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Negative Energy-What is it and how do I Clear it?

When a room is clouded by negative energy, it feels as if you're breathing smoke because the air is so heavy.

When a room is clouded by negative energy, it feels as if you're breathing smoke because the air is so heavy.

What is negative energy?

“The air was thick enough to cut with a knife.”

How many times have you seen that line or ones just like it in stories? More importantly, how many times have you experienced it first hand? Have you ever strolled unsuspectingly into a fight? Has a room you entered had an atmosphere so oppressive you couldn’t wait leave?

It’s natural to argue, and everyone finds themselves in unpleasant, even painful, situations at one time or another. However, each of these experiences tends to leave a touch of negative energy behind when they happen. As this energy builds, it tends to make the environment toxic in subtle and not so subtle ways. There are those who feel this phenomenon is responsible for some examples of hauntings and poltergeist activity.

Ok, so how do you deal with it?

Because it’s been around for so long, various cultures have devised ways of dealing with it. Being a kitchen witch myself, I tend to deal with the problem first with the practicalities of physical cleaning.

One way to keep negative energy levels low is a simple visualization exercise as you clean your floors. As you’re doing it, picture all that nasty brown and black energy being into the dustpan with the dirt on the floor, or being sucked into the vacuum. Once finished, toss the negative energy out with the trash and send the intent for it to be purified by the natural world.

Yes, folks, when I get tired of flying on my broom I use my Hoover instead.

Sometimes I’ll burn cleansing incense as I’m doing the domesticity thing as well. One of my all time favorites is sandalwood, since it’s traditionally purifying and I enjoy the scent. Frankincense, Sage and Eucalyptus, amongst others, are great options, too.

Smuding supplies

From the bottom up - Sweetgrass White sage stick Hawk feather Chimes Tibetan Singing Bowl

From the bottom up - Sweetgrass White sage stick Hawk feather Chimes Tibetan Singing Bowl

Smudging works, too.

However, if I’ve been dealing with weeks or months of problems, I’ll get out my sage, sweet-grass and either my chime or Tibetan singing bowl.

It’s been long thought that high notes scare off bad spirits and lift the vibrational tone of a place. I don’t necessarily agree with scaring off spirits, but lightening feel of a room really holds water in my experience.

Look at it in terms of music. Most of the joyful, more upbeat songs tend to feature a melody in a higher octave, right? Same thing happens with a well toned bell.

The use of sage and sweet grass is respectfully borrowed from a number of Native American traditions. These two herbs are primary tools used in smudging ceremonies. Smudging is a ritualistic method of cleansing an area, and so far, it’s my preferred method.

Being a bit on the eclectic side of things, I’ve developed my own method of doing this. If you’ve been in the metaphysical world for a while, you probably have your own method already.

I start in the room through which we enter the house. In our case, that’s our kitchen.

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First, I sound the chime as I stand in the middle of the kitchen. Once the tone eventually fades, I move on to the next room to my left, and so on until I reach the room I’d started in.

From there, I light the sage and fan the flame with a hawk feather as I make my way around the room in a counterclockwise direction. The whole time, I focus on ridding the area of negativity. Sage is also an extremely cleansing herb, and there are quite a few varieties that are native to the United States.

As a side note, I’d purchased the hawk feather from a store which only gets their supply of feathers from legally recognized suppliers, like rescues and raptor centers. If I can’t grow or make my own supplies, it’s best to attain them in the most conscientious way possible.

In quite a few cultures, drawing a circle counterclockwise or stirring a pot in that direction is an act of banishing. When smudging, I use it to get rid of negativity. When cooking, you can stir a pot in a counterclockwise direction to banish illness or hurt feelings, depending on who you’re cooking for.

Once I complete my circuit, I snuff out the smudge in a bowl of sand. Next comes sweet grass.

Sweet grass is known to draw positive energy into a place. As I burn the sweet grass and fan it with my feather, I move in a clockwise direction, focusing on bring positivity into the area.

Moving in a clockwise direction is used to summon things. If you’re cooking, stir the pot in a clockwise direction to bring health and happiness. When smudging, use it to draw positive energy.

Once I’m done with the smudging, I take a moment to be grateful. I thank any guardians which may be hanging out with me. I thank people who have gone before me, those who are currently with me in any capacity and the universe for providing life for us all.

Although the exercise provides a distinct sense of wellbeing to me, folks who enter my home after I’ve done it usually take note of the different feel to the area. They can’t always pinpoint it, but many have said it’s like a weight lifts from their shoulders when they visit my place.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s pretty good validation of a job well done.


Emilie S Peck (author) from Minneapolis, MN on July 26, 2012:

I'm glad you found it interesting! I also agree with you wholeheartedly. Sharing info on matters such as these often raises energetic vibrations itself. Thanks for the read!

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on July 26, 2012:

Very interesting. I think a huge part of getting ahead of negative vibes is just talking/writing about it. So thanks for your contribution.

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