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My Vineyard is not For Sale

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"


Open Summary

Beloved, this message came to me this morning and I feel that the Lord would have me make it available to all church pastors and ministers today who will have it and accept its end time message concerning where I priorities lie and how much we appreciate the blessings God has so enriched us with in allowing us to partner with him in his end time harvest.

(John 15:1) “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. (Jesus is the True Vine)

(1 Kings 21:2) So Ahab spoke to Naboth, saying, “Give me your vineyard, that I may have it for a vegetable garden, because it is near, next to my house; and for it I will give you a vineyard better than it. Or, if it seems good to you, I will give you its worth in money.”

Is Your Vineyard for Sale

Dear saints of God, the vineyard mentioned in 1st Kings the twenty first chapter is talking about Naboth being the owner of the vineyard that was located near the palace of King Ahab.

Saints, we find In 1 Kings chapter twenty one that King Ahab approached Naboth asking him for his vineyard by saying, “give me”, that vineyard that is part of his lineage blessings. Naboth replied to Ahab by saying “I will not give you my vineyard.” Ahab even suggested to buy, but Naboth canceled the purchase and said no he could not trade his Vineyard for another type of vineyard.

Special Note: This land could not be sold for the law stated the selling of the land which was divided by Joshua to certain families in each tribe, by the law given to Moses, could not be consummated because the land was God’s land that had been entrusted to Naboth.

Beloved saints, did you know that Naboth was exactly correct in refusing the king’s offer on the basis of three things which I shall list for you which are important concerning the right for Naboth to sell his land.

1. Legally he could not sell
2. Spiritually he could not sell
3. God owned the land

Saints, King Ahab not willing to use force attempted to negotiate a fair value either in money or better land for Naboth’s vineyard. Beloved, some might say that Naboth would have been a fool to turn down such an offer but saints, Naboth must obey God rather than man therefore he says “Not for sale!”

Beloved, as we study this twenty first chapter, we will discover that later, Naboth was setup (framed) by Ahab’s wicked wife Jezebel who schemed to have him killed for his vineyard. Beloved, the bottom line that we need to understand is, "we never have to give up our inheritance in exchange for something that looks good or appears to be a better position, especially if we have invested time and money including memories in it which are priceless.

Church, we can look at another biblical character where we witness a man willing to hand Christ over to the Priests that they may kill him. Beloved, let’s review the transaction between Judas and the Priests in the betrayal of Jesus that we may glean some important spiritual truths that will teach us how to guard against those that would scheme to interrupt our walk with God.

Beloved, the Priests offered Judas thirty pieces of silver (the price of a female slave) which Judas received and he willingly gave Christ over to the Priests, but shortly after betraying the Lord, Judas realized what he had done and hung himself for his treacherous actions.

Saints, the bottom line that we can glean from these stories is to bring these teachings to what God is saying to us in our current day where many professing to know Christ are only familiar with him because he said in his word that if we love him, we will keep his commandments.

Beloved, did you know that according to (Colossians 1:27) which says that "To them God has chosen to make known among the gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Saints, we have an awesome revelation here and that is, "Christ the vineyard is now living in us."

Beloved, Satan approached Jesus in the wilderness to tempt him, that he might trick him into using his powers as God to satisfy the hunger of his flesh but Jesus would have no part of his treacherous scheme.

Saints, let's look at (Matthew 4:8-10) Again the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them. (9) And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. (10) Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Beloved, did you know that once we receive God’s pardon for our sins and give our life to him, that our life is no longer our own but Christ has purchased us as a purchased possession in giving his life a ransom for many.

Saints, did you know that a vineyard could often be found on a hillside, a peak, or sometimes it would be in a terraced location. Beloved, a hedge usually surrounded the vineyard or a stony wall to keep out destructive animals and a tower was erected for the watchman, with a press constructed that had a large vat which was hewn out of stone.

Beloved, laborers were hired to work in the vineyard because it was necessary to prune it that the sun could give it what it needs and if it is too thick then some of the leaves may not get the proper sunlight for them to grow.

Saints, the laborers were to dig about it and pull up the weeds that it would have good fertile ground in which to grow.

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Why Naboth could not sell his Vineyard

Saints, according to history, Naboth was a good upstanding citizen whose ancestors had occupied the same land for many generations before him and the land contained a vineyard, which happened to be just outside the palace walls of King Ahab.

Beloved, the king wanted to plant an herb garden and in his search for a plot of ground, he noticed Naboth’s vineyard. Saints, Naboth’s vineyard was a very desirable piece of ground that was ideal for what the king wanted.

Church, the longing for Naboth’s vineyard just would not go away becoming more and more overwhelming by the moment. Beloved, King Ahab approached Naboth with what might seem to some as a reasonable offer for the land, however, this land was inherited and Naboth was the protector as well as possessor.

Saints, this being an ancestral possession caused Naboth to shun King Ahab’s offer saying "this land is not for sale" when in actuality, the law forbade the selling of the land.

Beloved, did you know that one of the reasons someone might sell what they have is because they are lazy and allowed it to run down?

1. When you let your prayer life fall apart?
2 What is taking place trough neglect when you lose your vision and your Sunday school class starts falling
apart, your standards are let down and convictions fall short?
3. What happens when purity falls short, soul winning is no longer appealing and your walk with God gets distant?
4. What happens when God’s will is no longer important in your life and you are becoming complacent with the
state you are in?

Church, did you know that his is the beginning stages of apostasy and in this state of being, you are saying to the world that you are ready to sell? Dearly beloved, did you know that the “For Sale” sign says a lot and tells the world that you are lazy?

Beloved, no wonder your vineyard has a “For Sale” sign on it, because you have never work your prayer life or maintained your walk with God and it will not be long before you put up a “For Sale” sign telling people you are ready to vacate what you have.

Beloved saints, I tell you right now that my bible in (Luke 19:13) to occupy till I come and I tell you right now beloved, that my vineyard is not for sale. You say Jerry what are you talking about? I am glad you asked beloved and the answer would be that you tend to cherish something especially when you have invested time, money and sweat in it with precious memories that can never be replaced which makes them priceless.

What Good is a Wedding Without the Wine

Beloved, let’s look at the deep side of this if you don’t mind and glean from the spiritual truths and nuggets we find embedded in this message that we may learn to press forward in this end time move of God's Spirit to reach the lost at any cost for beloved, what price can you put on a soul that will either be lost or saved for all eternity?

Dear saints of God and fellow peers, we can all agree that a vineyard produces grapes and grapes produce wine which makes people happy, is that right, I mean beloved, if you give a someone living on the street begging for money that is addicted to being drunk on wine a few dollars, they will go and get a bottle of wine because to them, it gives them joy to drown their problems and for a little while, they are happy thinking maybe the world is not so bad because someone gave to me.

Saints, do you remember in (John 2:1-11) where it speaks of Jesus at a wedding turning the water into wine? Yes beloved, the event was an important event but they had run out of wine and even the Lord did not want to be put on the spot but because he was asked by his mother to save them from embarrassment and because they were the ones probably hosting the wedding, the Lord asked them to bring the water pots and when the water saw the face of its creator, it blushed and turned into pure wine for the wedding.

Beloved in looking at this scene in a spiritual way would be to view some of the church services which broadcast that they are in pure revival and notice that there is no witness of God's Spirit in their meetings, there is no true worship only worldly entertainment with the people leaving more entertained than elevated because what they had and were presenting was nothing more than worked up flesh therefore beloved, the wine in this message would be the presence of the Spirit of the living God.

Beloved, Ahab wanted to plant a garden and in the soil located in that area, the only thing that would grow would be cabbage and can we agree that it stinks when it is cooked?

Church, do you know where I am being led in this message, we all know that a vineyard produces wine and it makes people happy, therefore church, the wine in this message represents the Spirit of God and He makes me happy, reaffirming my purpose which drives my vision in fulfilling my chosen destiny.

Beloved, my relationship with my God is like no other, for it is not based on material things, friendships or relationships, that will soon fade away, but my relationship with my God who is eternal is celebrating intimacy with the one who planned my life, the end from the beginning and that beloved is a assurance beyond the grave because it is a precious friendship that makes me happy as I feel the surge of his life flowing through my veins giving me strength to make it another day knowing that he has a purpose for my being on this planet therefore beloved, discovering that purpose and reading his word gives me hope which is an anchor of my soul.

Saints, I tell you my relationship with my God is a blessed hope that maketh not ashamed and as I meditate upon his word reading how He took away my sin and my shame, oh yes beloved, He gave me a new life with a bright future and my vineyard (my joy juice) is not for sale.

Beloved saints of God, when I accepted Christ into my life, three acres of Heaven fell in my soul which gives me peace to close my eyes in sleep at night knowing everything between me my Lord is alright as I sleep in his ever loving arms.

Saints, I did not mean to preach but as you can see, I am getting happy just thinking about the old miserable life that I was rescued from, yes beloved, when I accepted Christ into my life making him both Savior and Lord giving him preeminence to live his life through me, my life was changed and my vineyard or you might say joy juice is not for sale!

Beloved saints, did you know that we will be tempted by the worldly people to sell and above seven years ago, I was approached by Cineflix productions in Hollywood desiring to speak with me about having my own reality TV show to which, you got it right beloved, I said "My Vineyard Is Not For Sale!"

Beloved, I still have the email just to remind me of what was offered to make fun of the gospel however I do remember mailing them about a dozen or so of my famous book titled "18 Wheels and Jesus" and got reports that several resigned their positions from that network shortly after reading my book however beloved, I never did find out if the book had anything to do with their resignations.

Church, they had discovered my videos as a trucker evangelist on YouTube wearing my famous Indiana Jones hat and thought they could make money off of my being a trucker evangelist however there was one stipulation that would be in the contract and that would be that they would be the ones writing the script for the show. Saints, some said that I should have taken them up on their offer but beloved, deep inside, I just did not have peace about accepting their offer, and I did not want them taking something that I had invested most of my life doing which required long hours and months on the open road to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world looking for answers.

Listen beloved saints and fellow peers, what I do and have done for many years wearing that hat while feeding and clothing people in the inner cities, winning the respect of the gangs and street people is no game for many times my life was in grave danger but my God showed up just in time and vindicated his evangelist causing the devil to retreat allowing the gospel to go forth.

Beloved, many times, I have had to fight physically to win their trust and later, when they found out that I was a famous man of God and after being with them for many years, listen beloved, I could not take enough bibles to them. Saints, did you know that sometimes I would go up to twelve years before informing them who I was especially in the slums of Atlanta, Georgia.

Beloved, you are not going to go in preaching to these people without winning their respect because they killed the one before me and shot at the one before him therefore beloved, if your going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk because they can see through the fake and hate fake people with a passion.

Saints, I made a friend of one of the elderly street people that became like a daddy to me and for twelve years they saw me care for this old man that was of another race.

Beloved, I would go under the bridges where they lived, even many times, I would go with them into old abandoned houses, and beloved, several times I would find myself in a bad predicament but God always gave me protection and that beloved, is why my vineyard is not for sale period.

Dear reader this can be likened to a man that will remodel his house, plow his fields, landscape the yard, paint, and fix up the outside of the house. This man has taken pride in his work and invested in something that is more valuable to him than life itself. Beloved, let me tell you that the man who stands with sweat dripping off of his brow where he had been laboring to provide for his family will not sell, and although someone may approach him wanting to trade something of greater value, they will always hear the answer “I am not interested and my investment is not For Sale!”

My Conclusion

Saints, the time for revival is now and we must not miss this great opportunity before us to witness our King rise from His place and bring some order and correction to a society that has lost control of their senses and morals. Beloved, let us now begin to lay aside some meals and get our spirit strong that we may be able to do warfare in the spirit realm remembering that if we feed the flesh, the flesh will get strong and override our spirit but if we deny our flesh, and feed our spirit man daily from God's word, then our spirit man will be the stronger one and we can begin to see things change around us for our good.

Beloved, God has a plan to rescue as many as possible from Satan's camp and gather unto Himself a people that He would call His family for he foreknew who would choose His plan and He also knew that the majority would reject it and be lost forever.

Beloved, we were predestined to become His sons and daughters at the cross therefore, he approaches us with the preaching of the cross which encourages us to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Saints, our accepting Jesus is the first step in His plan that was predestined for us before the foundation of the world for his word teaches that God demonstrated a desire to save people by His Love, His Grace, and His workmanship as we work in his harvest to do good works that will glorify His name in the Earth.

Beloved, we must understand that God's divine plan for us is in the Spirit and His Holy Spirit is in us enforcing this plan as Spiritual law because beloved, his Holy Spirit is the enforcer of Spiritual law therefore beloved, may we cherish maintain and protect the anointing and call upon our life realizing that when everything that mankind may glory in fades away, God's love and his promises including his word will still be standing therefore beloved when someone comes asking if our vineyard is for sale, we can look them in the eye and say no sir, my vineyard is not now nor will it ever be for sale.

Beloved, we may not find a book with our name on it, but our purpose and calling can be revealed through the personal inward work of the Blessed Holy Spirit and beloved, He knows our purpose and calling for He was in the Father's presence when our life was planned.

Saints do not place boundaries and limits on God for He is above anything we can imagine with our infinite minds and is able to work behind the scenes to fulfill His purpose on Earth. Beloved, God has a plan, and he can work with and through whomever he chooses to bring his desire to pass. Beloved, let us together fall on our face before him and say here I am Lord, make my life count and Lord fulfill in my life and ministry what was written in the books before the foundation of the world.

Saints, did you not know that our God will take charge and control of the circumstances that surround us causing natural law to be for or against us for his Spirit represents us in Heaven, and beloved, we need His classroom offering his great reservoir of wisdom with council which resides within our spirit just waiting to be released therefore beloved, God is calling us to repentance (Joel 2:13) asking us to rend our heart and not our garments for it is time for the outward show to cease and allow the Lord to take away our selfish desires as he turns our heart to the one that lives inside asking his Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us into all truth and righteousness for his name sake.

Beloved saints of God and fellow Peers of the faith, we must come to realize accepting the fact that God had a plan for us as leaders before we were born, and all our life experiences have been a training ground to fulfill this plan in making us the leaders that will make a difference in our culture leaving a legacy behind for future generations therefore beloved, when we come to the end of life’s journey, we should be so empty from pouring into the life of others that we have nothing left to give and that is one reason my favorite scripture in God’s word is (Psalms 19:14) “let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O Lord my strength and my redeemer.” In Jesus mighty name A-MEN.

International Evangelist
Dr. Jerry W. Hulse Ph.D.
Miracle Life Church International

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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