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Best of the Best Quotes By Bashar Channeled Through Darryl Anka

How Can You Be Afraid to Fear?

"How can you be afraid to feel? Isn't fear a feeling? If you're feeling fear, you've felt one of the most negative emotions there is to feel. Everything else should be a piece of cake. Feel good, feel happy, feel healthy, feel loved, feel abundant, feel creative, feel compassionate, feel knowledgeable, feel powerful." ~Bashar

Doesn't that quote just make you feel silly about fearing your emotions? I like this quote for that very reason. Especially when I find myself anxious about trying something new or when I'm up against a big challenge with few tools.

Problems and Solutions

"You seem to have problems only because you are misusing time. You believe that the problem comes first, and that time must elapse before it can be worked out, but do not see the problem and the answer as simultaneous in their occurrence at the quantum mechanics level." ~Bashar

That's right. You don't have to what for the solution to come. You don't have to take steps to get to the solution. You just have to let the problem be solved, and let go of your need for time to pass in between you're discovery of the solution and the actual solving of the problem. It's a complex paradox to consider! Which is why I love this quote so much.

Self Worth

"Begin with Self Valuation. For many people the most difficult thing is learning to value themselves. As they have forgotten their connection with the Infinite, they have been taught to think of themselves as unworthy; without an understanding of your value, the reality you experience, which reflects what you believe is most possible, can only reinforce the belief that you do not deserve happiness, peace, etc..." ~Bashar

Self-worth is ultra important, whether you wish to be uber-successful or not. It is the key to gaining abundance, finding contentment and becoming fulfilled in your life. Once you find your self-worth, you can have anything you want.

Going Places

"As soon as you allow where you are to be all right, you will be able to get where you want to be much Faster." ~Bashar

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True to Who You Are

"Know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, if you do find something that excites you, something that you know is “what” you are, that is because it represents your “truest” self at that time. It will automatically provide for you with all the abundance you need in whatever form you need it, to allow you to keep on being “that” you." ~Bashar

If what you are doing in your life (any area of your life) does not excite you. STOP doing it.

Doubt is Trust

"Doubt is a 100% trust in a belief you don't prefer. You are never really actually in doubt, you are always completely trusting in something. The question is, what do you trust in?" ~Bashar

This quote reminds me of my own thoughts on how even failure is a success. If you've failed, you've allowed yourself to do so, which means you've successfully failed. Something that a lot of people are unable to do, even though it is necessarily some of the time.

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