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Kid Reign: My Fortress and Flaming arrows.

I began my challenge to read all of the Bible in November of 2019. While reading the book of Mark, Jesus and his ministry encouraged me too.

In the Book of Mark, Jesus speaks about what seeds Survive for a Sowers Harvest.

I've read Genesis and a portion of Exodus in my youth. As an adult a minister named Reverend Dewey Smith at Greater Travelers Rest introduced me to different verses of Mark. His ministry encouraged me to read the book of Mark 3 years later after finishing college. I got through college with what I was taught in church. Pastors and their ministries motivated me towards success. They would talk about failed marriages, poverty, and successful athletes. My sister, mother, brother, grandmother and her form of ministry encouraged me to finish college for life beyond where I felt comfortable being.

While reading the four Gospels the words of Jesus Christ motivated me to understand his history. Jesus mentioned his ancestors. Jesus mentioned Moses. I read chapters in Exodus about Moses and pastors ministered to me about Moses.

Jesus mentioned seeds. While discussing seeds he was describing how a sower will bear what sprouts. He described how some seeds may not sprout because they may burn by the sun or not land on good soil. I believe that he was implying that it is best to sow as much life as possible because the harsh conditions of nature may very well outnumber what seeds are short handed. It is best to sow thousands of good seeds away from soil that is not fertile to guarantee a harvest based on knowing which climate of your time is best.

Jesus is a spirit of wholehearted behavior. Jesus is a spirit of giving generously. Jesus is the blades of grass numbered to billions. While learning from his ministry I learned that I must always build on what I am taught. The 4 Gospels of Jesus Christ doesn't have to be enough. I can read from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelations to build on what I already know so that I won't forget some of the great things that I already know.

In my mind, I remember a Tree from Genesis chapter 1.

In my mind, I remember a tree. There was not only a tree but a voice. There was also light. What do I remember about trees? Trees that I've seen have been green. Trees that I've seen have been brown. I remember how green can go yellow and brown can go tan under conditions that changed them both.

The light is the sun according to what the voice says in Genesis one. What do I remember about the sun. The sun is hot. It sets up a condition of heat. That condition can be described as a temperature. The closer my flesh is to the sun the tanner and sweatier I get. It's safe to say that the sun is hot enough to melt all that enters it since it was created or manifested.

In my mind after reading back in November of 2019, I remember black and I remember darkness. Trees create shade as one leaf is capable of blocking an ant from the rays of the sun. The darker the atmosphere the cooler. The brighter the atmosphere the hotter. The atmosphere of Mercury is quite hot because of how close it is to the sun. Pluto is quite cool because of how far it is from the sun.

The voice mentioned starry hosts or stars. May be stars are pieces from the sun. May be the sun isn't responsible for all of the heat of this universe after all. The sun is a star and stars are hot too. Everything is conducted by heat. Before Jesus was born a voice said that there was a star.

"Time as I know it" is organized by the timing of day and night. I keep track of timing with my soul and not so much my watch or alarm clock.

During this period there wasn't a watch. There was no clock. There was no language, dialogue nor handwriting that existed. Just a voice and what a voice may one day call symbols. Stars are symbols of time and the sun is a star.

With what I've written about things that I remember while visualizing what my mind can visualize while reading Genesis Chapter 1, my heart gains passion for the energy of time beyond where I am now present thanks to the creations of what produces energy. My mind now remembers things that produces energy beyond my heart and bodily form to know more of who God is.

Quiz your Knowledge

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. In the Hebrew Bible 4 Gospels. Which one is a Gospel?
    • Goat
    • Leaf
    • Mark
    • Darkness
  2. Which one has the Apple of Knowledge?
    • Dog
    • Cattle
    • Tree
    • War
  3. Which planet is closest to the sun?
    • Pluto
    • Mercury
    • Dane
    • Uranus
  4. Jesus sowed what?
    • Seeds
    • Goats
    • Clouds
    • Stars
  5. I said that stars are symbols of what?
    • Warnings
    • Life
    • Danger
    • Time

Answer Key

  1. Mark
  2. Tree
  3. Mercury
  4. Seeds
  5. Time

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 1 correct answer: Study harder

If you got between 2 and 3 correct answers: Your learning

If you got 4 correct answers: Your showing promise

If you got 5 correct answers: Did you Master 100?

Lion of Judah Tell them Something presented by Gudda Boi Classics Records and recorded by Kid Reign as well as an instrumental produced by Da Baker

Does "Lion of Judah Tell them Something" deserve a 100 out of 100

Great source (Genesis One) BibleGateWay: New International Version


One seed is a source and one seed sowed is the sowers intention. What does this mean for the future of the harvest when all sprouts due season?

— Corey Jamar Vance a.k.a Kid Reign

White is a Symbol of Direction and Leadership


It is best to Sow as much Life as Possible

The Earth is full of death. The Earth has a history of archaeology. The Earth has left behind casualties of war. All around us are skeletal beings and dirt. The dirt is packed with vegetation that has died as well as dead animals from thousands of years ago.

Life is important because unlike death, life inspires a person to live. Death inspires a person that wants to die to die. Speaking life into someone who wants to die will inspire them to live.

There are more people being told to quit investing into their education than people being told to continue investing in their education.

Sow life into others by being a student that conducts themselves with a positive attitude and in a courageous manner.

A lyric of mine: You better count your sheep; Plantation! The song is called Discovery presented by Gudda Boi Classics Records


The Focus of this Article is Genesis One

Genesis One is a chapter that instantly gives away that God is powerful and Almighty. God is the most powerful because he is the creator. I know he is. I have read all of the Old Testament. I am now at 2 Timothy chapter 3 in the New Testament. Again, this article is about Genesis One.

God is the most powerful and his power is a power that is never fully understood truly. From my humility, my fear of God, and blessed consciousness, I can honestly admit that God's power is not truly understood and with his wisdom I truly know nothing at it's truest, deepest, and purest form. I know enough to operate in what God allows according to his will.

According to Genesis One, God is the beginning because he began the beginning. No one that I've encountered truly knows what heaven is. This chapter mentions that God created heaven but it does not mention what heaven is. I've read the Old Testament and Revelations. Revelations mention that heaven has angels. Who are the angels? I do not know. God made the angels and angels supported Jesus at the tomb that he had been removed from. Genesis chapter 1 is mysterious because God's power is mysterious. Heaven is bigger than I think and the creation of Earth is bigger than I think. Heaven and Earth are not just one worded things, there is more to them than what is described in the sentence because there is more to God's power and will for heaven and Earth. I will never truly understand God's will for heaven and Earth because he never tells Adam, Moses, David, Abraham, Jacob and so on. Jesus mentions that it is God's will for him to return to the Earth. Jesus does not tell anyone what God's will is for heaven and Earth beyond the 10 commandments and listening to his son Jesus. God says listen to his son Jesus. If I am listening to his son Jesus, I am doing the will of his father God in some form of obedience.

Quotes that stick out to me in the Article

God is the beginning because he began the beginning.

God is the most powerful because he is the creator.

I know enough to operate in what God allows according to his will.

I can honestly admit that God's power is not truly understood.

— Corey Jamar Vance a k.a Kid Reign

Scope presented by Gudda Boi Classics Records (included are Da Baker and Kid Reign)

Kid Reign's the Sower and these are His Seeds: My Purpose & Meaning of "My Fortress and Flaming Arrows" are

My fortress is the word of God

and my flameing arrows is my obedience within a dominion of evil according to God's will before his son Jesus's judgement sustained by my faith.

— Corey Jamar Vance a.k.a Kid Reign

I haven't Described Israel Yet


Tribes of Israel

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Which Tribe have I mentioned?
    • Judah
    • Israel
    • Black Mountains
    • Sons of Light

Answer Key

  1. Judah

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