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Mysterious Creatures: Three Stories of Encounters With Beings of Unknown Origin

I am an author and paranormal enthusiast who has published numerous books and articles on the subject of true unexplained phenomena.

We cannot begin to fathom what may lurk in the dead of night while we lie blissfully unaware in the safety of our beds.

We cannot begin to fathom what may lurk in the dead of night while we lie blissfully unaware in the safety of our beds.

The Intruder

A lifelong friend of my sister's told her a tale that she, in turn, shared with me. I've always been fascinated with theories about what unidentified creatures might dwell in areas where humans have not yet been, such as the ocean floor. This particular account illustrates that some mysteries of nature might be much closer to us than we realize.

Lou has known my sister since they were kids. They attended the same schools from kindergarten until graduation. As adults, they even worked together at a local grocery store until Lou decided to move to North Carolina with his family. Friends for life, he and my sister still kept in touch once he settled into his new life.

The two of them speak every month or two by phone. Normally, the conversations are simply a way for Lou to keep up with what is happening back home. On one occasion, however, the mundane chat turned into something else entirely when he opened up about a strange image he had captured on the trail camera he had installed on his property.

The home that Lou had purchased in North Carolina is located on a large stretch of land that had been virtually untouched by urban development. He loves nature in all its glory and had fallen in love with the rustic surroundings the first time he laid eyes on the property. There were no other houses close by and he and his family could enjoy the woodlands that were all around them in peace. For Lou, this was paradise.

An avid outdoorsman, Lou has always hunted and fished anytime he had the chance. He also takes great pleasure in caring for the animals who live on his spread of land. He set up feed stations in various places for the multitude of deer and other creatures who regularly stop by to help themselves to the bounty.

Lou explained to my sister that, in order to keep track of the variety of animals that inhabited the area, he had set up trail cameras at several of the feeding locations. This allowed him to see firsthand the animals without disturbing them. The cameras would be activated when an animal stepped into range and then their image would be captured in that moment. Lou could then check the frames and view the pictures that had been recorded.

Knowing that my sister loves all animals, Lou had mentioned the wildlife on his property to her on several occasions. He had captured images of deer, raccoons, rabbits, opossum, coyotes and even one that had looked like a big cat of some sort. He was not surprised by any of the images, all of the animals he had caught on film were native to the area. That was until he checked the footage one morning and saw something that looked like it had stepped out of someone's nightmare.

Lou told my sister that the image he saw was like no animal he had ever seen before. As he checked the previous night's footage, as he did almost every morning, Lou noticed that one area had been unusually quiet. No animals had fed at the station for hours. Normally, animals gathered as soon as the sun went down, but on this night the freshly stocked food went untouched.

As he browsed the still shots, Lou saw an animal appear in one frame. The more he examined the image, the more he realized that this was no ordinary woodland inhabitant. Whatever it was, it was not native to the area, or anywhere else for that matter.

Lou explained that the creature on his property that night had appeared to walk on four legs like any other animal, but that the front legs were disproportionately small compared to the hind legs. It had also possessed an oversized head that did not seem to fit its body. Stranger still, the head bore two enormous horns that resembled those of a ram.

Lou could tell that the creature had remained at the feeding station for some time because it had been caught on several stills. He also noted that not one other animal could be seen in the vicinity. Normally, several different species would feed together, oblivious to one and other. That did not occur on this night. Apparently, none of the usual suspects wanted anything to do with this interloper.

After a while, the creature moved on and the feed station was once again vacant. Lou checked all of the other cameras, but the bizarre creature had visited only the one area. The unidentified animal both fascinated and troubled Lou. He was excited to have discovered this being that was new to him, but also worried as to what might be living in the woods around his home.

As it turned out, Lou might have had good reason to worry. Although the creature never again appeared on any of the trail cameras, none of the other animals would go near the station from which the stranger had fed. Lou ended up dismantling it after the food remained, untouched, for months. He also noted that far fewer animals visited the other feeding areas after the night that the ram-like creature had visited.

Lou told my sister that he worried that the mysterious animal was feeding on the deer and other forest residents. There was no other explanation for their sudden decline. She suggested that perhaps they had been scared away by its presence and simply moved on to other nearby woods. Either way, the intruder had managed to cut the animal population down considerably, whatever the reason.

Lou showed the footage of the night visitor to several people, none of whom could give a definite answer as to what it was. Some thought it was some sort of ram hybrid. Others theorized that it was someone in a costume, given its bizarre appearance.

In the end, Lou had no explanation for the images he had captured that night. More disturbing to him is the fact that he and his family might be sharing the same land as this anomaly of nature. So far, he has never seen the animal in person and it has never again been filmed. Lou did not wish to share his last name or the actual photo of the animal for this article. Understandably, he fears that it would tempt curiosity seekers to track him down and invade his property. To date, the origins of the creature remain unknown.

Many animals, both known and unknown, seem to thrive only in the darkest recesses of the night.

Many animals, both known and unknown, seem to thrive only in the darkest recesses of the night.

Visitor at Night Fall

The following story is yet another one which came my way via my sister. It involves one of the clients of her pet sitting service. She became aware of their dilemma on the occasion of their first meeting. That was when they told her that their two dogs were not the only animals on the property. Something they could not name was also paying them regular visits.

The couple explained to her that it was probably nothing, but that they felt she needed to be aware of the mysterious prowler since she would be staying overnight on occasion. The house was located just outside the city limits of Coolville, Ohio in an isolated area off the main road. The couple had lived there, without incident, for decades. That is, until they began to notice that they were not alone.

They told my sister that they had witnessed strange footprints outside of their bedroom window on numerous occasions. The prints were unlike any they had ever seen. They hadn't been made by shoes or bare feet.

The man of the house had spend most of his life hunting in the woods of Ohio and West Virginia. Still, he could not identify the prints that he saw in the dirt outside his house. He had seen the impressions of bear, deer, coyote, foxes, and even mountain lions, but none of them even remotely matched the ones at his home.

Photographs of the prints had been taken and sent off to the Department of Natural Resources in an effort to identify the culprit. The couple would eventually receive word that, although the prints resembled those of a black bear, a definitive answer as to the source could not be determined. In other words, they couldn't tell him exactly what had been lurking at his window.

The prowler began to make its presence known on a regular basis as time passed. Footprints would be clearly visible in the snow all winter and then in the mud and dirt once the seasons changed. Sometimes, the prints would encircle the house. On other occasions, they would settle in one spot, usually in front of a window.

Normally when the visits occurred, the couple wouldn't realize it until the next day when they saw the prints outside. On a few occasions, however, they would hear a high-pitched screeching sound that seemed to echo for a few seconds before fading away.

One night, when the noise roused them from their sleep, they recall that their dogs paced the floor as they barked frantically and sniffed underneath the cracks of the doors that led outside. The man grabbed his shotgun and cautiously opened the front door only to find that the yard was vacant and the night uncharacteristically silent.

The couple weren't so much frightened by the footprints as they were fascinated by them, as was my sister. She wasn't put off by the story and, in fact, quite enjoyed it. The couple did add one little detail that had given her second thoughts about taking the job.

The man told her that one morning he had gotten up early and headed out on his way to work. As he approached his truck, he noticed that it was still covered in dew from the cool night transitioning into a warm morning. It was what he witnessed in the condensation that sent a shiver down his spine.

All along the side of the truck, and especially on the windows, were muddy footprints and claw marks. This would have been an odd, but not necessarily frightening sight had it not been for the size of the prints. He said that they were huge, much larger than those of a bear or any other animal that he had ever seen.

To add to his worries, the man also said that it appeared that whatever had made the marks on the truck had done so as it was attempting to tip over the vehicle. It had not succeeded, but the effort it had put in was quite extraordinary.

So far, no one has actually seen the creature who continues to leave its calling card at the home of the couple. My sister has cared for their animals for years without incident. Still, it makes one wonder what sort of animal inhabits the area around the house in the woods. Since the prints it leaves behind have yet to be identified, perhaps it is an undiscovered species. Only time will tell.


The Watcher

My aunt spent much of her life being visited by entities and beings that she could not explain. Likewise, her two children experienced encounters that were similar to their mother's. The following story is hers, but could have just as easily been theirs. The three of them lived lives shrouded in mystery and all died premature deaths. This is just one of her many brushes with the unexplained.

It was when my aunt was living in her cherished country home that she became aware that she was under constant surveillance. The source of that monitoring is what makes this tale unique.

She first noticed that something was amiss when she heard a noise in her chicken coop late one night. My uncle had passed away by this time and she had been living alone for a number of years. Still, she had become accustomed to things that go bump in the night and had little fear of solitude.

When she set out, flashlight in hand, toward the chicken coop she noticed a pair of eyes glowing in the darkness. She assumed that it was a fox since she had seen them on the property many times in the past. When she shone the light directly on the animal, it was revealed that the creature had no form. Even in the beam of the flashlight, the only things visible were its eyes which glowed an eerie red.

Fearless to the end, my aunt headed straight for the set of eyes in an attempt to scare whatever they belonged to away from her chickens. She related that the eyes stayed right where they were even as she grew near. She even waved her arms and shouted as she tried to chase away the unwanted guest.

It was only when she was close enough to reach out and touch whatever was there that the eyes suddenly disappeared, seemingly into thin air. She swore that she had been a breath away from it and there had been nothing there but the eyes. There was no head or body to be seen.

My aunt always told the story of the thing with red glowing eyes in a voice barely above a whisper. She acted as though she were afraid it might hear her if she spoke too loudly.

The night at the chicken coop wasn't the only time she encountered the disembodied eyes. She claimed that there were times when she would see them inside of her house, usually in the upstairs hallway. She said that the eyes would appear to her as she mounted the stairs. They never waivered and bore into her as she made her way into her bedroom.

My aunt said that the eyes never appeared during the daytime and never followed her. They remained fixed to one spot until she moved too close to them. Only then would they immediately vanish. Even though they were never accompanied by a body, she felt sure that the eyes belonged to something. Whatever it was, as far as she could tell, had no desire to be seen.

A devout woman, my aunt would always pray during her encounters with the red-eyed entity. In her mind, it was not an animal, but some sort of demon sent to antagonize her. She refused to back down when she saw it and it would always leave, at least temporarily.

My aunt passed away a few years ago. As far as anyone knows, she continued to see the glowing eyes, both inside and outside of her home, until the day she died. One curious thing was the fact that she died suddenly in a freak accident at her home. Strange events were always occurring around her so it seemed fitting that her death would also be mysterious.

We'll never know exactly what happened since she was alone at the time, but my aunt died as the result of a minor fall. She had been in good health when she slipped in her driveway. She hadn't even realized that she was seriously injured at the time. Tragically, she bled to death internally shortly after falling.

Whether the eyes she witnessed time and time again belonged to a being from this world or another, we can never know. She believed that it was a creature that had been sent from the netherworld to terrorize her. Whatever it was, it watched her for years until there was no longer a need. Perhaps in death, she is finally free.

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