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Fun Free Witchcraft and New Age Quiz Questions With Answers

Adele Cosgrove-Bray is a writer, poet and artist who lives on the Wirral Peninsula in England.


Are You Ready for the New Age?

How much do you know about New Age themes? Try your hand at this quick quiz and test your knowledge of this popular and diverse range of topics.

Each question offers a multiple-choice answer. Simply make a note of your choice then check this against the correct answers at the end! Then learn how you scored in the results!

This light-hearted quiz was designed purely for fun, for those coffee-breaks moments.

This article was originally published in Your Future magazine, in January 1989.


This quiz was first published in Your Future magazine, in January 1989, under the title New Year Quiz and using Adele Cosgrove-Bray's pen-name (at that time) of Niamh Koo.

First Questions!

1. How many cards are there in a tarot pack?

a) 56

b) 78

c) 82


2. Which zodiac sign is associated with efficiency and perfectionism?

a) Libra

b) Cancer

c) Virgo


3. In graphology, what does a narrow, light-pressure script show?

a) a quiet, introspective character

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b) a confident, talkative person

c) creative talent



Next New Age Quiz Questions!

4. What does the rune GYFU mean?

a) to go, to leave

b) a proud stallion

c) a gift


5. What is the stinging nettle also known as?

a) Urtica Pililifera

b) Urtmiand Anstungit

c) Urtica Dioica


6. Nettle tea can be used to:

a) ease migraine

b) moisturise dry skin

c) polish mirrors


More New Age Quiz Questions!

7. Who was Alphonse-Louis Constant better known as?

a) Madelaine Montalban

b) Eliphas Levi

c) Cheiro


8. The herb camomile can be used to:

a) soothe inflamtion

b) give great energy

c) cheer you up


9. Which herb can soothe rheumatism?

a) marjoram

b) peppermint

c) juniper


Further New Age Quiz Questions!

10. Crystals can be used:

a) for taming horses

b) to aid healing

c) to purify air


11. In palmistry, the Venus Mount is situated:

a) by the thumb

b) in the palm's centre

c) by the little finger


12. Which astrological sign is represented by a centaur?

a) Capricorn

b) Aries

c) Sagittarius


Even More New Age Quiz Questions!

13. What are the Yakshis?

a) young Tibetan goats

b) Hindu tree spirits

c) Chinese hobgoblins


14. Which is the lucky stone for Aquarians?

a) amethyst

b) aquamarine

c) agate


15. Who founded Thelema?

a) Annie Besant

b) Running Bear

c) Aleister Crowley


Still More New Age Quiz Questions!

16. The Ankh symbolises:

a) The Theosophical Society

b) life

c) the moon


17. What was TC Lethbridge famous for?

a) dowsing

b) his operatic baritone voice

c) tea leaf reading


18. In folklore, what do the Bean Sidhe do?

a) harvest root crops

b) work as fairy midwives

c) scream when someone is to die


The Artisan-Sorcerer Series

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New Age Quiz Questions Continue!

19. In dream analysis, a cobweb can represent:

a) the web of life

b) tangled hair

c) the home


20. In the ancient windows of Chester Cathedral's cloisters, what can be seen?

a) the signs of the zodiac

b) medieval market scenes

c) self-portraits of Benedictine monks


21. Which is the most useful to a student of the occult sciences?

a) strong opinions

b) all the latest paraphernalia

c) a sense of humour


A Few More New Age Quiz Questions!

22. What is Loch Awe, near Oban in Scotland, famous for?

a) a sea monster

b) a ghost ship

c) its mer-horses


23. Dream analysis is:

a) a form of self-hypnosis

b) a branch of psychology

c) an alternative state of consciousness


24. Who were Janet and James Devise?

a) proprietors of an occult book store

b) medieval alchemists

c) two of the Pendle witches


Another Set of New Age Quiz Questions!

25. Who was the world famous herbalist?

a) Culpepper

b) Zanoni

c) Maxine Sanders


26. Who ruled Olympus?

a) Thoth

b) Zeus

c) Aphrodite


27. Who was the Iroquios "Mother of Breath and Wind"?

a) Avilayoq

b) Singing Waters

c) Ataentsic


Last Set of New Age Quiz Questions!

28. Which astrological sign is represented by a spider?

a) none

b) 13th sign of Arachne

c) Cancer, as an alternative to t e crab


29. Which Aeon are we said to be now living in?

a) Aeon of New

b) Aeon is Isis

c) Aeon of Horus


30. Who is (was!) Your Future's editor?

a) Lin Wieland

b) Helena Blavatsky

c) Doreen Valiente


16 - b

17 - a

18 - c

19 - a

20 - a

21 - c

22 - b

23 - b

24 - c

25 - a

26 - b

27 - c

28 - b

29 - c

30 - a


1 - b

2 - c

3 - a

4 - c

5 - c

6 - a

7 - b

8 - a

9 - c

10 - b

11 - a

12 - c

13 - b

14 - a

15 - c

How Did You Score in the New Age Quiz?

score 0 - 12

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score 13 - 20

Not bad at all, but there's room for improvement!

score 14 - 27

Good! Why not brush up on the finer points by reading Your Future regularly? (See note above!)

score 28 and above

Top marks! Congratulations! How about putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it is now...) and sharing your knowledge with other readers?

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© 2013 Adele Cosgrove-Bray

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