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New Experiences of a New Mentor, and of Thoughts and of Prayers That We Sure Do!

I have been doing creative writing for over 36 years now. And I sure do have now 8 books and many other writings to have shown for that!

Summer of 2012 Benefitting From A Mentor and Teacher And Right Now

Last evening, I was being taught by Doctor Mike Murdock on churchbyphone.com He is a great teacher and my new mentor. The website is @www.wisdomonline.com The call replay # is 1-559.726.1299 and every night 10pm Eastern the # to call for ChurchbyPhone.com with Tim Walker and Dr. Mike Murdock is 1-559.726.1200. You must use the code 693222# for both #'s.Call him! You will learn wisdom. He is regularly doing calls on churchbyphone.com and I do think mentioning him and his good works could be very helpful to some people. He has a great deal of wisdom that he likes to share and talk about and present things whenever he does the calls.

I am learning a great deal from him. Dr. Mike Murdock teaches when you make a difference or see differences and can build on that, that is wisdom. He has written more than 365 books.

When I met him, he told me, I bet and he told a room filled with people,

"she is a writer!" I was so happy by this. I do think writers need to be amazing and they often are.

I have decided for wisdom through the Lord God. Whenever I was receiving thee Blessed Sacrament, thee Holy Eurcharist often I was asking God for wisdom and strength during that's my past. God only is helping me for this day here.. I often do that holy day and that work day. However I can read that and I can write for I truly love writing and reading. As far as computing and doing things online, wholesomely I am putting the computer aside today.

A lot of scams out there try to take my money. Today, I am broke. And I can make prayers for God and love friends and to do of Christ Jesus. I am often pretty sure I am to do that for myself or to do this. All of my family is other places. All wholly, and holy and righteous, only is welcomed by us Richard Authur Shea's. I do have the gift of righteousness and I am holy and righteous by my thoughts and prayers. Today my mother said to me I was full of intelligence, brilliant but crazy. I do think

living with Jeff has some insanity of our relationship and holy marriage. I profess Jesus, The Christ and God has got me and Holy Spirit please see that I have God in all my thoughts of life and of prayers. I said today and everyday, God has us Shea's and us Keifer's in His Heart and I do trust we are in God's hands!

God Almighty takes care of everything is the same and everything else for us over here. All we need to do is come to Him!

Written July 24, 2012 Re-vised July 29, 2021

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