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My Research On Kidnapping And Harvesting Of Victims Organs

Osaro is a self taught artist, content creator, brand influencer, and humanitarian.


Due to the rate of kidnapping and ill ritual killings in my country Nigeria, i was moved to investigate/research on why are people carrying out such ill practices, and why are people purchasing human organs illegally (according to the narratives of the woman in a video who survived from their den), and also the confessions by some arrested suspects.

Based on the woman's narrative, and the confession of arrested suspects according to an anonymous from Obairuku Community, Delta State, Nigeria the organs are purchased by Alhajis (a Muslim who has been to Mecca as a pilgrim) he claimed the young men confessed. After watching the video of the survived victim on Twitter, I was force to ask why are Alhajis always involved, then a follower replied and said based on some text he read, these organs are offered to genies (Jinnis) in exchange for wealth. his reply gave me an hint on where to start my research/investigations.


What is a Jinni

According to Wikipedia and some Islamic magicians: in Arabian and Muslim mythology it is an intelligent spirit of lower rank than the angels, able to appear in human and animal forms and to possess humans. they also indicated that "the rebellious jinn lead men astray".

After finding the meaning of "Jinni" I started searching for text to read to see if it was linked to human sacrifices in anyway, then I came across a channel on YouTube "Islamic Guidance" with a podcast titled "How Magicians Call Upon The Jinn" and yes I started listening. it was actually a man speaking, and he claimed he actually have an experience of what he was talking about. Most of the rituals was to sin and make mockery of the Qur'an, the use of human organs was not stated, but one particular ritual brought back some memories. This particular ritual he called "An Najasah" meaning indecent, intimacy of uncleanness, impurity, filthiness; unclean according to Malay dictionary. This particular ritual as he said, it is done by writing the Qur'anic ayahs (according to Wikipedia: An Ayah is a "verse" in the Islamic Quran, one of the statements of varying length that make up the Surahs of the Quran and are marked by a number).

Yes, this ritual has nothing to do with my purpose of the research, but it brought back memories of when a prison warden caught a man disguising to be a destitute in Benin City, Nigeria, meanwhile was busy picking used sanitary pads and diapers from peoples trash. Now back to the ritual so you see how this is connected: An Najasah according to the podcast is done using menstrual flow to write the Qur'anic ayahs backward (e.g. drawkcab instead of backward). this was when i knew there is more to it, so I kept on searching.

How Magicians Call Upon The Jinn - Islamic Guidance

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Human Rituals

I contacted some magicians online, but they didn't respond, I kept on searching. Fortunately I came across a website: belonging to an Islamic magician whom is against wicked magic, but still uses the Jinn. He has written articles on this based on questions asked according to him, in the first one I read, he was clarifying the facts that jinni's don't have wealth to share with humans, because they also love to be wealthy, he stated that even if they can get you some, it will not last and must be stolen from somewhere or someone else, he also described jinns as deceitful entities.

Then he wrote another article after some years, this time I think he went deep on it to reveal a lot. He stated that even after the first article, people still kept on asking him if Djinn/Jinn can make them rich, then he wrote "extreme measures ill natured rituals and offerings" he said the entities to conjure in this case are not jinns you can bound to an object. He stated that the entities called forth (conjured) are powerful and some are kings. That one must have proper knowledge to do this, because it's a rare and old magic. He stated that people hire magicians with the knowledge to conjure such entities that would respond to various sacrifices (sacrifices consist of animals, humans and loved ones) this was where I knew I have found the answer. See that of the loved ones, a man confessed that years ago here in Nigeria, an anonymous told me about it, and one of the loved ones in question was her friend (daughter to the ritualist) they said he'd succeeded in killing her siblings, but he was exposed on getting to her turn. Very hard to believe, but this is someone I have met in person

According to the magician, it's not a one time deal, such move requires one committing a major sin (denouncing God, and worshipping the entity with more sacrifices) the magician stated "am sorry, it's not a one time deal"


This was how the sacrifices were categorised

For the already wealthy, it's done for protection

For wealth, fame, luck and power. In this case the entity must be worshipped, and before the end of the contract, it must be renewed. For those who use their loved ones get a 10,15 to 25 years contract before another sacrifice of a loved one, for the unlucky ones, the entity will request yearly human sacrifices (the magician claimed seeing this particular case)

Round Up

As I continued my search, I saw a documentary on how they kill children for rituals in Kenya, saw another news on BBC on how they moved about 400 children to United Kingdom between 2007 - 2011 for the same purpose. Also came across a news of how one cherubim and seraphim pastor asked a boy to bring his girlfriend for money rituals, unluckily she was killed to enrich his family, but they were caught, and their confession was on screen

According to my findings, some use this ill wealth to get into politics, that's why people caught sometimes are released by the police, because they are connected to politicians with the same belief (occult grouping). Wars, killings under a political leader and death of employees are ways to please the entity.

I think I will stop here now and hope this will help us know more about our enemies. They're everywhere around us, some expensive estates have been pointed out by friends, but that will be a topic for another day. Stay safe

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