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You can make Successful Moves like these four Masters of Mutability- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Christofer has been a counselor, contract administrator and has studied astrology with his mother since the 70s. He has eight grandchildren.


Mutable Astro Adadptability


What are the Mutable signs?:
Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo

What are the Fixed signs?:
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

What are the Cardinal signs?:
Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Mutability is a word people seldom use. There are others: adaptable, malleable, given to change, flexible, able to adjust.

Fixed refers to Shape and Form. Think of all the planning, conceiving, action and fire that goes into bringing something into active hard existence.

Cardinal references initiatory action, fixity references all of the action it takes NOT to change.

Mutable brings on new forms and shapes and modulations. People don't tend to think about the fixed hardness and all that it takes to remain in that shape. Fixity is about that hardness, that stubbornness NOT to change.

Mutable takes the hardness of fixity and makes changes to that which spent a great deal of time coming into being and maintaining it's formerly hard state. Poetry and art and science are full of this concept. The caterpillar to the pupae to the moth. From the child to the adolescent into the adult. The musician changing into the dancer. The engineer turning into the artist. The use of skills that can move into other settings. The changing of environment to make its impact on flora and fauna. Change and adaptation are a the core of human existence. Living on this planet, we had to be able to make changes. And the Mutable Modes are the best at that.

Gemini - Mutable Air

The Spring is all new and definitely changeable. You wake up one morning and the sun is blazing, then, its frosty, then its rainy, then there are flowers. The Gemini is Air and Mutable. Thus they are famous for their natures that seem to dance in and out of the present. The "tinkerbell" flight is picturesque, and easy to have fun with, but it is a powerful thing when you see speech, communication, language, writing, ease with accents, diverse technical languages, teachability and teaching - manifest in a Gemini. The Mutability allows them to change while in the middle of changing. That's why they make good agents, multi-taskers, public relations specialists and the person who comes up with the wild idea, that -- amazingly works! Geminis can come up with the new idea, then present it at the seminar, then get people to sign up for it. Mutability in the Gemini can also have a danger sign. "Does that Gemini really like me?" "Will you love me tomorrow?" "They seem to be happy, then quiet, then depressed -- and that was in the last 10 minutes!" They can often be smarter than most everybody else, or worse yet, sound as if they are smarter than everybody else. They can talk faster, think quicker and change positions faster than others. In the Middle Ages, the Gemini was known as a sneak thief, and a "go between" for more dignified people who did not want their hands dirty. In the modern world, the Gemini is kind of the perfect model for a person on the move and "presto chango" taking a new techno angle on something old. The warnings are on all sides: Don't think flighty means weak. Don't think flighty means smart. Don't think flighty means flighty. The Gemini uses the art of movement to watch other people make their adjustments. Mutability is all around the topic of mutability. So, mainly, we should enjoy, and watch natural things unfold and turn into new things.

Virgo - Mutable Earth

Now that's a soft one. Mud perhaps? No, construction, reworking, sculpting, reshaping. Mutability is a difficult one to see with a Virgo. But after you think about it, its not. What does the Virgo do? Offer criticism. Suggest changes. The Virgo says: "Oh, that's good, but this could use improvement over here." When you think of the Virgin seeing things through eyes that modify and improve, it all makes total sense. How could a Virgo be anything else but soft earth. Working on its knees, using careful fingers for changing and altering. Then standing getting an angle on the topic. Scrubbing their hands, smiling at its work and suggested changes. The Virgo stays hopeful and critical at the same time. How can you be hopeful and critical simultaneously? Because you can make a little change here and one over there, and improve the earth that lies at your feet, or up on a stand. The earth is what Virgo wants to improve, and the mutability allows the magic to happen. It is easy to misunderstand the Virgo. When they point out the very thing that you wish they would not, they do it with a smile. You are wincing, but they smile innocently. When they can't understand a convoluted issue because it sounds borderline criminal, or just plain old wrong -- and they have that virginal frown on their face, don't be surprised. It's the only way they can be.

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Sagittarius - Mutable Fire

The reason Gemini and Sagittarius can seem alike is because they can both change on the move. Sagittarius makes more noise doing it, and snort and stomp as they go. Mutability and Fire are a powerful combination. Sagittarius can right what's wrong! Like a blow torch or a flaming sword, they can wield change and bring new social realities, on the move and feeling right the whole time. They are about Justice and boldly wanting to fix things into the realm of Fairness. Of course they tend to be opinionated. How can you be bold enough to make the world fair and not have a point of view? Their non stop insulting with a toothy grin, have to do with just the way they communicate. It does tend to align what side your are on. If you can't take their brutal style, then maybe you are not for them. Mutability lets them jump their Centaur fences. The leaping of fences allows them to take on all challengers, and hunt down unfairness, criminality and injustice. With the Fire to give them the ambition, they can use their mutability to pass their judgments. The theatre of their lives can become the theatre of the world. They do have fun while they are writing the dialogue and reading the lines.

Pisces - Mutable Water

Two fishes going in two different directions. It's kind of mystifying. But then so is the ultimate nature of mankind! Mutable double fishes floating, deep swimming, flying up through the waves, the Mutability of Pisces allows them to say, "Yes, I can see how that could work that way too.!" In the end life and the mystery that we are down here to live through is highly complex. In the end, when we come to the various ends that we will arrive at, it is going to require the adaptability and changeability that the Human Soul requires. No matter who you are right now, eventually you and your soul will be carting a mighty weight of human experience that is contradictory, mystifying, confusing and exalting. The Mutable Watery Pisces can handle what life gives them. Their one eye staring one way, and their other eye staring the other, they are capable and up to the challenge of figuring out life with all of its vicissitudes. If you are going to stand at the end of the zodiac, in whatever position it might be in your houses, you are going to need to be mutable. Ultimate Integration is what the mutable watery Pisces is about - Ultimate Integration of all of life's lessons.

Where Is the Mutability in Your Chart?

After you have read these 4 examples, you can see how mutability is necessary for life's lessons to truly be learned. It can be in your sun sign, your moon sign, or a prominent house, or obscured by other forces. It is a good idea to figure out where your mutable forces are, if you you wish to know yourself better. If on of these four are you sun signs, then you have probably already identified where your mutability is focused.

Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable - Get the Big Picture and Find the Other Modes in articles devoted to the subject.

To understand the 3 modes think imaginatively about these natural forces: Beginning, Middle, End. That is terribly simple, but it serves. Another way is: Plan, Establish, Change. More poetically, think of these three forces as the plant, bursting (cardinal)through the ground, the Stems and Roots powerfully building the plant that is to come (fixed). And the blossom and leaves and seeds changing the nature of the old into the new next plant (mutable). To think about the natures of these signs, you must blend the sun sign with the modes.


kanny Siboza from Johannesburg, South Africa on September 11, 2018:

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Sagittarius, you definitely got it right.

sir_tallest on August 29, 2010:

don't really believe in this stuff but like reading about my horoscope.....don't really understand a lot of what you wrote but the little i got....glad i did

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