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Mormon Temples: Why are Only Members Allowed to Go Inside?

Kathryn Skaggs is the founder of Latter-day Saint Women Stand, a community of over 50K faithful Latter-day Saint women who love their faith!

Solomon's Temple... A House of The Lord.

The Brazen Sea

The Brazen Sea

Dedication Of Solomon's Temple

Dedication Of Solomon's Temple

Solomon's Temple

Solomon's Temple

The Holy Of Holies

The Holy Of Holies

"Why Can't I Go Inside a Mormon Temple"?

This Hub is in response to a question that was posted on the Hub - "Mormonism, Missionaries And A Message..."

I felt that the this question that was asked was of such importance, as it is a question that is asked of Mormons frequently. Therefore, I am responding to the question in the form of this Hub.

Y - Question: sdorrian

I was in Salt Lake City recently and took a tour of the Temple grounds. We were not allowed to go into the actual Temple and were told that nobody who is not Mormon was allowed to attend services there. Do you know why that is?

M - Answer: LdsNana-AskMormon

Hi sdorrian, and thank you once again for asking about the Mormon temples and the reason not just anyone may enter. This is a subject of solemn and sacred doctrine, of which are deeply personal to many members of the LDS faith.

LDS temples are dedicated unto the Lord, and set apart from the world, as they were in ancient times. Temples are sacred, in that only those who meet a particular code of righteous living, are then eligible to enter.

The highest sacraments of the Mormon faith, such as eternal marriage sealings are performed in our temples. These sacred ordinances are holy and performed only in houses dedicated to the Lord -- temples.

Mormons believe that these sacred and eternal marriages that are performed only in the temple are for time and all eternity.

Mormon Chapels are Meeting Houses Where Members of the LDS Church Hold Services Each Sunday. All are Welcome!

Why Mormons Build Temples

More About Mormon Temples and LDS Teachings About Mormonism...

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FYI: Not every members of the Mormon faith is allowed in the temple either...

Simply because someone is a member of the LDS Church - this alone, does NOT automatically give them entrance into a Mormon temple.

They must first meet the requirements of their membership in the Church - for receiving a recommendation. This is determined by two separate personal interviews, both with ecclesiastical leaders in the Church - prior to their receiving what is known as a "Temple Recommend". These two interviews are repeated for every temple recommend holder, every two years for most members of the LDS Church.

As a member of the LDS Church myself, I can tell you that the personal preparation in our lives - in committing to live these Christian standards as taught in Mormonism - require a very solemn and serious commitment for the individual -- which is based on the keeping of commandments and covenants.

Only active and faithful members, to the teachings of Mormonism, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints then, qualify a member to enter into the temples of God here upon the earth today.

Temples are a Beacon

Washington D.C. LDS (Mormon) Temple - Mormons

The Blessings of Temple Worship...

As members of the LDS Church, we believe that the Lord would desire that everyone were able to enter into the House of the Lord and partake of the wonderful blessings of temple worship.

The temples of the Lord are the most peaceful and holy places upon the earth. I love to go to the temples and feel the Spirit and participate in those performances that are part of temple worship.

As a child I loved going to Disneyland. I grew up in Southern California.

I still can recall with more than fond memories, pulling into the Disneyland parking lot, and seeing up on the marquee, the words proclaiming... "the happiest place on earth"!

Family History Work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is the Work of Eternal Families...

Mormon Temples Bring Families Together Forever!

At that time in my life, I truly believed that proclamation!

Although Disneyland has become quite commercialized and very crowded - that memory of my childhood - incredibly - still has the power to cause me to think that it is still true! (particularly when going with a young grandchild)

As a (sometimes) mature adult, who loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and desires to keep His commandments - which I believe He has given through sacred text and living prophets... for me personally - the temples of God are "the most joyful places on earth... " where heaven touches our lives here and now. And this is thrilling!

Mormons believe that the ordinances performed in holy temples allow us to be together forever as families...

Mormon Temples: A Conversation with a Church Leader

LdsNana-AskMormon On HubPages...

Come to the Temple... Is the Invitation of Living Prophets Throughout all History...

I too, would love it - if you could have gone inside and seen and felt how truly wonderful a temple of God is - to the soul. There have been many new temples built all over the world over the last few decades. After each temple is completed, there is a time set aside, prior to these edifices being dedicated to the Lord - of which the public is then able to go inside and tour the temples. Once a temple is dedicated, a temple recommend then becomes necessary for entrance.

I hope that these videos are helpful in bringing some sense both physically and spiritually -- a bit about these sacred LDS Temples...

Those who have an interest in learning more about Mormonism, our doctrines and beliefs... are invited to attend our weekly Sunday Services at any of our regular Church meetinghouses... which we call chapels.

Everyone is more than welcome, anytime, and are greeted warmly when attending an LDS Church. So don't be shy -- come and see for yourself!


Kathryn Skaggs

Answers From LdsNana-AskMormon About Mormonism -- Ask A Mormon Your Question?

Please leave your thoughts about LDS Temples...

Timothy Donnelly from Ontario, Canada on December 12, 2011:

Great Hub LdsNana-AskMormon, Rated UP and Interesting, and Useful.

BTW, you have the Last Word, so to speak, in my latest Hub, which speaks of paying an Honest Tithe, as well as exhortation to pay an Honest Tax. Actually, you have the last "Hub Karma" Link (to this page) in my article.

Merry Christmas LdsNana-AskMormon, to you and yours; may you all experience an abundance of joy in this "Christmas Tide" of giving.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on January 14, 2009:

clint -

I appreciate you saying that...  Really, that is all I am trying to do:-)



clint on January 14, 2009:

Great Hub, You have such a great way of explaning things so they are easy to understand .

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on January 10, 2009:

foodstorage -

Thanks for dropping by... I always appreciate your kind encouragement:-)



foodstorage from Utah on January 10, 2009:

You always have such great answers to tough questions.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on January 10, 2009:

Claudia -

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this Hub, about "our" Temples, and why not everyone is able to participate.

As you know, as members - the way we choose to live our lives, is the only things that keeps these doors closed. Membership in the LDS Church, is the first step toward entrance. Once we become a member - those doors begin to swing wide with marvelous blessings for any who desire them, in their lives.

I do so hope, that you will return to the House of the Lord, and enjoy all of the blessings of God, to those of full fellowship:-)



Claudia G. on January 10, 2009:

The videos & music are so beautiful. I liked the way you explained the entrance to the temple. I wish I would have had my temple recommend when I went to Argentina last March, but I'm inactive member.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 20, 2008:

sdorrian -

Thank you once again for asking a question that so many have wondered upon, just like you:-) I very much enjoyed writing this hub and bringing these resources together...

Perhaps, now you are like anyone, who has not been "to" the temple, be it a member of the LDS Church or not... all who are unfamiliar with temple worship basically feel as you do right now:-)

Most important is that those who are not yet able to go inside the temple will not feel as though, they "could" not...



sdorrian from Chicago on March 20, 2008:

I always feel a bit "in the dark" about something or other, but I definitely now understand the sacred nature of the Mormon Temple and why only Mormons are allowed inside.


Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 20, 2008:

Buddha -

Wonderful! Let me ask you a question... do you understand better because of this Hub?

Explain if you would:-)




Buddha on March 20, 2008:

I understand.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 19, 2008:

sdorrian -

Thank you. I am glad that you feel the Hub is informative. But... does this help with giving you a better understanding of temples and Mormonism. Do you feel less in the dark than you did before:-) ?




sdorrian from Chicago on March 18, 2008:

Thanks for answering my question with this very informative Hub!

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 18, 2008:


Thank you. I do believe that you have just made my "day":-) You comment is very thoughtful and respectful.

And if there were more individuals, like yourself, the world would be a much kinder place.

I very much like the point you make about "keeping" a thing sacred. That is powerful. It is interesting to note, that a small handful who have once been inside the temples, as "active" members... for personal reasons, have decided to divulge that which is sacred to faithful LDS.

In other words, I believe that these individuals feel that if Mormonism and our Temple worship are "exposed" to the world -- through their eyes, people could see how strange and cult-like the Mormons are???

The beauty of the Temple experience, and worshipping in the Temples of God, is that it is sacred, and not "secret". The "secret" if you will has been exposed through media today. The sacredness of the Temple experience will always exist for faithful members and those desiring someday to perhaps experience going inside a Temple of God.

Religion, if deeply understood - is symbolic at a level far beyond the physical world, i.e. that which we can write about, talk about or even see with our own eyes... thus, the Temple and how faithful members regard it as sacred can only be those parts of temple worship that an individual then translates into their day to day lives--because of the temple experience that that they have chosen, through personal righteousness.... to then partake of through the Temple experience.

Faithful members of the LDS Church, who also hold a temple recommend, frequent the temple as much as possible. LDS members know that in order to continue in the path of how Jesus walked - that they too much remember Him always.

In a way, symbolically in Mormonism -- Heaven and earth touch in our Temples, for LDS members... and we are gently moved closer to God, and maintain a strong commitment against the tides of the world - to keep the Covenants that are made in the Temple as part of worshipping in the Temple.

Gee, I could have written a few more Hubs with all my responding. LOL

But when people make such kind comments, it causes me to want to share even more...

Thank you.



pjdscott from Durham, UK on March 18, 2008:

LdsNana-AskMormon - this is a fascinating hub. I don't know much about the Mormons but your article is clear and incisive. I don't see any problem with keeping something sacred - perhaps if we all had better values, the world would be a better place.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 17, 2008:


I love you! You are so very dear to me... for some odd reason:-)



MrMarmalade from Sydney on March 17, 2008:

Thank you for clearing some of my misconcepts.

On another note i am amazed how many hubbers do not allow corrections to be carried out.

Sometimes my fingers do not obey the the commands of the brain.

I need Spellckeck..

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 17, 2008:

Doghouse -

Nice to see you out and about:-) LOL

You mention the Old Testament... I am quite surprised at how few "Christians" actually study the Old Testament? I too love the Old Testament, and have found deep symbolism and similitude's of Jesus Christ. I love how the Old Testament is in a sense... "law".

Christians today, do not really like "law". It seems to have a bad connotation in the world today that "men" should be required by God to do anything but believe.

I realize that this is a very huge wall that the teachings of Mormonism rub up against when ever we discuss the authority of Priesthood and our relationship with "it" (meaning law).

The New Testament, is the record of Jesus Christ, His ministry and eventual victory over death and hell. It is also the record of the "people" that He engaged with, during His sojourn here upon earth.

I find it interesting, that because Jesus Christ had to deal with so many who lived the "law of Moses", which of course was His law... His ministry is recorded as He was teaching the people about Him versus the physical doing of His Laws. He firmly had to teach these people at this time... about Grace and Mercy!

Remember... The Old Testament is literally a course in LAW 101! It is a firm record of God's "requirements". But, now... Jesus Christ of the New Testament is attempting through His ministry while here upon the earth... to "show" Mercy and Grace through His life and death... literally.

Jesus Christ is the great Judge... but of what - IF there is no LAW?

Laws are requirements that must be fulfilled to bring about positive consequences.

As a member of the LDS faith, I am so very grateful for those "other sheep that were not of that fold" - of which there are other records, with other people that Jesus Christ taught about Christianity.

The Sadducees and Pharisees, etc... were a very tough crowd as we well know... we must consider the accounts of the Old and New Testaments according the the people of the time.

We cannot pick and choose which era of the Bible best fits our personal interpretation of "God" or religion... and yet - apparently God knew that in the last days, this would be a major problem.

Alas.... restoration! Clarification! Light! Knowledge! And above all.... equality, balance, law, charity, mercy, grace, etc... coming together as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is not simply one of these attributes, but He embodies all as One.



In The Doghouse from California on March 17, 2008:


Again a wonderful representation of the view of the Mormon's from a Mormon. The temple is a place where I think literally, "Heaven meets Earth." It is a place where covenants are entered into and promises are made for obedience to those covenants. Being immersed in the Old Testament right now, I can see evidences of Temple experiences all throughout the book itself. The Temple experience is simply a continuation of the "journey" we embark on in this life as we attempt to "walk with God." It is the culmination of the teaching of law and the blessings of obedience to that law. Thank you for your unwavering attempt to spread correct doctrinal teachings.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 17, 2008:

Hi Britnryan-

Adorable name by the way:-) Thanks for your comment.

I hope this small answer, although I realize that people still have many questions about LDS Temple worship in general... has helped a bit.

I don't think that LDS will ever overcome the "curiosity" factor. After all, we are all only human and are supposed to wonder about that which is unknown to us... I do believe it is a good thing most of the time.

Problems with the Mormon Temples arise, from those who are hostile to the faith for whatever reason, and begin to speculate or mis-interpret... causing distrust of and for the LDS faithful.

I hope that over time, with more information available and respectful tolerance... more understanding will occur.



Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 17, 2008:


Delighted as always to have you comment on one of my Hubs. I thank you and truly appreciate your thoughts.

Yes, if I perpetuated any other thought - other than the fact that Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the literal "Son" of God, please accept my apologies.

I am not sure if you are aware, but Mormons teach that there are actually three separate and distinct, glorified beings that make up the "Godhead".

We simply do not accept that the Savior, Jesus Christ - the Son of God - would have prayed to Himself in that great intercessory prayer on our behalf. He is truly our mediator with His and our Father - on our behalf! These are not mixed up words, that are difficult to understand in the Bible. We firmly declare that this relationship is NO mystery. God and Jesus Chirst are two different Glorified and Exalted Beings.

We believe that literally Jesus Christ came here, and submitted to the will of an actual glorified Father, His and ours. It was His perfect submission to His Father... that brought about that great offering we know as the atonement of Jesus Christ.

It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that we all place our hopes, dreams, and desires upon, that we too will live again!

Mormons believe in the family unit... and that to preserve this loving unit, is God's great work among His children.

Mormonism teaches that like Jesus Christ, who said, "Come Follow Me" - as you mentioned... "baptism" is that which makes us one in His Kingdom.

And also "like" Jesus Christ, Mormons firmly believe, that through following the perfect example of Jesus Christ, to the best of our "fallible" abilities, that we are able to "show" God our love for Him... just like Jesus Christ, through His "Perfect" obedience - wrought the atonement in our behalf.

Mormons know in all humility, that no matter how "perfect" or good at keeping any commandments or laws - we could possibly be -- nonetheless, we still could never return to live with our Heavenly Father again... without Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer.

As members of The LDS Church, we declare in all humility our great need for and desire of the Love, Mercy and Grace that Jesus offers us. And we are humbled, to walk in His footsteps, contrary to the ways of the world... so that we might "show" our love and gratitude of Him and our Father in Heaven.

Temples are a place where LDS members are able to worship in the highest form of human abilities, acknowledging the complete mercy of the Lord, as we "present" our lives - clean - in His Holy House.

Personally, I love the Easter celebration at this time of the year, much more than the celebration of Christmas. If not for the mission of that babe born in Bethlehem, that precious birth - would have gone by the wayside.

How thankful we should all be, for the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God... at this Easter seasons.



Britnryan on March 17, 2008:

Hey Nana,

Being a member myself, and having this question asked from others before, I thought you did a great and thourough job of explainging one of those subjects that can be confusing for others outside the church. You always do a great job! Drax is pretty entertaining, and I am entertained by his ideas :) Your hub is a great reference place to send our friends here to answer questions that I feel you say better than I would.I love the temple and it is such a blessing im my life. There is a difference I feel in my life when I attend the temple.

MrMarmalade from Sydney on March 17, 2008:

I submit I have five sons and two of them have been Baptised in our faith.

One does not belive in God or Christ, even though he went through Sunday school and Youth Club.

He belives our God is not a kind God, when he saw what pain his father was subjected to 27 years ago. We regret his decision and prey that God will show him the road to the Kingdom.

We have been told that road is narrow and few are there that will find it.

MrMarmalade from Sydney on March 17, 2008:


I do belive we join Christ in the waters of baptism not the holiest of churches. I think you are missing the boat by saying the old Testament is the lean we Mormons favour. Christ is the Son of God Not God.

I endorse Drax'c comment in many regards I envy your belief since it is a lovely thing to get up every day and have a belief to look forward to.

I do not believe that God' appointed the Chuch to be his vehicle of welcolm into the Kingdom to be established on earth. The First Commandment of God is to Love your God and the Second Commandment is to Llove your Neighbour, as you love yourself.

I have not read anywhere that you must love your Church.

Still all said and done I will continue to read all your Hubs, because I learn as I read and do give Prtaise to your Faith.

Thank you for all information.

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 16, 2008:

Drax -


Sorry to disappoint, but Mormons don't practice polygamy any longer. You are going to need to go and join one of those "fundamentalist" groups that "think" they are practicing true Mormonism:-)

Mormons who even "think" polygamy, are excommunicated! Leaders are firm in stating that "those" fundamentalist groups have absolutely nothing to do with "the" Mormon Church. And I can attest to this being true.

So... try joining with some of them? LOL

But, three Me's! Oh now my husband is really on the floor! LOL

True Mormonism didn't abolish polygamy for nothing you know... the men finally got smart! LOL (joking people)




(I promise, that I will treat this topic with dignity soon enough:-)

des donnelly from Co Tyrone.... on March 16, 2008:

Hey K, thanks,

we used to always joke at home and say ...yeah there's not many of us left.... ...Irish gentlemen that is...

As a poet i'm a very poor choice of subject matter since I view most things with sceptism nonetheless I have always had a healthy curiousity in Mormonism and have often wondered would three wives keep me out of trouble..... It would be seriously educational to be a Mormon, a Taoist, an Islamist, a Jew, a Protestant for a while and then write around that experience... maybe some of these days one of these gods will take pity on me...


Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 16, 2008:

Laughs! LOL

You are a true Irish Gentleman and I am glad to know you. I hope if there is anything I can explain to you about Mormonism, that you will ask away. My arms are wide open always for a good belly laugh amongst friends:-)

Religion is only religion... it is not and never will be "people".



des donnelly from Co Tyrone.... on March 16, 2008:

Thank you for the courtesy of the reply LdsNana-AskMormon, in many regards I envy your belief since it is a lovely thing to get up every day and have a belief to look forward to. I was raised a Catholic but lost that in my teens due mostly to politics and the attitude of the Church to the war in Ireland... I am resonably ambivalent to religion, I would not shoot you without some basic explanation... laughs...

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 16, 2008:

Hi Drax (sorry for the mis-spelling:-)

Sorry if I mis-read your post. Although you must admit... (come on:-) that, most of those that are anti any kind of organized religion usually have a pretty good reason for it. That reason is "man" getting in the way of them and God, in a negative way, right?

I have a brother-in-law that was born and raised in London. I have always felt a sadness, that he will not even look at any "organized" religion, let alone the Mormon Church, because of the bad taste in his mouth, because of the many abuses of the Churches that he is most familiar with....

Honestly, I really do understand this concern about man getting in the way of our relationship with God. It can happen in any religion.

I guess I would just say... for those who believe in God, and believe that He is Jesus Christ - then I would say that it is a good idea to know exactly what He requires of us (if anything at all) and then try to live by that truth to the best of our understanding.

As a Mormon, we believe that the God of the Old Testament, Jehovah - is Jesus Christ of the New Testament. Mormons do not believe that Jesus Christ has gone and changed the way man is to come unto Him, since the days that He, Himself walked the earth and set up His Church with Apostles, Prophets, pastors, teachers, etc.

Long story short... we firmly declare that there was radical apostasy from the original Ancient Christian Church (days of Christ). And we believe that it was prophesied to occur.

Mormonism claims a complete restoration of the ancient Church of Jesus Christ that He set up.

Oh, sorry if I am rambling. But it is so easy for me to personally understand the anti organized religion feelings. What man has done in the "Name" of God is horrifying to say the least.

Mormonism, is beautiful. It is richly symbolic of Jesus Christ. It is not a religion for zealots. We are too boring for that:-) But Mormons truly do believe in the teachings, commandment and laws of Jesus Christ. And we believe that He speaks with man today, as in the days of both the Old and New Testament.

Logically speaking... why not?



des donnelly from Co Tyrone.... on March 16, 2008:

Sorry LdsNana-AskMormon I was not trying to be sarcastic ...everyone should have enough space for their relegion, I really believe it is a fundamental right... it seems from your article that if one talks to this person and talks to that person then you can get permission and hence my comment... I have always believed that it is better to take the humans out of the ..god-and me.. equation where possible... and that any 'selective' access to a house of god sounds like elitism....

Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 16, 2008:

Hi Robert -

Glad you enjoyed the videos, etc... You are someone who Knows:-)

Thank you for your kindness.



Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 16, 2008:

Hey Draxx-

There is always a system isn't there? But it would not make it legitimate in the eyes of God and that is all that really matters, isn't it?

Integrity - you either have it or you don't. The Mormon Church does not utilize a lie detector machine:-)

You either get it or you don't. Those people... never get it!

Thanks for the comment. I totally understand the sarcasm. It's cool.



Kathryn Skaggs (author) from Southern California on March 16, 2008:


How are you my friend?

When we study the Old Testament, we note that Jehovah appointed Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedek, Moses, Aaron, etc.. to stand between Him and His people in administering required offerings, sacrifices, etc... that would be acceptable unto God on behalf of the children of God. Whether it were tithes, offering, sacrifices, etc...

I am not a Biblical scholar but I do understand the law of sacrifice and obedience as taught in the Old Testament and how that pointed to the great and last sacrifice of the Only Begotten.

It was the intention of Jehovah, through all of his prophets then and now... to bring His people that would receive Him - into His literal presence. The people and City of Enoch are a beautiful example of this obedience to law.

Moses on the other hand, had to deal with a people that just would not prepare themselves, regardless of how much Moses tried to prepare them.....

Therefore, eventually Moses was removed from their presences and Aaron, stood as High Priest - as a mediator (symbol of JC) to the children of Israel.

Following the ministry of Jesus Christ and His fulfilling the atonement and resurrection... which literally rent the -

Today... those who are willing to receive Jesus Christ, through His appointed Prophets... are able to enter into His presence (the temple) and they may offer themselves unto God...

Symbolically, unspotted from the world.. and still, we must "pass" through that which God requires.

Today, most men believe that they can determine what "their" sacrifice to God will be... how much they choose to keep His commandments.

Where is this in the Bible that man makes up the laws of God?

What constitutes an acceptable "sacrifice"? God is the one that sets the law and the requirements that are required - that man must now choose to adhere to or NOT. There is no separation, except for that separation that Man chooses for himself, by not keeping God's laws.

It is his choice and not a separation that God has created. What many men today refuse to accept... is that God still has living prophets, Laws to be kept and a plan for His children.

I have a testimony of this plan, His living Prophets and the blessings of temples upon the earth today.

I have given some wonderful links and I hope that those of you who want to understand more will use these links.

Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment. And I do understand your perspective IF it truly was just "man" and his ideas here....

But this is of God, today... for all those who will choose Him. This is what Mormons believe concerning these things:-)



des donnelly from Co Tyrone.... on March 16, 2008:

there is probably a system where if you pay XXXdollars you can get to the front of the line and then get the VIP Temple Tour, meet all the main people, maybe even god on a quiet day, no matter if you are a mega sinner since the 'test' seems pretty subjective.....Drax..

MrMarmalade from Sydney on March 16, 2008:

I feel this separatism of the LDS is a very poor barrier of learning more.

It sounds a little like perhaps the Catholic Church.

Christ did not have any barriers. He was a fidsher of men,

not the look of Heaven on Earth.

You and I do not know what heaven looks like.

Robert Skaggs on March 16, 2008:

I was very touched by the videos that you worked into this Hub. The beautiful music and inspiring architecture of the temples reemphasized how blessed we are to have a bit of heaven here on earth.

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