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Moroni Saw Me

Rodric Johnson is a husband and father first and an author as time permits. Enjoy his writings. They are a constant work for him to improve.

Who the Heck is Moroni?

The short answer is that he is an ancient historian who lived in pre-Columbian America. He was also a prophet of God who worshiped as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This means my title speaks of an ancient prophet-historian who saw my life and sent messages through time in an ancient record to give me direction in life. Learning about Moroni is a long story and an interesting story worth the study.

Likening the scriptures to yourself means to read from them and place yourself in the stories, adapting the issues to your personal life. I liken or adapt what Moroni recorded in The Book of Mormon to my life. These words, written to all people, I make personal because it is.


I am Moroni?

A few decades ago, I started a journey that involved relocating several times, giving up some family connections, and changing my personal philosophy.

In order to find a connection to heaven, I had to give up some things that are hard to release and seek after some things that are rarely found.

I gave up so much to know God. What I have gained for my sacrifices cannot be quantified in any measure that does it justice. However, I can qualify it.

Why am I Moroni when my Dad named me Rodric?

Moroni is my hero, and we went through trials together in life, though centuries apart. Some of the things we have in common are just normal parts of life. He lost his father in battle, a war with the group known then politically and culturally as Lamanites. I lost my father to a coma. The coma is comparable to the ancient Lamanites breaking the psychological walls of Dad's mind and laying it waste until nothing was left but the shell of a man that could not function without a machine.

Moroni lost family and friends indicated by the words that he wrote in the record that he kept before burying it in a hill for a young man to find it 45 or so generations from the time he deposited it. I lost great loved ones in my life: my grandmother, my cousin J.L., and my daughter Zipporah. I lost connections with family and friends when I changed my life and moved so much as a youth.

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    Moroni Saw Me is associated with the Book Moroni Saw Me Written by Rodric Anthony Johnson. It includes a blog with links to other information about Moroni, a prophet who testifies of Jesus Christ divinity as the Son of God in The Book of Mormon.

Moroni mourning the death of his father

Moroni is my hero, and we went through trials together in life though centuries apart. Some of the things we have in common are just normal parts of life.

My point?... Moroni saw me as I stated in the title, and wrote a portion in his record stating Jesus Christ showed me to him as part of a vision of the last days! From that vision, he knew my doings as written in Mormon 8:35.

Imagine that! It's horrifying and intriguing at the same time! I'm satisfied he didn't write all he saw, but what he wrote, is heartbreaking because I see it going on.

He spoke to me about all the evil going on in society and asked me a very poignant question (I say me because, again, I am making it personal. He wrote to all 8 billion of us). I will paraphrase it. Why have you polluted the Church of Jesus Christ with your pride and envy?

People, the Holy Spirit let me know that Moroni saw me. His writings speak to me in the moments I need as recorded in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Not only by chastising me, does Moroni speak, but also by reminding me that God did speak to prophets and give them visions.

This man, this prophet etched personal things in his record that rivets my heart to the Lord. His words convinced me of Christ’s divinity. I gained a relationship with God—me, a sinner! God can give me visions, just like He gave them to Moroni about us. He can give them to you also.

Moroni told me that God will show me my weaknesses so I can turn to Him and those weaknesses can become strengths. He wrote that in the book of Ether while struggling with his inadequacies and trials. (Ether 12:27) I am Moroni because I want to be a man of God just like he was. Moroni loved God, and he loved me enough to write to me. All of the world can claim that privilege!

Jesus Christ spoke to the leaders of the Jews

Pollutions, Pride & Envy

Jesus Christ spoke to the leaders of the Jews during His mortal ministry as these politicians did everything in their power to thwart the work of the Savior. At every turn, He rebuffed their attempts using the power of heaven and reason to unfold the scriptures to them, showing them how apostate their religious practices made their society. The laws of Jehovah were corrupted by them so that they could maintain their political power with the Roman government.

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Jesus became the disturber of their peace and an activist against the status of the House of Israel politically. Four hundred years after Jesus' mortal ministry, Moroni accused us modern folks of the same thing. By heavenly means, he accused me of polluting the Lord's church with my pride. I have pride, not the good kind but the other type. What am I doing to pollute the Church in these last days and how can I change that? I can change. Moroni also speaks of changing and repenting.

What do I envy that pollutes the Church? There are some things I envy that others have, causing a spirit of digression in the Church. I hope by publicly asking these questions of myself you may also ask these questions. Moroni saw me, adapting doctrine and life experiences to my aid because his society reigned in uproar, blood, and horror!

What am I doing to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ personally? Moroni will witness against me at the judgment. I've read his words for decades! How will those words apply to me then? While doing all I can, the grace of Christ affords salvation to each hope I hold and each attempt I make to improve my life. Ask these introspective questions.

Faith, Hope and Charity

In his farewell to the reader, Moroni teaches we must grab hold of every good thing by using our faith in Jesus Christ, our hope in the efficacious nature of His atonement, and pure love for all beings in our lives. In order for me to avoid being a pollution to my church, I must have faith, hope, and charity. That last one is the hardest.

It is easy to hope in the resurrection promised by Jesus to all because I have a vested interest in seeing my loved ones again--who passed away--reunited in glorious bodies all due to the grace of Christ. I have faith in that. Charity is a little harder because it is not only an act but a disposition, a characteristic.

Jesus taught us to love Him and God with each part of our hearts and to love each other the same as we love ourselves. I have to love you the same way I love myself. I do not think that Jesus meant figurative love. I believe He meant for me to think about what I do for myself to show love. I clean myself. I feed myself. I speak up for myself. He wants me then to do those things for other people, regularly! I'm not there yet. It is okay. I realize it, and I'm working towards developing that love.

Are you there? You may be there. Thanks for showing it. I see it even though society would have us believe all people strive for anything else but love. While doing all that I can, I use daily--His teachings, example, and atonement--the grace of Christ to save me.

Music can motivate us to continue to make changes in our lives to lay hold of every good thing through faith, hope, and charity.

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The Bible and The Book of Mormon teach that we must account for our doing to God. All of us will answer how we use the technology God inspired humanity to build. Do we watch porn? Do we reach out to the needy with it!

This is not to frighten you, people. It is to be aware. In my book, also of the same name as this article's title, I open my life to the world to scrutinize my experiences and how I have overcome some significant issues. I think we should each sit down and write a personal history detailing how we have overcome and what we must yet change to truly be perfected in Christ.

Even with Moroni seeing me, I know that I will be the biggest witness on the day I stand before God to receive my reward.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2016 Rodric Anthony


Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on March 21, 2016:

I have not found that the Bible and the Book of Mormon contradict. If they did, however, I would go with what the Book of Mormon taught. It is what introduced me to Christ, not the Bible. I appreciate the Bible because it records the Mortal Ministry of Christ. The Book of Mormon is my most favored book of Scripture. Again, because it introduced me to Jesus Christ, the real one. I have a testimony not independent of both books of scripture. I have my own experiences with Christ I can read about and draw faith from.

I do lie KC. I do not know if I would call the Mormon lies, but I repent too each time I fall short of the covenants that I made to God. You cannot hijack Christianity. I know that Christ lives. I hope you do too. I support your faith in Christ with my own. You attack my faith. That is fine too. I just hope you pay more attention to the good parts of Christianity than what I have seen here.

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on March 21, 2016:

KC, I appreciate your opinion. I respect that you believe the things that you do about organized religion. I am an idiot KC. I believe the Satan and Jesus are brothers. I am sure I have explained why in the many comments that I have made on hubpages or in an article at one time or another. We lived before we were born. I believe all of us were involved in the war in heaven where we fought on the side of Jehovah and kicked Lucifer down here to the Earth for rebelling against God. I believe Jehovah became Jesus Christ. I believe Jehovah is my brother as well as my God. Satan is my brother as well as my enemy, since he is an enemy to God now.

I wonder why you think the church is evil. I am sure you have an experience where something occurred that makes you feel that way. I for one love the church and the good it does in m life and the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Oh, and the Book of Mormon has a number of mistakes in it that I have found from my reading it throughout the years. The doctrine it contains is comparable to the doctrine obtained from the Bible, which is also a true record though flawed. the flaws in the Book of Mormon are minor in comparison to what is found in the Bible. Though accept and have an abiding testimony of the Bible, it is the Book of Mormon that converted me to Christianity. I eventually joined the church that produces it.

God does allow weakness. If you read in the scriptures He allows His people to rise and fail according to that people's willingness to listen to Him. It is not different for the Latter-day Saints.

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on March 02, 2016:

When the BOM has contradictions from what the Holy Bible states, then the BOM is a LIE. And don't bother giving excuses and try to feed me your mormon lies.

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on March 02, 2016:

You said;" Joseph smith translated that mistake and God allowed it the weakness of man to show in the work. Is that your excuse. You're saying God allowed a mistake in the BOM. Well the FACT is the whole BOM is not juct a mistake, but EVERY page of it is a lie of Joseph Smith.

You said; "The church is a business. All churches are." That I agree. But I wonder how God and our Lord Jesus Christ feel's about that. Your church is run by filthy greedy anti-christ's. And so are the rest of them.

Only an idiot would believe Jesus and satan are brothers. And have a skewed understanding of what satan is. Your church is flat out evil.

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on March 01, 2016:

KC, I understand that you do not believe these things. That does not make them lies. I believe the things that you mentioned. Did God tell you these things are lies or did you decide it on your own understanding?

The teaching that Jesus was born at Jerusalem is either a mistake or in the same thinking as me being born in New York. I was born in Rochester, which is another city in the state, but it was easier for me to tell my foreign friends NYC to give them an understanding of where I was talking. I think Mormon just made a mistake and Joseph Smith translated that mistake and God allowed the weakness of man to show in the work.

We believe all peopl are brothers and sisters. Why is it so hard to understand why we say Satan and Jesus are brothers. I believe you are his brother or sister. I don't really know.

I appreciate you engaging me, but it would be nice to read something I have not heard about repeatedly for the last 20 years since I joined the "Mormon" church.

The church is a business. All churches are. How else are they going to maintain?

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on March 01, 2016:

Moroni is a made up angel of Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is a liar.

Mormons claim that Jesus Christ and satan are brothers. This is a lie.

BOM teach Jesus was born in Jerusalem. Clearly this teaching is also a lie.

Joseph Smith translated the BOM from two gold tablets. This is a lie. But without this lie the mormon church would not be a multi-billion dollar year business like it is today.

To say LDS is a church is a lie, it's a tax free business And is just one of many that use the 501 c3 tax status. Filthy greed on their part.

Mormons teach that when Jesus returns the Mormons will be gathered together in the New Jeusalem in "MISSOURI" before judgement. Again. this teach is a lie of Joseph Smith LDS business they call a church.


Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on March 01, 2016:

KC, ok, I will bite. I know that you may not agree with some of my beliefs. I suggest for our readers that you list what they are. It is difficult to get the time of readers theses days. Twitter tweets are what we read not a-days. We are too busy.

Anything that comes from any book besides the Bible is garbage you say? Pick out the things not from the Bible and we can discuss them.

It is true that I don't depend on the Bible for my relationship with God. The Bible is a tool just like any book. I do not worship the Bible. That would be a sin. I worship God. Men wrote the Bible and all scripture. Anything a person, a human has written is imperfect. Only God is perfect and good.

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on March 01, 2016:

Your article is not about other churches so don't try to turn the cards around or change the subject off this article. You worte things in this article that is false. Most or much comes from the Book of Mormon or Books other than the Holy Bible. Therefore it's garbage.

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on February 29, 2016:

KC, where do you get your information? All the religions you mention use the Bible. What makes your brand more true than the others?

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on February 29, 2016:

The bible is truth. All the other books mormons use, like the Book of Mormon and all of their other garbage books they use. And for your information the Mormons are not the only false church out there. I'll say the same thing about JW, catholic's , baptist and the rest of the false churches who call themselve the body of Christ. The LDS is just one out of the thousands out there that are garbage.

Rodric Anthony (author) from Surprise, Arizona on February 28, 2016:

KC, is all of it garbage? Are you trolling around looking for anything that an LDS Christian writes then disparaging it? If you are, then that's okay. Be honest though. How can this trolling help anyone, including you, get closer to Jesus christ?

KingdomCome from those of the Ecclesia on February 28, 2016:

What a bunch of garbage.

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