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Multidimensional Existence and the Higher Self, by Edward Alexander

Alnajda is a forever learner and explorer about History, Ancient Archeology and Mythology, she is graduated in the field of History as well.

Deja Vu phenomenons

So we all have experienced Deja Vu sometimes in life, right?
One of these causes might be a connection with one of our higher selves that yet is one of our interdimensional beings.
This is for most of the time the cause of this phenomenon.
In a very short amount of time, in just a very short moment you are in touch with one of your interdimensional experiences.
These experiences are happening at the same time although the "time" seems to be separated.
The reality is that we are more than a physical and spiritual being alone.
Edward Alexander claims that several alternative parallel selves exist in a moment.
Their development is being unfolded at the same time as us.
All the other-selves are connected with another higher self and so on.

There are many selves

There are many physical bodies out there, these physical bodies might contain a piece of the soul of this highest complete self, such as our other energetic bodies, the Astral body, the etheric body, the light body and so on.
It is pretty much similar like the branches of the same tree.
In the end, we develop ourselves from within and not without, this means that each self inside of us will not expand themselves in their physical and spiritual consciousness, but explodes it in the highest "spirit" or the truest realm of existence that we are and all the other experiences of all of our alternative selves in a moment will become one with this " highest spirit".
In this case, we experience ourselves in a completely new perspective and will see ourselves as a true being as we are indeed
After we notice this oneness we will be freer from the current state that we might be in.

The Alternative selves

There are versions of alternative selves in other alternative parallel selves or the dimensions whatever we may call it.
Each one of them contains a soul fragment, or an astral body, of other similar different energetic bodies that are all connected to " the truest spirit" or otherworldly " the highest spirit".
According to Edward Alexander, this is beyond the "highest self".
"The highest self " means to be conscious for the highest aspect of our actual incarnation in here.
This actual incarnation does not recognize these other alternative selves.
These alternative selves of ours are also unique, they are made of all the other pieces such as the past, the present and the future.
In other words all the previous incarnations and the awakening in the future in already unfolded in experiences and the existence of themselves with general pieces of information of themselves that all gradually develop themselves towards the oneness with the highest spirit.
After all of this is being completed, all of these alternative selves will collide with those of the " highest spirit", so the oneness and the progress towards the furthest development towards the understanding, the obtaining of the purest knowledge, also the experiences in a higher level of existence are going to happen.

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The relationship between the highest spirit and alternative selves.

You may think that the highest spirit is kind and generous to all of the lower alternative energetic selves, right?
Edward Alexander describes it this way: Actually, it is similar to a tree that has too many leaves to its branches.
And just like in the winter, the tree will suck all of the resin so this way the leaves will fall and die, but the tree itself will stay and continue to live.
So this way, through this comparison between the tree and the leaf, we can perceive that same is the relationship between our alternative selves and the highest spirit.
Leaves may not be aware of the whole tree, but still, they are connected.

The "separations" of the highest spirit.

My highest spirit might be the highest spirit fragment of another higher spirit and the fragments of our soul might be equal to the highest rising spirit after one's physical death.
These high spirits obtain the ability to spread other fragments in other parallel realities. Naturally, you may find this a little bit complicated, but let explain it below:
I, the person that l am living now, I am a spirited piece of another higher spirit, at the same time other fragments of the highest spirit are divided in another spirit, who is born by the same highest spirit.
It means that some people that live at the same time are the parallel versions of each-other.
We might have met many people claiming they were a certain person in their past lives.
But we have met also many people to claim they were a single certain person in their past lives.
So, according to this fact, many other people will think that these people are just telling lies, or that very few are right.
But through the study of the highest spirits and the fragmentation of these highest spirits, what they say might be true or at least logical to be perceived
In the end, we exist as fragments of the highest spirit, the highest spirit is also a fragment of another higher spirit and so on. At least we all come from the supreme spirit, the source of all the creation, which is Good, the first source of the highest spirits and the fragments of spirit.

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