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Simple Ways to Inner Intuition, Wisdom: Claim Joy and Abundance Now!

Dr. Amy: Light-Coach, Ph.D.(cs) MCC (IFC) Master Certified LifeCoach Published- A Lot Feature Writer & Editor Authoress Think Tank

Intuition, Joy & Inner Wisdom: Your Best Guides!

♦️Let some Self-Help Books & LifeCoaches stay on the library shelf or remain seated on the couch: YOU’VE GOT THIS INNATELY!♦️

You've heard people say "follow your gut and your intuition.“ Often, when you don't follow your inner guide, you end up wishing you’d followed your instinct. Sometimes intuition is inaudible or it’s a little whisper coming from inside saying, “Look here, follow your inner guide and don't be afraid about the outcome," it'll serve you well. We all have instincts, hunches and little bits of wisdom that we often do follow - or not. However, our inner compass is usually dead-on correct.

Think of hunches and intuition as your inner wisdom and spiritual knowing. Have faith! Even Britain’s, Prince Charles once opined, "Buried deep within each and every one of us, there is an instinctive, heartfelt awareness that provides—if we allow it to—the most reliable guide as to whether or not our actions are really in the long-term interests of our planet and all the life it supports." He added that intuition leans "more to the common sense emanating from our hearts." Psychologists, spiritualists, celebrities and self-help Gurus, LifeCoaches galore believe in developing your “sixth sense” by channelling your inner wisdom and unlocking your subconscious and collective minds.

American Scientific reported recently that neuroscientists are advancing in neuro-plastic brain pathways to help explore even re-program the unconscious mind. "Thinking occurs not onstage but offstage, out of sight.” This is called many things, but here I’ll use the terms consciousness & mindfulness. Studies of automatic processing, subliminal priming, implicit memory, right-brain processing, instant emotions, nonverbal communication and creativity unveil our intuitive capacities. Thinking, memory and attitude operate on two levels: the conscious/deliberate and the unconscious/automatic. "Dual processing" is what researchers call it. Again, we know more than we think we know.

Does intuition operate outside of conscious awareness? Neuroscientists believe intuition operates in conjunction within and outside of human awareness.

I've followed my intuition many times and found that it was the right action to take 100% of the time. There also were times when I wasn’t listening to or doubting my inner wisdom and failed to act accordingly. I'm sure you've had instances where you heard that little voice within and wished you had paid it your full attention. Plus, times you were “wowed” when you followed your inner wisdom!

Our brains are hard-wired to respond in a nano second to situations. But after 40,000+ years our more advanced, smaller hominid brains eventually Thought much ado about “nothing at all”, the mind pattern created self-talk, a delusion and a stubborn, tragic modern insanity. So regardless of the interaction, just follow your intuition and you'll be glad of it. Some self-help books and so-called intuitive-coaches should just stay on the shelf or sit on the couch, because YOU are the final, unique guide for your own journey.

Dare to be Majestic & Holy: Experience Inner-Peace & Joy - The Fullness & Abundance in All Areas of Your Life! Your Soul Will Draw You There.

Intuition, Wisdom are God’s Grace.

Intuition, Wisdom are God’s Grace.

Prosperity, Abundance, Joy: Age Old Wisdom Offers us a Guide!

Abundance-Fullness-Joy anyone? Well, we all deserve a deep well of abundance and I mean the kind of abundance that make life a happy endeavor. So how do we attain the fullness of life’s abundance in the forms of Relationships, Mindset, Satisfaction? Are happiness and joy something we must have, deserve and can achieve? Most often, there are already things to give thanks for right now! And we want to praise what we already ate bkessed with: Maybe its your shelter, your bed, your kids, your relationships, your health! First, start off by being grateful for what you do have and don’t forget gratitude for your talents of body, mind and soul. These are uniquely yours and part of the One, universal mind substance, God, Spirit, or whatever term you are comfortable applying.

Tapping into formless matter with specific images of what you desire will soon become realty. Believe me: I knew it was true when I divined my house, hardwood flooring and all. I began to first imagine the house I wanted, then I started writing down exactly what I wanted in a house, i.e., a useful, functional kitchen, hardwood floors, a large backyard - you name it - I wrote it down. And next, I spoke my desire out loud like a prayer, and then acted upon it with the slightest effort. Within two months, my house was right in front of me as I was driving. I was astonished to see my house directly before me. Looking back, there were messages from my broker and friends about this particular house on my voicemail, in my emails even before I had the chance to check them!

Faith and inner intuition and soul wisdom play a huge part in the attaining of things on the spiritual and material realm.
 Never doubt yourself for a second what it is that you are trying to attain. Cast your doubts aside! And if people say negative comments like, "Oh yeah, you'll get rich or attain joy just thinking about it," they have no faith and can't divine anything from the universal mind substance, God, Spirit or the collective unconscious. This is because they have no faith in the process to ontain daily abundance in life. We tend to think that things must be made by our hands, machines or instruments. But these “things” were once imagined by someone first. Then, beautiful and useful items were made by hands. Remember that all things are plentiful, and don't think you are taking away from another by gaining for yourself. God wants us to be happy, it pleases Him to the utmost.

 Everything we need and want is there for the asking, as I have said.
 It boils down to the power of prayer, affirmations, positive thinking. Speak out loud that which you desire - write it down and be as clear as you can about what it is you desire, because it will come to you. There are many books on similar subjects like, The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and others that explore this subject in detail. Some of what is out there is very esoteric and is difficult to grasp and apply. Begin simply with your desires and the Universe will respond In kind. To be clear, we are not talking about a Santa Claus God but a manner of getting that which you richly deserve via clear, lucid thought. Divine law manifests infinite desires through heartfelt prayers, images, clear thought, and faith that your desires are coming true NOW.

Pay attention because the universe does hear the negative thoughts also. Fortunately, negative thoughts and words have far less impact than positive statements and ideas. Follow the old adage that you get what you wish for, so be cautious.

Three Ways to obtain.

First, start by getting a clear image of that house you've always wanted, your dream job, love at last, or whatever you're hoping Spirit will bring you. Then speak it out loud like you would a prayer. Repeat it privately out loud and in your thoughts. Finally, write it down in as clear a way as you can. Next, make actions for it to come to fruition. Remember that you must ask without the notion that you aren’t harming anyone else in receiving it because abundance is always overflowing! Recall, that I said there is enough to go around. In Wallace D. Wattles' book, he explains that getting rich is a science, His book was written about 100 years ago, and is of magnificent importance to us now that the human race is finally evolving enough so that we can now begin to understand whst the ancient Souls, Masters and the Christ knew all along. Desire is simply faith and a prayer not spoken.

Here's a famous parabolic statement, and which other spiritual masters through different epochs of time, of The Christ's instruction on the power of Faith through the Spoken word on how to move mountains from Matthew. Jesus told them [His Apostles] “For if you had faith even as small as a tiny mustard seed you could say to this mountain, 'Move!' and it would go far away.” Nothing would be impossible you see!“ These Elucidating concepts are as ancient as the Old and New Testaments, wherein the former, “Wisdom“ is personified as a woman who offers: “A Long, Good Life, Riches, Honor, Pleasure and Peace." - Taken from Proverbs 3:16-17. So clarify your thoughts on inner wisdom, clarity and your true, heartfelt desires today. Fullness of Life can happen in your NOW.

Thank you -

By: Amy Frerichs-Soukup, Ph.D.

Book: ✅ it out! Gain Abundance and Joy Now!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Dr Amy Soukup Frerichs


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