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Mystery of the Broken Glasses

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, and former newspaper columnist. She enjoys sharing personal experiences that may help others.

My Antique vase surrounded by glasses.

My Antique vase surrounded by glasses.

The mystery begins

About five years ago something interesting and very annoying began to happen to me. I began dropping and breaking my drinking glasses. On one occasion I picked up a glass and it broke in my hand. Thankfully I was not hurt. Most of the time I will turn around and my elbow will bump a glass on a table, kitchen counter, and-or stove, and down it goes. This became quite aggravating and my husband and children all admonished me to be careful. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. I have tried to be careful and prayed each time I purchased new glasses that I would not break them. Yesterday, I bought 4 additional glasses, prayed and within a few hours, I knocked one off the counter and broke it. Perhaps I am simply more clumsy in my older age but whatever it is I wish it would go away.

Broken glass

Broken glass

Strange occurances

One night I sat up in bed and as I turned around my arm hit a glass on the nightstand, causing it to fall and break. I admit I should not have been fumbling in the dark, and that the nightstand was too close to the bed. On another occasion, however, I purchased a glass jar with a glass top to give my daughter for Christmas. She lovers peanut M&M's and I had decided to fill it for her. My goal was to fill it with more candy on other occasions such as her birthday, Mother's Day, and Easter. I had done this for my mother in law and she really appreciated the gesture. The glass container was in the bag from the store where I purchased it which was sitting inside my pocketbook. My handbag was standing straight up against the kitchen counter and there was no reason there should be any mishap. I walked into the bathroom and heard a crash, ran back to the kitchen, and saw my pocketbook lying down. I picked it up and heard the glass rattling. I was so discouraged because this time I did not touch anything. A few weeks later I was washing dishes when the middle shelf from the cabinet to my right simply tipped over and all the glasses fell out. 10 out of 16 were broken. This shelf had never even remotely seemed loose so I have no idea what happened.


The remedy

During this five year period, I have found a remedy for my situation. I would go to thrift stores or Good Will and purchase more glasses. If I broke two I would replace them with four. At one point I had 24 glasses, but that was before the shelf fell. My daughter suggested using plastic containers but I just don't like drinking out of them. I have no idea why this has plagued me for five years, but it is very annoying and costly. Sometimes even free blessings are taken away. I was dropping clothes off at a clothing pantry and saw they had boxes set out for anyone to take. Inside one was a set of 12 wine goblets, but over time, I dropped and broke every one. In 2011 I got a 65 piece matching set of really nice China at a bargain. There were large and small plates, bowls, saucers, and containers for creme and salt. They sat for 3 years without being touched as I was saving them for a rainy day. Suddenly without reason, as I began to use them, at some point they would drop and break until there were none. This situation had a beginning and I am praying hard that it will soon end. I can recall when I got married, I had dishes from my childhood passed down from my grandma. There is a light blue glass vase that belonged to my great-grandma who was born in 1900. She said that her mother owned it which makes this vase a real antique and it's been valued at about $75-$100. I gave it to my daughter a few years back so that my granddaughter can inherit it. She will be the 7th generation to have owned it. I just could not bear to drop and break such an important item. Right now I am headed to Family Dollar which is selling glasses for 40 cents. I am going to purchase all I can, preparing for the worst but believing things will improve. Replacing the glasses is expensive and does not solve the problem. I looked back and realized that my breaking glasses began during a period of great stress. I began to notice that whenever the glasses break, I had a lot on my mind, or was busy and going pretty fast. I know I need to slow down and pay better attention and that is the goal. Only time will tell if I am able to achieve it.

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Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on September 29, 2020:

You are so right Cheryl. It happens when something else is going on in your mind and you can't have a control over what's already in your hand.

While I was reading this, I did recall my early 20s when I came to a new home after my marriage. I was so much loved by my in laws that I used to feel that I was in some heavenly world. I had never got that sort of love and respect at my birth place. And with that sort of love I became more and more clumsy. There was a thirty year old thermometer which lost its life in my hands. In kitchen, I was never able to handle anything carefully. One day a glass fell down from my hand and it hurt my mother in law. She started bleeding, but to my surprise, she was not angry with me. She hid her pain and said, "It's okay. Just a little blood. That's just a glass. It had to break down one day. You don't need to worry for that."

And those words of her somehow did a magic to me. I found when I was more conscious to save the glasses, I couldn't handle the. Since that day, I had not broken any glass. As I am no more extra conscious to save the glass, I take it as any other item being aware that it's just a glass and it can break if it falls.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 28, 2020:

Hopefully, the new glasses you buy will last longer, and that incidence of frequently breaking them will cease. Lorna's comment was interesting. Perhaps you should make notes of any ongoing breakage so that you can analyze what is happening in your life at the same time. Good luck!

Lorna Lamon on September 28, 2020:

I was fascinated by this article Cheryl and perhaps the stress caused you to lose concentration or grip the glass too tightly. It might be worth trying to keep account of how many glass items you break, and what you were thinking about at the time. If all else fails, the Irish believe that breaking a glass brings good luck. Great article.

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