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My Soul These Days: Spirituality


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


We are not human beings having spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having human experience.

-- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

While Hoping We're on the Same Page

My spiritual path takes me through a divinely odd mental landscape where I am superficially detached from others -- which on a deeper level makes us so beautifully connected.

As all voices diminish, that silence becomes the sound of our souls' celebrating their brotherhood. There we rejoice in elegant innocence and sincerity where no ego barriers pull us apart into a painful separation.

That's where we are all but tiny individual ripples of one same ocean of humanity.

In that world I dwell these days -- or hasn't it always been so -- while the loving heart just missed all those leaves of calendars flipping on the breeze of eternity.

And it feels so sweet to be detached from the formal identity by which I am recognizable in the fancy fair of personal importance. So utterly true is this place where my fingerprints mean nothing. and our vibes of ultimate openness have their little chat that poets are so failing to translate.

Immersed in this blissful realm, I keep wondering what words could possibly inspire others for a plunge into this freedom. What dictionaries have from ever been hiding those all-telling verbal expressions? Which chorus in churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples, has been able to secure a lasting echo in hearts of believers -- as I am observing this divide, hate, intolerance, all in the name of their gods, or behind their gods' backs?

What to tell people about divine love -- what their ears wouldn't convert into just another passing noise produced by an ambitious smart-ass to best be ignored?

Yes, spiritual path is a lonely one -- and yet, it's that very loneliness which feels so sweet in its completeness where nothing is missing, and no prayer need to be uttered, because there is no duality with that unfathomable universal consciousness.

In this wakeful meditation "I" am just a personalized extension of that universal heart where mind has yet to come up with its adequate descriptions.


How hurtful it can be to deny our true self and live a life of lies just to appease others.

-- June Ahern

Can Hub Pages Accommodate Spirituality?

And so goes on my today's silly confession, in form of an even sillier Saturday sermon to hit some heresy-prone ears. For, so many are bound to be just too busy figuring "what is Val pulling this time -- after having announced his lengthy pause, if not also a permanent disappearance".

Hardly anyone may notice how I have really disappeared, and it's not that same Val writing all this. Drifting through the unknowns of my potentiality I'm so "other-than-Val", as if writing one of those Zen koans where nothing is revealed at its face value, and deciphering has to come at levels that a reader has -- or has not.

For we are not meeting at our usual platform of Hub Pages -- or not meeting at all -- if there is an insistence on staying within the allowable frames of the appropriateness dictated by its traditional styles.

I am only at my second handwritten page, and there are two more to go, if I am to appease certain standards of preferable length. Now, isn't that cute how silence has to obey the rules of the noise.

Oh. I have no problem filling in those 1250 blanks with words, as long as those right readers know that no words can be a true reflection of those blanks.

Back in my teenage years, I used to take long walks with a dear friend who had displayed just enough of a schizoid nature not to be mistaken for one of the copycat crowd.

So we walked, and we kept intellectually stuttering while not finding proper words -- all to a point where we would give it up and leave it all to empathizing, while merely kicking our respective chosen pebbles on the road.

At no other times did we feel more close to saying it right, than when we muted our ever chattering minds. It truly felt like meditating in a duet.


A quiet conscience makes one strong.

-- Anne Frank

Zen or Not -- Misunderstanding Is Universal

A Zen koan question that (almost) everyone has heard of goes like this: "What is the sound of a falling tree in woods with no one around to hear it?"

The right answer is -- there is no sound whatsoever.

For, it takes a human (or animal) ears to convert the air vibration caused by the cracking of the wood into a sound. And then, take away all the rest of our five senses, and nothing is happening anywhere -- this according to top shelf sciences like Biocentrism and quantum mechanics.

Thus, it is not only that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" -- but the reality of the whole universal racket called "life" is ultimately up for grabs.

For instance, you may call these scribblings something like "results of a laboring pains of a genius" -- or you may call it "literary vomit of a nutcase who has consumed too much of some smart-ass crap". Or you may see it as anything in between -- hopefully leaving all swearing words out of it.

So, Zen or not, what am I really trying to achieve with this surreal mix of alphabet, where no mention of politics, food recipes, religion, and pandemic -- even rhymes -- is allowed to make it more real.

I don't know if there is any excuse to be used for writing this third page, after the first two didn't show any ambition to grab attention. But yet, didn't you ever have such moments when you deep down knew how no matter what you may write, it couldn't trigger an adequate empathy -- and then you caught yourself doing it just the same.

Another line, and I'll be on my fourth, and the last page.

Place your order for its contents, and I'll try to telepathically guess it. Just kidding.


We are all connected. To each other biologically. To the earth chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.

-- Neil de Grasse Tyson

And That's Why I Love You

Well, I love you, whoever you are -- for you stayed in my company through all three pages that were not to entertain, to inform, to do anything for you, other than possibly tease out a part of your nature that's beyond your everyday identity.

So there must be something between us that Rupert Sheldrake might call "morphic field resonance" -- where some individuals are tuned into the same "universal broadcast", and no verbal explanation is there to bring it to the level of everyday reasoning.

As I've been mentioning "pages", hey -- someone even came up with that phrase of "being on a same page" -- which has definitely nothing to do with Hub Pages. At its best fate imaginable, all this will end up in Letter Pile site, even there looking odd among all that fine poetry.

And, as I am loving you, my dear bro-or-sis, I am wondering who you are; what secrets does your soul hide from the eyes of your readers -- while you don't want them to be violated by misunderstanding, misinterpretation, maybe even mockery.

Which brings us to the question of why you joined this community, if you didn't see a possibility of running into a "soul-mate" who might bother to read between your lines and see you there in your naked greatness.

Maybe you're like me in that respect, searching for more and more proofs that your truth will always stay under the radar of others' different technology of processing reality. So they will look at you, but not see you, and then you will jointly create an artificial literary medium where you will surely be on the same page.

As at Hub Pages -- so in life, where we all find games to play between our social images, daring to think how that's all we really wanted.

Well, as this last page is coming to its end, I'll keep loving this idea of having found a pair of eyes attached to a head producing some clone-experiences with mine, I have to say it -- this love would certainly ferment into something sour should I find below one of those patterned comments, like "Thank you for sharing", or "Enjoyed reading your article".

However, it does remind me of those times when we want to express wishes for someone's birthday, but the best that comes to mind are those phrases of the greeting cards.

So, if you want to say it, and nothing else comes to mind than those cliche-comments, let's celebrate our spiritual brotherhood in silence instead. And that way, I may never catch your wishing me my "happy rebirths" -- and it's O.K., rebirthing always feels enough of a joyful and magic cosmic event without any big words.

Let me leave a comment for you instead -- it's been a joy spending some moments in your company.

Oh, "I" won't be back, lol, it will always be a slightly different Val.

Like it was said in I Ching: "The only thing that remains the same is change."

© 2021 Val Karas


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 17, 2021:


Thank you very much.

I hope I sense your presence when you read between those lines.

Take care my friend.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on July 17, 2021:

Brenda -- It's for the noble souls like yours that I will be making many more returns to Hub Pages -- to read your poetry, and to feel the warmth emanating from what I read between those lines.

Thank you for being you, my far away friend, and for being able to make this distance as small as your friendly smile across a table.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 17, 2021:

From my soul to yours, we hide so much from the reflection of other's eyes.

Yet the smile on my face as I read these words is real.

Hopefully in the realm of this world, my energy can cross the miles to make your soul shine a little bit more today.

My soul feels enormously blessed & happy.

May your journey always be peaceful.

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