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My Spiritual Journey With Sukyo Mahikari

The Art of giving Divine Light


What Else For Me With Mahikari?

I wrote my last article on this site on 23 November, 2017. For a writer, it is a very long lapse of time. And coincidentally, the last article was about my encounter with Sukyo Mahikari. And this article is an unplanned follow-up of this spiritual encounter. It just happened, or is it not?

I ended my previous article with this question, “What else for me with Mahikari”?

“What the future holds for me with Mahikari and Francis Tan, I really do not know. The only feeling I have is that my life is enriched just by associating with all the members of Mahikari, especially Francis Tan and Sheng Han.

Oh yes, the only thing I know about Mahikari is that anyone can "give light" after attending a 3-day course conducted by Mahikari. This will be the starting point to join the Mahikari community.”

Perhaps for those not knowing what I am writing about, it may be clearer if you read my first article “My Encounter With Sukyo Mahikari”.

My wife with a group of Mahikari youths. The young man is Shenghan.

My wife with a group of Mahikari youths. The young man is Shenghan.

This Bright Spark of a Light.

In a period of about 1 year after encountering with a number of Mahikari members, much have materialised in my association with Mahikari. My spiritual relationships centred around two key persons. One, an energetic young man whose name is Sheng Han, and the other slightly “younger’ than me but extremely enthusiastic and extroverted, by the name of Francis Tan. Of course all along the way, there are other Mahikari members who have provided the care and warmth whenever my wife and I visited the Penang Mahikari Center, usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

To write this article it is worthy to write about my relationship with this bright spark of a Light; Francis Tan. He is positively light-hearted, extroverted and very understanding and patient. No wonder he is so good at giving Divine Light.

Somehow, our friend Francis Tan seemed to have a “calling” to initiate a spiritual bond with me. I told him I had nothing much to deserve such special attention from him and his wife Shirley. Francis Tan is a very skilful spiritual communicator and I suppose with his 30 years of spiritual practice, he has seen it all in me. He very skilfully inched his way into my path and can literally hold my hands after such a short period of time. I admonished him never to argue with an old fool like me, and I shall love him with all my heart. I nick-named him “angel in beggar’s clothing”. He lighted up and grinned from side to side. He never argues with me! Although I have no qualms to express that I possess intellectual knowledge of universal spiritual principles, he patiently and skilfully displayed to me the “esoteric” Mahikari principles into actions. From the beginning of my encounter with this remarkable person, he put me at ease that he was not in the mood to argue with me on spiritual topics, but to help me SEE the true spiritual principles and to put them into action. Important universal spiritual concepts such as gratitude, acceptance, humility and patience became alive whenever he shared his experiences. I was inspired!

On humility, throughout our spiritual relationship he persistently insisted that he learnt much from me. What gave him enough reason to cheer me up was that I am an active volunteer with the Tzu Chi Organization, putting spiritual values into action, helping others. For that he assured me that he also learned and benefitted from me.

So the feeling is mutual and we get along well. I shall now proceed to tell the story of how I am permitted to give Divine Light just like every Mahikari member or Kumite, who has attended the 3-day Primary Introductory Course.

Left to right: Good guy, Shirley, Wife of Good guy, Francis

Left to right: Good guy, Shirley, Wife of Good guy, Francis

Primary Service Provided By the Mahikari Center.

The primary service provided by the Mahikari Center is to give Divine Light to members and anyone who wishes to receive. This is the primary duty of every Kumite to give Divine Light to anyone who wishes. In the process, there will be spiritual purifications both for the giver and receiver of Divine Light. The spiritual duty of every kumite is to live exemplary life, abiding universal spiritual principles of humility, gratitude and service. This will eventually result in purifications of the spirit, mind and body, enabling healthy functioning of our well-being in body and spirit. In summary, this is the process of transformation from a negatively polluted personality to a Person of Divine Light.

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Giving Light to my wife, Elsie.

Giving Light to my wife, Elsie.

The Primary Introductory Course

The initiation into Mahikari starts with attending a 3-day primary introductory course call “Kenshu”. During this period participates will be introduced to the principles and beliefs of Sukyo Mahikari. At the end of this session, each participant is presented with a “holy pendant” to be worn with a chain round the neck. This is believed to be the “link” or “medium” to which the person is enabled to give “Divine Light”.

Actually, my decision to attend the primary Kenshu was not planned. There were many questions that needed to be answered. And with the vast information in the internet, a Google search on “Sukyo Mahikari” opened up a head-spinning “facts and fantasies” on this organization. There were basic questions of doubts, and there still are. So let me leave it at that. If you are interested to go deeper into the controversies, just Google search. I rest my case.

So why did I decide to attend the course and now be a member of Sukyo Mahikari, given that I am a very staunch believer in the teachings of the Buddha? It all has to do with the exemplary spiritual conduct of my spiritual brother, Francis Tan. If a spiritual organization can inspire a person to practise so graciously the principles of gratitude, humility, and service to fellow humans, that’s good enough for me. There must be something beneficially pure and good in the teachings. This is the only reason that I attended the Kenshu.

So let my journey with Sukyo Mahikari begin in good faith, and I shall work hand-in-hand with my Mahikari mentor, Francis Tan.

Good Guy on the left. End of Kenshu course. Note the streaks of light.

Good Guy on the left. End of Kenshu course. Note the streaks of light.

An introduction to Sukyo Mahikari


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