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Elderfuthark Rune NAUTHIZ


Alternative Names

Ny, Naudhiz, Nauths, Nyd, Naut, Nied.

Key Phrase

‘To achieve your wants,

you often need to experience the very opposite.’


Need, fire, primal need.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning

Constraint, need, necessity; cause of human sorrow, lessons, hardships.



Tarot Card Equivalent

Temperance - 14 - XIV

Divinatory Meaning


Corresponding Letter


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Associated Colour


Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone

Lapps Lazuli

Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Freyr and Gurd, the Otter’s Gold. Sacred to the Norns – the weavers of the web of fate, and Noff – goddess of the night who gives birth to day.

Manifestation Uses

To fulfil a need, to obtain a lover, to develop will and resilience. Development of spiritual powers.

Relationship Interpretation

Areas of restriction, possessiveness and mutual needs.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Overcomes distressing situations.

For infections and/or skin disease use in combination with the Laguz rune.


As a talisman, Nauthiz can be worn if there is a need to be fulfilled and/or to turn a negative fate with a positive one.

Nauthiz Drawn Upright


Responsibility, discontent, obstacles, frustration, delays, restrictions, resistance leading to strength, confusion, the power of will to overcome obstacles, self-reliance, endurance, survival, determination, caution, self-initiated change, creative, pro-creative, motivating force, the will to work on oneself, the helper.

NAUTHIZ is ‘Need’.

Nauthiz is the tenth rune and the second rune of the second Aett. It is a rune of cosmic forces and is recognized as being a rune with ‘shaping power’ which forms the fates of mankind.

This rune represents ‘need’ in all its forms, from the need for food and shelter, to the need of personal fulfillment. ‘Need creates invention’. When you are in need and are aware and understand those needs, you are able to find a way to fulfil those needs.

The Nauthiz rune both represents, and is represented by Skuld, the first and youngest of the Norn Sisters, the weavers and shapers of the Web of Wyrd. She is the weaver of ‘that which will be’ - the future.

The outcome of obtaining your need depends upon your actions or lack thereof, to obtain them. Nauthiz is a signpost for the future, which lets us know what will happen based upon on our ignoring or acting upon our specific need. It represents an imbalance between what one ‘needs’ and what one ‘has.’ The acknowledgment of this imbalance can be illuminating, as it causes one to closely examine, then reassess priorities and values. This brings motivation to step back onto the right spiritual path, knowing that when we act and live by what makes us most happy and fulfilled, we are living our true selves.

Nauthiz represents needs that can be met by reacting positively to deprivation, Nauthiz says that conflict can be overcome by willpower, that delays and restrictions need to be endured and fears need to be faced.

The Nauthiz rune is an agent for your ‘Wyrd’ or ‘orlog’, depending upon the severity of your need. Nauthiz is the nudging reminder; the feeling within that all is not how it should be. Life may appear out of sync; not going to plan and nothing goes right. What you have is never enough and there is the ever-present desire for something more, or better.

Nauthiz forces one to come to terms with and acknowledge this dissatisfaction; then use it as motivation for change.

If you want something different, do different things.

When Nauthiz is drawn in a spread, it is an indication not to allow occurrences, situations, incidents or memories from the past hold you back from living your life – today. It is an indication that you may not be living your life true to yourself and therefore, may not feel like you are in the ‘right place’ in your life. It is the person’s own will that is paramount in directing the force.

Learning to deal with hardship, constraint and the pain of lack are lessons of the Nauthiz rune. It shows the obstacles we create for ourselves, as well those we encounter on a day to day basis in the world around us.

The role of Nauthiz is to identify and examine what it is you really need.

Nauthiz Drawn Reversed


Constraint of freedom, distress, toils, drudgery, extremity, deprivation, exhaustion, conflict, starvation, poverty, lack of innovation, scarcity, neediness, unacknowledged needs, hard work, limitations, poverty, hardship, misery, emotional hunger.

The Nauthiz rune cannot be reversed or turned upside down, but can lay in opposition. This enhances and strengthens the message, both of the Nauthiz rune and those that lay around. This rune enhances the others in their meanings.

Nauthiz laying merkstave implies that freedom will be restricted. Self-control is essential as poverty and deprivation beckon. It hints at emotional hunger.


Sacred Scribes

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