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My Thoughts on "Letting Go".

Aminah experienced a spiritual awakening during the latter part of 2019. She is now a Spiritual Motivation Coach.

Ahh, the Sweet Taste of Freedom!

Is personal freedom within really possible?

My Thoughts on “letting go”.


Aminah Salter, Spiritual Motivation Coach

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Am I thinking, or am I worrying”? What happens when the slightest issue disrupts what you thought was a strong foundation of emotional well-being?

Once your tower comes crashing down, are you still what would be considered “emotionally well”? Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. I bet you are saying to yourself, “ Man that was a lot of questions!”.

"Where there is life, there is hope!"

The spiritual journey is a never-ending one. While we possess the power to live whatever life we want; with that knowledge also comes the responsibility of internalizing the realization of it until it becomes who you are. After a while, you must convince yourself of things that you already know. You will do this because transformation is now being integrated into your life. It is becoming your lifestyle.

Complete trust in anything is a feeling. Trust is a feeling more than a “knowing”. Sure, we need the knowledge to guide us to the proper place of trust, but it is only reached once it is felt, not known. That is not to say that just because your feelings have not completely relaxed, that you are not creating, it just means that you should always monitor your thoughts and do so calmly.

Life should feel good!

Life should feel good!

Be patient with yourself, hold strong to higher heights.

The spiritual journey is a process with processes within them. No matter what step you are working on, the key is to remain calm. Set limitations on certain statements in your head such as, “there’s no way this can be done”, “I can’t do it”, ‘that is impossible” et cetera. Our brains will set conditions for us that we are not aware of. These conditions are put in place based on what we are picturing and saying in our heads. So in other words, if you think of something long enough, with enough matching emotion, it will be created in your reality.

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"Positive" thinking can be overrated.

Do not blame yourself for experiencing “unwanted” thoughts or ideas. It is a part of the human experience we are having. It is the perpetual pattern you are to be aware of. For example, if you are waking up to the idea of new positive possibilities for your life to feel awesome, and you do this four days out of seven, then you are on the path of an amazing journey. If you have these kinds of thoughts on most days throughout the week, then you are more likely to succeed than say someone who is grumpy and pessimistic four days out of the week. You are bound to increase or decrease the positivity, it simply depends on you. If you consciously choose to hold on to ideas that nurture the direction you would like to experience, it will grow.

Consider the fact that maybe something can happen outside of your logic.

Consider the fact that maybe something can happen outside of your logic.

One day something within will snap!

In my own life, I have chosen to “let go”. I decided to do this after having what I call a “cosmic” experience. I was at work one day. The job I held at the time required me to work a twelve-hour shift. I worked standing up with about four breaks in between. Because of this, I would only check the clock one time throughout the entire shift. (except for lunch and breaks) One day I was working and just going about when suddenly something inside me got fed up. With what you ask? With being trapped in the same vicious cycle of psychological mess.

Anger with this person, mad about that, mad about this… it was terrible. I mostly had just doom and gloom in my life’s perspective. Also, I had no true direction to take. Yes, I was, and still am, a happy mother and wife, but still, there was something missing.

I always knew that I possessed great talents, I just never know how to implement and express them. So, on that fateful day when I broke through the “mental noise”, I verbally stated to myself, “What else can I think about”. So, I kid you not, the very next day at work, for the remainder of my tenure, I saw 4:44 on the clock each and every day at the exact same time every day for two months straight. On the final day of the two months, I decided to leave my job. I said to myself at that point, “Well, if that is not evidence of the unknown, then c’mon”. Needless to say, the rest is history.

Guess what?... You really are enough on your own.

In summary, essentially we all want peace of mind. The material things we ask for, represent qualities we don’t believe we have. For example, we may want fancy clothes, but why? Nice clothes will make us feel clean, fresh, and attractive usually, correct? Well, imagine if you could already feel clean, fresh, and attractive without those clothes? Would you still need them? Sure, you may still want them, but you would not need them. Ironically, once you feel like you are enough without fancy clothes, you will start to have encounters that lead you to obtain fancy clothes.

The key to “letting go” is to just trust that “YOU” are enough. Remember, trust is a feeling. Your feelings are produced by your thoughts. So change your thoughts to change your life. Most importantly, start with the words you use in speech. When you have optimistic ideas flowing in your communication to others, it is then that you are opening yourself up to a brand new beginning for yourself.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Aminah Salter


Aminah Salter (author) from Monroe, Louisiana on February 20, 2021:

Thank you for being here!

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