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My Life on Covid

I just love writing about my life experiences and things that have an affect on me!


me and my family a few years ago for my mom's bday I am the one in the back there

me and my family a few years ago for my mom's bday I am the one in the back there


my niece lina

my niece lina

Lina and Mario were major people in my story because for some reason I kept thinking of them or dreamning of them

I thought the lady next to me in the hospital was their great aunt for some reason

nephew Mario

nephew Mario

Have you had COVID at least once

Christmas of 2019

But It Did!

Before covid-19

Two months before getting the virus I sat on my toilet, thinking of how tempted I was to go down the wrong path again. I was bored at home and I was fighting my demons at the same time. Right there and then I said a prayer. I asked God, “Dear heavenly father please take the urges and these thoughts away from me. I have my kids to care for and my oldest daughter and grandson need me. Please heavenly father do what needs to be done for me to stay being a good mom and grandmother, Amen”!

Never thought it would catch me.

41 yr. old grandma with a 7-year-old boy, 20 and 22-year-old girls.

− 38 yr. old husband

− Never thought I would almost die!

− What did I do wrong?

Driving and arriving to the hospital

As the ambulance took me away, I remember going in and out of it like it was weird because like I was alive and I knew it was the Corona Virus but it was like nothing I thought I had to fight the way I did.

When I got picked up at my house from the ambulance it’s like they asked me questions and evaluated me but my husband said they did not take me. I think the same or next day is when the ambulance came back and actually took me to the hospital. I felt like I couldn't breath and I remember them putting the oxygen mask on me and the ambulance workers deciding on what hospital they should take me too because they were all packed! Now this was kind of scary hearing them talk about what hospital they should take me too!

As I am at the hospital I remember pulling out the little oxygen line so they had to put a big oxygen tube down my throat and I kept trying to pull it out so they had to tie my hands up. At the hospital it was my dream or my imagination but the person who I let save my life the nurse that I let put the tube in my throat was my oldest daughter but she was a futuristic nurse with this nurse suit that had shoes inside the pants and her suite was rayon black and green, she had her hair tied back in a pony tail! The things she would say would calm me down, she’d say it’s okay honey you’re going to be okay. Don’t worry your going to be okay! Its crazy because I would get mad at the doctors and nurses like if they did something wrong to me but all they were doing was saving my life. I remember this one doctor asking me if I knew what or who he was and I said, ugh a doctor and he would answer me with an attitude but was it a good attitude or a bad attitude? He would put his leg on the chair and his fist to his chin and ask do you know who I am and Id say I don’t know, he’s reply would be well I'm doctor feel good and I'm here to save your life and I would reply with oh hi Dr. feel good and roll my eyes. I liked all the other doctors but him! The LVN’s were Robocop’s to me! its like they had no heart it felt like they all had a problem with me so I would call them Robocops!

Caregiver Status Report

My husband was given a note to give to his job on January 4, 2021 through January 13, 2021 so he can stay home and take care of me after they released me from the hospital on January 3rd, 2021. I know I went into the hospital on the 17th or 18th of December because the 18th is my husband’s birthday, and my last few texts were to my friend/neighbor was to please get my husband a cake for me and they released me from the hospital on January 3rd, 2021. Therefore, I was in the hospital for 16 days and most of those days I was in an induced coma because I kept fighting the nurses and doctors and the breathing tube in my mouth! Reality to me it was all just a dream. I didn’t mean to fight the doctors or nurses but it hurt. I was in a lot of pain and confused.

My crazy dreams

but it did

A week before I went to the hospital Placentia Linda located in Yorba Linda, Ca. I was sick with a fever of 103 temperature, in bed sweating. The only time I would get up was to use the restroom (I have no recollection of this whole week my husband is telling me what went on). My husband Jim says, he had found me in the restroom on my hands and knees rocking back and forth attempting to get myself up. It was hard for him to get me up because he was sick with the virus as well, but he eventually got me up and when he went out of the restroom to fix my bed, he says I fell again. This time I was blocking the door with my body from him being able to get inside of the restroom, therefore he panicked and pushed the door open mean while pushing me out of the way so he can go in and carry me to bed. He says I was out of it and at this point I believe is when I started having my crazy dreams. I was dreaming that Jim and I went to the movie theater in the city of whittier, up town whittier. While there I slipped and hit my head in the restroom. Then I went into another dream; I dreamed that I was a kid at some other kids’ birthday party and all the kids there were mean to me and I slipped and fell because the kids played a trick on me and I ended up with bruises all over my face and body. Meanwhile (reality) it is the next morning after falling in my restroom and my aunt who is a nurse dropped off an oxygen reader. The reader read 87 and that was low apparently normal levels are 94-100. So, my aunt told Jim to call the ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, they checked my oxygen level and it read 93 so they did not take me because there were no hospital beds available, and I wasn’t bad enough to take to the emergency. However, the next morning, Jim checked on me because he heard me gasping for air and he said my lips were blue and at this time my oxygen level was at 50 so he called the ambulance and this time he demanded them to take me because I was unresponsive, and they did. He said, I did not know my name, address, my kid’s names or who he was. I do remember the paramedics putting an oxygen mask on me and talking to each other wondering where they should take me, and I guess they got a call that a bed opened for me at Placentia Linda.

As the ambulance took me away, I remember going in and out of it like it was weird because like I was alive and I knew it was the Corona Virus, but it was like nothing. My dreaming continued as I was in and out of consciousness. While I was dreaming, I could control my dreams and what was going on. The times I could not control my dreams, it felt like I was having a bad trip on PCP. When I was a little kid, I remember sleep walking sometimes. I don’t sleepwalk anymore, but if I am having a bad dream, I can wake myself up by screaming loud and making my scream come out. I don’t know if this makes sense but the reason, I mention this is because I was able to control my dreams while I was in an induced coma having all these random dreams.

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When my husband would call the hospital everyday the nurse taking care of me said, I kept fighting them and would not listen to them. I kept trying to get up out of the bed and that’s how I fell and bruised up my whole face. So, they ended up having to tie my arms to the bed so I could stop trying to get up. While in my coma I had 3 major dreams. One part of my dream I kept dreaming about people tying my hands to my bed, but I was dreaming that I was in a convalescent home. I think I dreamed this because there was this older lady in the bed next to me. When I would dream about this convalescent home it was in the future because Covid was in the past and everyone had to eat food that was like astronaut food. All the doctors, nurses, and staff were people from my family and people I went to high school within the city of Whittier. The whole time I dreamed about the future, the hospital staff kept trying to get authorization from her insurance for a procedure for the lady next to me. She was in a lot of pain and I could hear her crying and moaning. Also, this lady in my dream was my nieces and nephew’s great aunt from their moms side. They are my brother’s kids. In my dreams I was always talking cursing at the nurses and staff and I would call them Robocop’s. The other parts of my dreams included the past and present. There was also a part in between the present and future, which I would call it the near future. The near future took place in New York city, I’ve never been there but it looked like the way it does on television on New Years Eve when they do the ball drop. There was music videos playing on the sky scrapers and people with different hair colors and futuristic out fits. These out fits were made of leather or rayon material, with stiches going up and down the sides, they also had big platforms on. There was also actors and actresses partying with the general public in the streets, but everyone was wearing face shields and masks. There was all different kind of people there. I kept traveling on a timeline I found that I called the Chattanooga line and would travel to the future to see how the authorization was coming along for Lina and Mario’s great aunt. Also, if I was tired or hungry, I would be able to eat there and rest my head, but I had to be really nice to the Robocop’s in order to do this. The nurses and staff were always telling me, to behave and be nice. If I wanted anything, I would be super nice to the staff and since they were related to me, I would give them compliments. I would tell the male relatives they were so handsome and the nurse in charge was so beautiful and had the prettiest green eyes and her body was a figure eight shape. Through out all of my dreams and in reality, my voice was so awful, and I could hardly talk, but it was probably because of the ventilator in my throat helping me breathe.

When I traveled the Chattanooga line, I was able to drop off in Hawaii, but because I wanted to. While there in Hawaii I was able to hop on the Hawaii Five high line. This line was only for certain people, mainly for families that were related to or born into the blue and green lifeline. Now the people who would get on this line were able to get the ultimate high from the smoke (marijuana) that was made when they would drive these awesome low rider bikes or lowriders that were so bad ass! The smoother and steady you drove the better the high; and it was a high like nothing else you have ever felt. The best line and the richest family were from the Blue line. While I was still in the near future dream, I wanted my oldest daughter Samantha to be apart of the blue line somehow. The only way was for me to hook her up with the main man which had a few wives that were the purest and prettiest women in the world. Each of these women had like 4 or 5 of his kids and they lived in a far away country in a huge temple. They were in Hawaii though because they were on vacation, but it was kind of scary for everyone else because these people were so rich and beautiful and had a lot of security. If anyone of them were threatened in any way, it could have started a war. My daughter Samantha is beautiful and in my dream she was this well known model. Samantha’s hair was burgundy and long, she has beautiful green eyes but, in my dream they were green blue. So, I had went into my dream in the past and just did a little adjusting so that in the near future my daughter and the main man from the blue line would run into each other and fall in love. I knew that by doing this my daughter and her son would be set for life. Moving along to my dream in the past which takes place right before I caught the virus. These dreams were more about my life with my husband and kids. Which at the time we lived in a mobile park community and it was just normal daily living until they all had to quarantine because of testing positive for Covid-19. To jump back to the near future I would sometimes jump on the Hawaii 5 line in order to make some smoke for Lina and Mario’s aunt because I figured maybe the smoke would calm her pain. Therefore, at 11:00 p.m. was the time the Hawaii 5 line was popping with others, which made a lot of smoke. However, for some reason this line would get crossed with the prayer line and I was able to hear a lot of prayers. I was able to recognize a lot of the voices on the prayer line which were people that were in my other dreams from the future and past. The best thing was I got to hear my son Ethan’s and my husband’s prayers when they would pray together. I could also hear their conversations with one another. I would say to my son I love you Ethan and miss you and daddy, please keep saying your prayers every night. Their prayers were always for my healing and other things. As for my present dreams, I had thought that my husband dropped me off and left me at a bail bonds in the city of Whittier. While there I woke up in a hospital bed and the building on the outside looked like a 7-11 store and the inside reminded me of a funeral home. While I was there the owners of the bail bonds, had kids that ages ranged from teenagers to young adults. These kids were watching me and taking my vitals. One of their daughters who was pregnant and newly married kept trying to comb out my hair because it was so knotted. Her husband kept checking my sugar levels and taking my blood from my arms. One of their kids looked like my 20-year-old daughter, Marilyn. This kid was actually a boy, but he kept trying to comb my hair too and change my diapers. I was wearing diapers because I wasn’t allowed to get off the hospital bed because they were afraid of me falling again. The husband of the young girl who was always trying to comb my hair and put make-up on me was going to school to become a nurse. This guy I called him captain save a hoe, every time I got up and advanced towards the exit door he would appear out of no where and wrestle me to the ground and put me back on the hospital bed. This lady would pop in too that looked like captain save hoes mom or grandmother and she would say, no getting up and the number one rule is you can not get up with out help! The next person who popped in was grandpa, he was the mayor of Whittier. The mayor reminded me of the character Mr. Howell on Gilligan’s island. He rolled me out on a wheel chair to get a MRI and he was excited to take me to get it. He was singing a song, “hey there good looking what you got cooking?” while rolling me to the MRI grandpa was skip/walking. Afterwards he took me back to the bail bonds building, where those kids kept messing with me treating me like a doll. They all looked like their grandma with dark skin and blue curly hair like mama from mama’s family. Every time I would try to get up and leave they would not let me, I felt so stuck and held against my will. I was so mad at my husband for just leaving me there. My husband said, when he talked to me on the phone (reality), that I was crying and telling him he’s mean for leaving me at the bail bonds. However, at this time I was really at the hospital still fighting for my life.

Lina and Mario’s aunt and the glass pipes in my dream


In and Out of it

As I kept going in and out I guess I would experience having different nurses doctors and LVN and to me the the LVN were kids of doctors that were going to some type of medical school and they would use me to practice on me like taking my blood out my vitals or what not every time I would get mad at the LVN for hurting my arm or hurting and making my neighbor cry I would get so mad and tell them what the fuck Robocop leave her a lone do your job right and I don’t know what happen to me while at the hospital but maybe the LVN’s jumped me or I fell off my bed but my face was all black and blue and my eye my arms my body I don’t know they say when you get COVID sometimes your blood thickens and every little thing can leave you bruised up.

Prayer is The Ultimate Healer

I don’t know but from time to time, I would just cry because I didn’t know why I was where I was at.

I know that I have almost died a few times before but this was crazy. It felt like I did when I was in the hospital, but I also feel like I'm still in my story. Even now when I do things I cant believe that I'm actually still here like when ask my kids, my husband. or my mom for things or I hear my kids talking to their teachers its so fucken unbelievable it feels so un real it feels like the response that im getting is dreamlike its not even happening. Like nothing is taken for granted at all every little out come of the day is just a blessing like I cant even believe it. Like my family and friends that message me or call me it feels like it’s a dream I appreciate everything now. Like my husband takes me on the little walks he takes me on are just unbelievable I think all this he has come to appreciate life a lot more now. He cares a lot and he drives me crazy, but its okay I don’t mind at the end of the day I would do anything for him.

This is the best way I can describe how my brain works these days. I change the remote by accident thinking its not going back to where I had it and when I do change it back it goes exactly back to where it was at and im like in awe that’s cool.

The one thing that I can think of that actually all this was about the Hawaii 5 and the Chattanooga line was not being high it was the freaken prayer chain! It was the power of that prayer everyone talks about! Not only have I actually witnessed it and been in it I was it! Like oh my god thank you lord thank you for those who got on their knees and prayed for my healing and for my family!

Last but not least, the other day me, my mom, and my nephew Albert were studying our bible and talking about how wonderful God is and how much he loves us. Well my mom mentioned that after I went to the hospital she came over my house to help my husband but she was sick too. She prayed to God that for him not to take me from her and to please heal me from the covid-19. She said, that God let her know not to worry because he was going to take care of me and bring all her children to their knees. My nephew albert mentioned to us when he was praying for my and speaking to his mom on the phone everyday, which is my sister that she told him she was on her knees in the bathroom praying and praying that God heals me. My mom said, when my brother called her he confessed to her that he was on his knees praying and praying for my healing. My nephew albert was also on his knees praying for my healing constantly. What I trip out on the most is that I was also on my knees in my dream praying for the lady next to me, for God to comfort her soul.

In conclusion, I don’t know if whoever reads this believes in God, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, but my story hopefully brings you to some understanding of who the almighty is!

Now I realize that it was nothing to do with getting high it was about Jesus and the power of prayer and everything else that has to do with being faithful and having hope. Knowing that Jesus died for our sins and will continue to heal us when we need it.

Prayer start at 33:00 minutes my nephew Albert serves at golden springs Calvary chapel and he asked for the pastor Raul Reis to pray for me

I Felt the Love

I just wanted to let people know that the Doctors told my husband that they could not believe I was alive because 1/29 females half my age died from COVID and one of my neighbors who were next to me had died from the virus who was only 20 years old! The only thing that makes sense to me was all those prayers I received from all over the place! While I was in the coma I seen it and felt it! In my dream or coma all these people weren’t praying for me but they really were. I have always been some one who knows and has faith in the Holy Spirit but like some I would get distracted and drift away but no matter what I know of the lord and I felt all the love and prayers and I believe this is why I came out of it and I was able to heal despite all my odd! I especially want to tell my nephew Albert that while I was in the hospital he kept coming to my mind but not saying or doing anything I just knew he was a part of all the prayer I felt, I did I felt it so much! I also kept thinking of my family like a lot of my cousins were in my dream. my cousin Carmen, Kirstie my sister-in-law my cousins from my dad‘s side, my god daughter my cousin Janelle my aunt Daisy. My sister and brother too but they weren’t my nurses they were just in my dreams talking to me! I knew my mom was at my home helping my husband with my younger children! As for my oldest daughter and her son, my grandson I missed them so much but I knew they were okay because they had to be waiting for me when I got home!

This is me right after the hospital


Me today on 2/7/2021


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