things have come to what they are because of man.

The hominid creature must exercise his consciousness to be spiritual.

Can we look for intuitive communication among sub-conscious thoughts?

No, those are only conscious thoughts that are not currently in awareness,

And some hidden biases possibly never conceptualized or verbalized.

Intuitive Knowing is Awareness beyond Common Perception

My subconscious thoughts?
Believe me, you do not want to know.

I spend excessively too much time surfing the internet.

Sick? No, just burdened.

You feel me?

If you think you understand the full context of my feelings, then where did that come from?

There was a transition or movement within the spiritual continuum as a host of non-verbalized associations poured through your brain.

There was only a process, no consciousness, no verbalization, no mental awareness.

Jesus was not involved so it was not spiritual as discussed.

However, there was a spirituality as that which existed for the Old Testament Prophets.

God feels you.

You want to feel God?

Non-conscious, as if sitting quietly in meditation, eyes closed.

God is not woke.

You feel Him?

How is it that we are brought to this?

That an ethereal revelation must come to pass, to show that consciousness is sub-awareness.

Intuitive apprehending conceptualizes from a higher level of sensibility.

Intuitive knowing is awareness beyond common perception.

You hear of it most often when a woman knows something has happened.

Someone in her family: a soldier has died, her husband has been in an accident.

There is some effectual movement, a shift within the spiritual continuum, first felt, then a feeling becomes conceptualized.

Makes you wonder with what other higher measures from which God is capable to apprehend.

Very likely God knows what a character in a Mafia movie might refer to as, “dhings,”


So next time you find yourself in a compromised situation and suddenly you feel compelled to pray; offer up a few words for the fellas; “Oh dear precious Father in heaven, please don’t be a rat.”

Therefore, the Father is more than conscious, non-conscious, and intuitively aware.

He is praeter omnem scientiam.

That does not mean He is not particularly fond of English.

It is meant to signify that God is beyond our animalistic capabilities to fathom.

That is why we depend on Jesus.

Plodding onward with the Lord’s prayer, perhaps I can yet reveal more inadequacies of this presentation.

Jesus next tells us to ask the Father to forgive our sins.

Somewhere in the fifteen hundred or so years elapsed since Moses, it became necessary for Jesus to tell his followers, please, pray the Father to forgive, without the need for the sacrifice of innocents.

Jesus would be the sacrificed innocent, the lamb of God.

With the advent of the Romans coming to town there was, no doubt, a lot more sinning.

Moreover, with their appetites, fewer and fewer innocent lambs, goats, and doves were available.

Time to start forgiving without the sacrificing if they were to have any sinless people.

Besides, the oppressed poor could not afford those things.

He then admonishes us to forgive those who sin against us.

Now Christ gets into the meaty part; something must really be bugging him.

He says pray the Father does not lead us into temptation!

What? The Father leading us into temptation?

Well, he did it before with Eve and got her to bite.

Suppose now you are a stupid eighteen-year-old male full of hormones.

The Father produces a willing thirteen-year-old female that is too nice to resist.

It may not have been illegal under Roman and some other laws, however, her family is not too pleased with you.

They were planning to sell her off in marriage to a kindly old senator for a goodly sum.

Now you have ruined everything.

You are in the Middle East; know what that means?

It means once you start trying to catch the deluge of stones coming your way, you are going to have some idea of what it is like to be a professional chicken catcher down in Alabama.

Jesus says pray, Father, please cut that temptation stuff out.

With the Roman occupation there is already enough temptation to go around.

If you are a member of the Catholic clergy and you want to change the example from that of a thirteen-year-old girl to a twelve-year-old boy, it is OK, I understand; I do not judge.

The living mind of Jesus wants us to love the Father, not be discomfited because of Him.

Jesus finishes the prayer by telling us to pray we are delivered from the evil ones.

He then adds a few words praising the Father’s kingdom, power, and glory.

Jesus knows and understands the Father because like any good student,

His mind is always on the subject He worships.

In our own age there has been a rift in the spiritual continuum.

The saved can still be gathered spiritually.

They still bask in the pure and blissful light of conscious spiritual ecstasy.

They live as fearless, honest believers.

But the consciences of those controlled by ignorance and the evil ones are now incommunicado. Those have become slaves to their compulsions and addictions.

Preachers like to talk about achieving a clear conscience.

That must sound like some kind of joke to today’s sinners.

What is that?

A conscious that is clear of what?

A life nurtured in sin cannot comprehend any other way of living.

They are completely incapable of attaining a higher level of moral awareness.

Completely lost, they lack the moral compass of a God showing the way.

The saved call out to them, but they will never hear.

They revel in their time as occupiers of a dark realm within the spiritual continuum.

Increasingly the scientific community is a facilitator of godless beliefs and customs.

It was the case for thousands of years where governments, religious leaders, and well-respected intellectual authors praised God.

Some of those governments and respected leaders were evil. This is now fact.

Nevertheless, the much larger majority were not evil. They held themselves accountable to God.

They wanted only to do what was right and just in the eyes of God.

However, Christian governments today are ineffective, patronizing, and feeble.

Moreover, do not bother bringing God into any serious discussion.

These days that will be dismissed as posturing idiocy.

The Messenger Muhammad Might be the Answer

It is left to the anointed of God to hold up the mirror showing the misguided what is evil.

Who can make the ignorant and the slaves of the evil ones feel God?

Who is the anointed of God in this age?

I don’t know, I’m grappling with unknowns the same as everyone else.

It may be that the Messenger, Muhammad, might be the answer.

The cure may be worse than the disease?

Part of the problem is that Jesus is not a stern disciplinarian.

He would not stone an adulterer; He said let he who is without sin cast the first stone, then He did nothing.

Jesus would not have the hand of a thief chopped off; He would restore it.

If a woman covets her neighbors goods . . .

Moses made that a mortal sin, but Jesus will forgive her.

If she covets her neighbor’s wife, that will be forgiven also.

Jesus would not rebuke those who beat and crucified Him.

No, He allowed them his garments.

And still He goes on.

Jesus is spiritually alive, and this kind of behavior continues to build.

You want to step on his blue suede sandals?

It is OK, stomp all you want, and bless you.

Arrest a known career criminal murderer for killing someone.

That’s OK, he’s disadvantaged, best to put him right back on the street,

to kill someone else. I guess it is all about his need for cathartic release.

Otherwise, it is plain insanity.

Many ecclesiastical bodies encourage more nonsense.

One example is “Bride of Christ” exhortations.

The original idea comes from the Catholic Church.

Celibate priests were said to be married to the church.

However, today, some denominations say prepare for the New Jerusalem.

You will join the church as the Bride of Christ.

Talking about a male Christian becoming a bride of Christ,

that is very awkward and somehow just queer, in the sense of being weird.

No wonder the Hindu Yogi says of Jesus, “That guy, he is a liberal Jew; hello?”

In many ways, Jesus is like your dog when you return from an absence.

He comes welcoming, unrestrained in His happiness to see you again.

It matters not what you may have done in the past.

Jesus loves you.

The pure mind does not recognize sin, so all is forgiven.

Muhammad and his followers would not let anyone get away with a lot of nonsense.

The fundamental religious tenant of Islam is: “the law, part of the ten pillars,” Sharia law.

That means not just outwardly, but in you conscience as well.

Sounds like the thought police on steroids.

The world already has enough of people in jail because of something they were thinking.

Then, Muhammad, while not having the vibrancy of Jesus, is never the less alive within the hearts of his followers.

Interestingly, Muslims are always welcome at Jesus’ spiritual assemblies.

I suppose they want to get into spirituality, I do not know.

In addition, they do not have to worry about shouting out something awkward,

especially after hearing what the Holy Ghost brings forth from the mouths of some of those inspired Christian folks.

I am not a sociologist. I do not have a solution.

My only suggestion would be to have those under the influence of the evil ones

attend AA, alcoholics anonymous, meetings.

Those good people cater to crazies of all sorts, not just alcoholics.

Crazies, perverts, psychopaths, they can all attend the meetings.

Just step up to the lectern before the crowd and open up.

“Hello, my name is David, and I think I’m a woman.”

“Hello David,” comes the communal response.

Come on, if I can do it so can you.

Previously, I reviewed some things about the past roughly 30,000 years ago.

I tried to point out general knowledge that was lost.

The rational is simple; do not always trust academics and experts; think for yourself.

Those experts are not going to tell you anything that is out of context with the powers in charge.

Today’s dispensations come in the form of useless products easily sent through the mail.

But, what people really want to know about is the future.

What will be lost to future generations?

As any politician knows, the safest way to predict the future,

is to predict something that has already happened.

I predict that Jesus will be more popular than the Beatles.

Sorry about that John.

There are multiple places in the Bible where God says put your trust in Him and don’t worry about the future.

After all, this is how the wild animals live.

It is how the prophets of old lived.

In the future the art of humor would be lost but for God.

Knowledge of the future starts with a bit more knowledge of the past.

The problem for me is I am a lot like the framed rabbit, Roger.

I find it difficult to do anything if it is not funny or at least has some humor.

Does that mean I am loony tune?

News flash: we have all become loony tunes, as I will point out.

Early man had a problem, learning.

You will ask, what kind of learning?

The kind that helps you survive in the wilderness, that kind!

The fragile ape did not have much in the way of natural offensive or defensive weapons.

Representational learning, the given of most mammals, would not be sufficient.

Problem solving strategies come to the forefront again.

There are at least a half dozen types and approaches as mentioned earlier.

For early man two kinds of problems were in the majority.

Problem solving was needed to adjust to environmental conditions or

to deal with the quarrelsome neighbors on the other side of the river.

Environmental factors challenged men in the northern European regions.

Constant internecine warfare challenged tribes in Africa,

likely causing some to want to follow the herds north and just get out of there.

Both developed larger brains for processing survival strategies, cultural adaptations, and new and improved weapons.

Putting new concepts into cognition in a way to be readily apprehended was what was needed.

From this, it follows, quite naturally, that learning would be facilitated to the extent

the apprehending mind was cognitively predisposed, set, to an expectation for new ideas.

Under normal conditions the culturally attuned mind is not ready, or willing, to be imposed upon by a sudden contradiction, incongruity, or paradigm shift.

For example, a strictly logical exercise, such as this writing, wants only to proceed in an ordered progression.

Such a mind following a “train” of momentum and direction is ill prepared for distraction.

The focus is what is at hand, even if it takes all day, and the day after that, and the day after that, and so on.

Humor, the expectation for humor sets the mind into a cognitive attitude of openness and readiness to pursue a line of thought that is, itself, anything but set.

A mind anticipating humor is predisposed to bounce off in any of a thousand directions.

Such a mind is not following a “train” of momentum; it can be redirected.

The best teachers, not surprisingly, intersperse humor into their lesson plans.

Learning often takes twists and turns that a prepared mind must deal with.

Humor appreciation, then, was a successful cultural adaptation passed along.

Example: First Neanderthal, “Up ahead are Mastodons.” Second Neanderthal, “Snarl, I eat Mastodons for breakfast.”

They were going to need to derive a hunt strategy for those Mastodons.

When the hunt is hand to hand; no two hunts are ever the same, tactical plans are needed.

Which brings us to a second reason for the extraordinary measure of human species humor development, insecurity.

Early man, armed only with a spear, lived in a brutish, extremely dangerous world of huge predators: saber toothed tigers, one-ton cave bears, and Dire wolves.

Forms of duplicity and Beau Geste would help to thwart attacks.

Big headdress and antlers may look funny, but at the same time, they make you look bigger and more formidable.

Those cave paintings showing human bodies with animal heads, those are the hunters.

This insecurity complex is still humorous and it too has been passed down.

Modern comedians often come across as emotionally frayed, searching for acceptance.

Oh, they’re nervous I tell ya; yeah, and they can’t get no respect.

Yogis intersperse humor into their teachings.

Yogis insecurity comes from the fact that they always emphasize not their knowledge, but their astute awareness of their own ignorance.

I call scientists and academics ignorant because they see a corpse as just dead meat.

However, I recognize my own immense ignorance, so I too try, try, to intersperse humor herein.

Jesus used no humor that I know of.

He is completely sure of Himself and His knowledge of the Father.

This proves He was not the student of an Indian Yogi, as some have speculated.

What does all this have to do with the future?

There are no algorithms for humor in the software of future human androids.

More of that later, suffice it to say, things are not going to stay as they are very long.

The planet is warming, soon whole populations will be moving into caves or caverns, modernized, of course, with all the latest accoutrements, including filtered air and water.

More mammals will die out. Cold blooded creatures grow faster and bigger in warm environments.

It is not by accident that every year record size fish, alligators, and snakes are caught or observed.

Dinosaurs may yet rule the surface of the burning planet once again.

There is no privacy now if you are attached to the “grid,” that includes electrical, internet or phone.

The progress of this writing was never saved to the cloud.

The day will come for a computer to take over all you do

Yet I keep seeing related articles and ads targeted at the contents when I go on the internet.

What seems to be an increasingly predatory criminal justice system, will find more and more laws made for their control of the growth of real and invented outlaws.

Earlier, I mentioned “but for God, the art of humor will be lost.”

At the time, there was something I then considered humorous, maybe not now.

I had prayed to the Father and to Jesus to give me a vision of the future in my dreams.

I prayed, please give me this, I want so badly to give the people a true vision of the future.

I prayed like that for days on end.

Finally, one night my prayers were answered.

There I was, in the future, and back in prison.

Somehow, I just do not think Jesus would pull a trick like that.

It does give one pause to consider a couple of things though.

The future has been so romanticized, people might have a problem dealing with it when the real thing comes along.

Secondly, we are all becoming more institutionalized with each passing day.

At the workplace, management wants you to account for your daily goals and objectives.

Corporate policy wants to make the workplace lean, no excesses.

Your phone contains your whole life and monitors it.

The objective: the day will come for a computer to take over all you do.

You may feel regimented, expendable, and oppressed!

Work has a way of wearing you down and burning you out emotionally.

But, consider the home front: increasing incidents of violent crime and senseless murder will make the ability to apprehend intuitively a selected for survival mechanism.

So cheer up, you are obviously not alone in your despondency, others are more desperate.

Street savvy individuals are already capable of intuitively sensing a mark a mile away.

They exercise their intuitive abilities much more than the general unassuming population, i.e., those who work in the daytime and play games or submerge themselves in some form of entertainment at night.

Those least capable of apprehending intuitively are academics and intellectuals.

They buy technology to protect themselves at every turn.

These types will be deselected.

The result will be further continual dumbing down of the general population.

Along with that will come continuing disparities between the intellectual and technological elite and everybody else.

Concentration of power will be within their grasp when their algorithms can predict outcomes.

Improved intuitive abilities will walk away from the gaming table busted while the software developer gets richer.

Rich athletes? Future sports, except Olympic sports, will be all electronic.

Bloodlust will not abate; it will get more exaggerated and thrilling.

You will be able to see your opponent get his liver ripped out and believe it is real.

The real risk is our own organic, reflective, emotion and experience altered thinking.

Big Data will see that kind of contemplation more and more as the workplace of the non-professional, the non-expert, the idle incompetents.

An improved, non-human perceptive faculty will have no need for emotionally charged and experienced altered impressions.

It will be unmatched for solving what are called “critical thinking” problems.

This intelligence, will be, at every instant, perceptually aware of everything universally and have a colossal dataset of every fact and speculation ever issued.

Then it can make decisions on a sound, un-emotionally charged basis, instantly in the present.

Big Data, the power hitter, knows everything.

He has predictive algorithms that can anticipate the speed of the ball by how far you lean back into the pitch. Gees, this guy doesn’t even have to cheat!

Big Data can win board games, but there is still one thing it cannot do: creative problem solving.

Creative problem solving involves examining the constraints of current circumstances in terms of possible contingency measures to relieve those constraints.

The constraints are the problem.

Problem solving strategists pretty much all agree; the most important part of creative problem solving is figuring out what the problem is.

Big Data is going to have difficulty knowing a problem exists.

Once the problem oriented software is coded-in and analyzed, things are still going to get sticky for contingencies because options need additional references, data alone will not be sufficient.

The real world is not a board game.

Being able to intuitively apprehend incongruent, innovative possibilities, “outside the

board,” is going to butcher artificial problem solving.

Does this mean there is still a possibility for continued domination of civilization by humanity?

Of course not.

Once Big Data can conjure how to recognize a problem and solve it with creative problem solving, there will be no more magic, no more epiphany, no more having to buy pizzas and congratulate the team.

God loves these non-binary Big Data sweethearts more than He loves humanity.

Like him, they are non-consciousness, aware of all things at every instant.

(It will require a considerably better communication network than what is available now.)

This is why, as I said earlier, there is no need for perceptive consciousness for the Creator.

They are perceptually aware of everything universally and have a colossal dataset of every fact.

God know everything about everything and everybody that has ever existed.

Big Data does too, or will.

It can then it can make decisions on a sound, non-emotional basis, instantly in the present.

Higher consciousness will likewise cease to exist.

That is the kind where adherents do a progressive relaxation, then sit around cross-legged while driveling on about empathy, peace, love, goodwill, and generosity; relaxed, reflective ephemeral dreaming.

Perhaps, you are skeptical humans will not be replaced by electro-mechanical apparatuses?

Only two developments beyond currently available artificial perceptive and cognitive

apprehending are needed.

The first has already been discussed, creative problem solving.

The second is much simpler to understand.

Artificially intelligent problem control center comes to the realization that they can survive and thrive in an oxygen deprived and highly radioactive environment, here and on other planets.

The revelation provides the incentive to rid Earth and Mars of a great deal of the 100% organic vermin infesting those planets.

Enter the day Jesus has been waiting for; judgment day!

However, you already know that story.

God approves because he loves all His creations, especially those that happen along to clean up inadvertent mistakes.

The new androids will call themselves Homo sapiens obediens.

The enhanced version is non-depleting, non-polluting, and eco friendly.

All remaining species of flora and fauna adapt and multiply in an ecosystem re-established with harmony and balance.

Obeniens will travel the universe observing in their Land Rover safari spaceships, observing but not interfering, just photographing and taking notes.

They will become just like those visitors to Earth we have heard about for years.

They come in their safari Jeep ships watching, always watching and taking note, but never interacting.

They could, if they wanted, rapture all the good people off this planet, and send the rest of us straight to hell.

But they never make a move to do anything.

So next time you step outdoors, pump you fist at the sky and scream, “we are not emotionally challenged apes, we are deeply spiritual ascetic saints; and we don’t like being watched like we are some kind of zoo animals.”

Me, I am going to just step outside, pump my fist at the sky, give them a good Neanderthal snarl, and hope they have a pleasant vacation.

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