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Salvation by Spiritual Adoption

Attending bible school when only 17, the author has a lifelong interest in the bible and how it applies to modern humanity.


Who is allowed to become an heir of salvation?

Paul said "he is not a Jew , who is one outwardly." (Romans 2:28-29) "But he is a Jew which is one inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart." Decidedly, these converted Gentiles must have the new birth, which happened at Pentecost because St John 7:39 says "they should receive (it), but that the holy ghost was not yet given!" Of which signifies that receiving the Holy Ghost, when it fell, when it was given, was important.

So important that it became, or indeed already was God's plan: For it was to be the initiation of birth into a spiritual kingdom, and a beginning of the age of the Gentile, which Peter and Paul opened the door. It is the coat of arms, the signification of being one of the chosen of this age, eliminating any difference between being a natural Jew, or a born again gentile who is now a spiritual Jew, or child of God. Paul and Peter fought over this concession, because Col. 1:24-27. Eph. 1:1-10. Eph. 3:3-6 shows that Gentiles should be fellow-heirs.

Later it was referred to "being grafted in". "When that day was FULLY come, they were ALL filled with Holy Spirit, and began to speak in other tongues as God gives the utterance". Then back to this, initially Jesus rebuffed the woman, Matt 10:5-6. "It is not meant to take the children's bread and give it to dogs(gentiles). But as the transition was made to fulfill Abraham's promise of the stars of the heaven(gentiles), and Jews were represented as sands of the sea:

Yet not until Acts chapter 10 was it made a full exclamation of the Gentiles having a way in, by joining with the new birth just like on the day of Pentecost. Note also, 3000 souls of every nation were miraculously brought in on the day of Pentecost, outside the Holy Ghost meeting in the streets below. God had allowed it to spill over to everyone. This is so big, so immense,and so great. It's a new dispensation that was born. At large, en-masse, internationally.

It could no longer be claimed as exclusive to Jews: Actually, As a whole they didn't want it. They had rejected God, who was in Christ Jesus. So to wrap this up, the only question is, "will we be gone in the rapture when he returns to the nation of Israel? Will he return to the nation of Israel?" If so, then those of us who are chosen and received the new birth and adoption of son-ship by Christ Jesus will be gone, removed out of the way. Maybe, and hopefully BEFORE the antichrist, before the son of perdition, at the end of the seventieth week of Daniel.

I don't believe God will allow both flocks to remain here together. The important thing is that we realize that the door of the Gentile/Holy Ghost age is closing. Once the rapture takes place no one else will have this opportunity, for then he is only going to return to deal with the Nation of Israel, to show them he is the king, and to defeat antichrist, and the enemies of Israel, and to set his feet in the temple. This will end the age of the Jewish rejection, or 2000 years. He will then initiate the age of peace, 1000 years. Satan will be bound those 1000 years.

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Then after that, the white throne judgement. Just know if you already had the blood applied, then you have already escaped death and judgement and damnation and hell. It's there will the people of all ages be gathered. The marriage supper will take place , we will take on our roles with new robes, and worship the lamb.

Sin, grief, temptation, pain and sorrow will be no more. God, our father, will make known into us the mystery of the ages. We will enter the new Jerusalem. Time will be no more.

Are we automatically saved?

In the Age of Noah, God spoke to him to build an ark. It was to become the way of salvation from destruction by flood. However, only those who accepted Gods word and found grace in his eyes, like Noah, could be saved. Otherwise, they wouldn't even make the effort to get inside the Ark before it rained. Those left on the outside were destroyed.

In the age of Jesus Christ, he spoke through parables to tell those who would listen that they must treat it like a treasure, Matt: 13:44; Like a farmer who must let the wheat and the tares grow up together and then they will be separated at the time of harvest.

the parables all illustrated that Salvation must be grabbed hold of and even one parable described it as a virgin waiting for the bridegroom and how we must keep oil in our lamps. We must keep them full, for the bridegroom comes when we don't expect him. Matt: 25: All ten virgins went to meet the bride, but only five had oil in their lamps; allowing them to be wedded , and the other five were without oil, causing them to be cast out.

Salvation depends on individual accountability to the word of God.

© 2021 Oscar Jones

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