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Nanny McPhee as Allegory


review of Nanny McPhee

As a family movie, I would without a question give it three thumbs up. It's well done and fun to watch for both children and us adults. PS the adults will get some of the nuances that are over the heads of children but nothing offensive just cute.

THE PLOT - A man needing a wife, a family in chaos, and the answer - Nanny McPhee

The story with a family out of control. Then out of thin air the word the father hears, "you need Nanny McPhee" In the Bible in Genesis, it starts with Chaos then the WORD spoke and creation appeared. Nanny McPhee shows up mysteriously and declares "I am not from any agency" Nanny McPhee states "I'm a government nanny" Jesus referred to himself as coming from GOD. Nanny McPhee immediately takes control, but not with a hard hand but, with patient and firm yet loving control. She has a mission to teach them 5 lessons, In the Bible, the #5 speaks of grace. She is also the 18 nanny. In the Jewish mindset, 18 is symbolic of "life" because the number value of the Hebrew word for "life", equals 18. When the Jewish people give a money gift, they like to do it in $18 or a multiple thereof. She also takes a maid under her wing, whose name is Evangeline, Evangeline means bearer of good news. Nanny teaches her to read, and understand. Evangeline has a desire to read a special book. For the believer's we have a desire to read a special book, the Bible Nanny is also very unappealing in appearance, but as the children learn from her, she actually gets better and better looking.

She also requires Sunday afternoons off, likewise, Christians also need a day of Sunday rest. At the start the children challenge her and she tells them, believe me "because I'm for real and I care" She also tells the father of the children that "she knows exactly what they need", and she proves she fully capable of completing the job. The children pray to her and Believers pray to Jesus. Nanny McPhee shows up in rooms without entering, at least in the Gospels Jesus could enter a room even when it was locked.

Nanny McPhee intercedes and encourages growth accepts thanks and has a cane or scepter that controls situations, When she hits the ground with the cane, watch out.

Nanny Mc Phee also tells them she cannot interfere with matters of the heart. Likewise in the Bible God wants us to have free will. Nanny McPhee also tells them they must accept the consequences of their actions. God is loving but warns Adam and Eve, there will be consequences.

Nanny McPhee doesn't take sides and allows free will. When God's angel was asked "are you for us against us" the angel replied "neither". God wants all to believe but God us to come freely, and God also seals us as His.

The end is quite amazing! There is a wedding and at the very last minute, the maid is asked to become the Bride. Everyone is surprised including the maid. She accepts. Then as Nanny is escorting her down the aisle, Evangeline, the maid is worried, because is not dressed right. Nanny McPhee tells her not to worry. Suddenly snow in August, as the snow falls she gets clothed in a beautiful white gown. The believers are the Bride of Christ, and we are clothed in Jesus's righteousness.

Then the bride tells Nanny the Book that Nanny McPhee was teaching her to read, she never finished. Nanny McPhee tells her not to worry "You are the story". In the Bible, at the end of the book of Revelation, there is the marriage of the Bride.

At the end of the movie Nanny McPhee rises to Heaven. And in the Bible, we will "rise up" to ever be with Jesus.

When I first viewed the movie was with my grandchildren. I don't expect to see it as an allegory, but, it is, without doubt, a great allegory of Christ Jesus My first clue was the way Nanny related to the children. She had control and did not give in, yet she let them learn about the consequences. God lets us learn through the experiences of life. The ending sealed my suspicion. Just like the Bible, it ends with the unlikely maid married to the master of the house.

Allegories are meant to relate a truth through symbolic terms. I PRAY YOU LIKE THIS AND ARE ENCOURAGED. If you haven't seen this movie I highly encourage you to rent or better buy it.

Nanny McPhee the Movie

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