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My Experience in Prayer

My name is Akash. I have been a believer since my childhood. God said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.".


In my childhood

I grew up as a devotee from childhood. Family prayer must be held. All in the house, we pray regularly at the rate of one per day. My mom would write down what each of us should pray for. The week of memorising it and praying It was just like learning to pray. Parents have been taught the wisdom to ask God for even the smallest needs. After praying, we get things done. Prayer as a mother has been a lesson for us. When measuring rice, put it on the stove, unload it, and serve it four times a day. God has sought us out of small things like this. If any of us is sick, my father will shake our heads and pray. I had faith in the Lord as a child. I prayed that the teachers should not hit me and that the parents should not hit me.I ask Daddy only after praying, "I have to go to the cinema anyway; you sneak into his mind and give us permission." I also pray in cinemas. When the villain is going to kill my favourite actor, I pray, "Lord, save him.""Kill the villain." Reading this will make you laugh! Yes, I am ashamed to write this. But I am writing to convey the desire of prayer from me without error.


The way Jesus held me

Jesus took me in such a state. The word of the Lord is that he will establish the pious ones. None of our family was safe during those days. The scent of protection in our village was not original. But in the adjoining village, a teacher made a strong ministry of exorcising demons and healing the sick. He does not know the truth about salvation. But many miracles were performed in the name of Jesus because of the power of prayer. I went to see the celebrations and was touched by God. I was fourteen years old. I got protection without knowing I'd got it. The realisation of the miracles of prayer intrigued me. Prayer is the first blessing for me when I get defensive! Profuse love was born in Jesus. Seeing the Lord when the dawn arose, and the love of Him growing all the day. So my life, which the Lord loved, has become the life of the Lord. "I love Jesus. I love you so much." In the evening, I would go to the adjacent pond and pray independently. Today, Jesus is my true best friend.


My love for prayer

If I look at the gardens and branches, I will run and kneel. When I see unfinished houses, I go in and pray. I prayed for a few hours then, but I could not understand why I prayed for all eight hours today. Send the revival. Send the revival in my heart, in my house, in the church, in the country, and sing a song all day long. I read the Holy Scripture with gusto. After class, I enter the empty classroom and pray. No one ever told me about the need for prayer. But the love that he had for me made me pray. Those who do not know what fasting is must fast every Friday. Even though fasting and prayer are not known to be inescapable, most of the days of fasting are spent in prayer and reading the Bible. I could not understand my life, my educated life, and my home, which were incomprehensible to the world. Even though I knew God was doing something in me, I felt fear and doubt on my part. "Praying this way at an early age becomes an ascetic as an adult." He fled the house. There is no love for us. "You must condemn this ungodly devotion." He threatened, "You shall not pray any more, but see what you will do." I was mostly scared. I could not stop praying immediately, even though I could not live without prayer. I prayed with tears on my knees while everyone else was asleep at night. I pray if I hear any noise. I pray before dawn. Many times, my father got up when he heard the screaming cry and beat me on my knees.

The damage done by praying is vast. I’ll find out. Is my dad going anywhere during the holidays? Immediately after his departure, I told my mother I would take the temple locksmith at our church and go inside and sing all day long and sing hymns. Wake up and cry. His presence and habit of tears made me weep. How true is it to melt the mountains in his presence? For God’s sake, rise up and rise again. Thousands of people want to see the power of God. The burden forced me to come to God. If any misconceptions come to mind, I unanimously shed a tear and apologize. To see Jesus, communicate with him, and instil hope in him. Our shepherd was amazed that the little one was praying all day. I do not accept fasting. Fasting at an early age was said to have weakened the body. But I fasted for a week. My father would find me sitting for ten minutes, getting up, washing my hands and pretending to have lunch. Sometimes I come home to pray for a few hours at the pond. The passers-by were whispering to the father, "Your boy is crying there." When I get home, you will find flogging. "Do you not know that I have joy and full joy in communicating with you? Please think. Obstacles to praying overtly; lessons in prayer need not be known; no lack of experience and knowledge. But the prayer that envelops me is greater.

The miracles I saw through prayer as a child

Yes, the one who loves him will be anxious to associate with him under any circumstances, and his tender heart will suffer. He will share the burden. One or two years is more emotional. As time went on, both inside and outsiders felt that the tension had subsided. But, years have passed. That is what God started. Neither is finished. He is the beginning and end! The answers to his prayers in those days were astonishing. God has answered my little prayers. His love is as big as the sea! Sometimes I would say to myself, 'Stop the rain, stop the rain.' Immediately after the rain stops, I make fun of the leaps. Some times, even if unanswered, will not be discouraged. I say to myself that I must approach the Lord. While reading the Bible, I saw that "when they prayed, they were shaken together." I grabbed it right away. I prayed and went out and prayed to show this miracle. And immediately there was a tremor. (I don't mean to see you this way). And the world was round about. Get up in fear and run inside. I have prayed for patients and seen amazing results. Some weeks ago, I went to a nearby temple and addressed it. I saw the elves leave, and the patients were healed. Members of the Mockingbird asked me to pray for them when they were sick or in distress.


In the college days

I finished school and came to college. Everyone thought the Lord would forget the weather. My father eagerly anticipated becoming a worthy man after attending college. I'm afraid too! I have been praying all the way to college. "Lord, when you set foot in college, you must first turn the student who is sitting on either side of me into your child. The Lord saved him. Today he is a missionary in Madhya Pradesh state, which is located in India. The Lord met the hostel students. The independence I had hoped would find me in college. I had no problem with praying with me while at home. My desires have been fulfilled in college life. God has given companions. Come to college and be alone for two months. God gave another believing student. We are doing everything together. We started praying for the day. The student also spends at least three to four hours a day on The students' names were written down, and the tears left for each of them were of no avail.


Revival in college

Suddenly, revival came to the hostel. Yes, I have come to realise that prayer is the only way to attain revival. God is the way of the gospel in the world. There is no revival without prayer. Nations cannot hear the good news without a resurrection. Let us see the power of prayer in the midst of the students. Many have been remorseful. I have not forgotten today what they have done with tears and pain.

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Those who hated us the most were submissive to Christ. At midnight, many of the ridiculed people screamed. A fine prayer group was formed. At four o'clock in the morning, we gather and pray for one to two hours of revival. The Spirit fills us with tears of sorrow. Some people bow down. Some breasts are flushed. How to make spells with spells? That is the strain we buy. When the prayer is over, we see tears streaming all over the place where we prayed. Approximately thirty full-time servants of that prayer group are serving in the area today. Others, too, are shining brightly for Christ in the same places.


For the protection of family

Home care has hurt me so much. For many days, I held out my hands. "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, then you and your household are saved." Lord, how can I hear the voice of my mother and grandmother calling me out of the fiery furnace of fire? God has fulfilled his word. Each house was protected individually. Today, from the beginning of the day till the last hour, everyone is changed and filled with the Spirit. Every day, at least once a month, I fast and pray for my sake, ministers, and servants. It has been a strength for me and for the ministry. Have you seen the power of prayer? A non-partisan God will not reject your prayers.


The Lord's call

The seeds sown with tears gave a solemn harvest. Some of the college professors who led us today landed in service. I didn't have much Bible knowledge then. But I have read the Bible many times in its entirety. I am hoping to learn how to meditate on the Bible. I opened the Bible one day and the Lord opened my eyes. I prayed and read through the Bible, reading it with understanding. The miracle has happened. The Bible seemed to speak strongly to me. The Holy Book has been my friend ever since. Most of the time in the past has been spent in Bible meditation! I cannot meditate on the Bible today without tears. My mistakes make me curious. the same! Prayer and the Bible are inexhaustible. One day, the Lord called me to His service. It forced me to spend all my life in prayer. He who prays earnestly is interested in the work of the Lord's Gospel. He who prays for soul protection does not come to it. The work he gave me today is a prayer!



And what about you? Will you also pray today? Will you live for God? Once you taste the prayer experience, you will not miss the prayer left behind by anything in life. Please try it. There is no time. So, please be ready for the rapture.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Akash Kasukurthi


Akash Kasukurthi (author) from Guntur on June 02, 2020:

Thank you so much manatita . If you find any mistakes please comment .

manatita44 from london on June 02, 2020:

You essential message on the importance of prayer is excellent! It helps to break up your paragraphs. They are much too long and discourages reading. Create more paragraphs. Make the page user-friendly.

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