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Moon Children's Love Connection

Moon Children are those born on the cusp of two signs like Joanna Blackburn was. Joanna writes about and from her personal experiences.

Moon Children's Love Connection


Moon Children are those who are born on the cusp of the Zodiac.

Every Moon Child has another Spiritual being that their soul is linked to. Their soul connection to one another is different than that of Spiritual Soul Mates, Twin Flames, or even Kindred Spirits. Upon meeting they are so familiar with each other's souls that unconditional love just happens without a second thought. Something inside awakens feelings that have never been experienced before in this lifetime. Unfamiliar sensations run through their minds, bodies, and souls.

Moon Children have a very strong connection with one another. Their energy & unconditional love can be very intense when two are in the same area, causing them to become overwhelmed with confusion. This is what makes it hard for Moon Children to realize that they have met their true soul mate.

The bond between these two Spiritual Beings is very deep with mutual support and unconditional love not only for themselves but for all of life surrounding them. No words have to be spoken between the two to understand what the other is feeling. Since their life paths have been the same, they understand each other's underlining meanings to what is spoken. Deep down in their souls, they understand what each other has experienced, so they have a different perspective on life around them.

With this perspective of the world, they now live in, they struggle with understanding their own feelings that have taken over their very soul. These feelings vibrate at such a high energy level that just the sight of each other brings a calming influence to their bodies.

Unconditional Love

Is simply accepting oneself and others as they are no matter what is said or done.

Grove of Ancient Oaks

Grove of Ancient Oaks

Unconditional Understanding

It takes just a simple encounter to start a friendship, but with Moon Children it will take unconditional understanding to keep it going with their soul mate. A strong sense of being drawn to one another makes a Moon Child curious as to why this spiritual being was out into their life path. At first, they just talk and listen (and I mean really listen) to what each other isn't saying and observe each other's body language even from a distance. Moon Children's unconditional understanding of each other happens because they can literally hear the soul of the other whispering their thoughts and true meanings to them.

As their friendship grows stronger the energy between them becomes deeply passionate for each other. They open up their hearts to one another by sharing their past pain without judgment. The feelings and sensations are so unreal that Moon Children's intuitive self begins to kick in and they share a side of themselves that no one else has ever been privileged to. They capture one another in a way that no other being has ever been able to.


As their past traumas surface, each one will have to deal with the pain hidden deep inside of themselves. The fears that bubble up will make them push each other away until they have learned from it and let go of it. Then and only then will they come back together to talk about why the pain was there and what they each had learned. Moon Children face themselves with open arms while finding out who they are together and apart. This is a distraction from the world around them. Once they fully connect on the souls' level all they see & feel is each other.

Days and nights blur together. Weeks and months slip by. Time does not exist when they are together.

Moon Children's Intimacy

Intimacy between Moon Children comes naturally as if they had known each other for many years. A simple touch from their hand sends a deep vibrating sensation through their bodies, connecting one soul to the other. Physical contact of any kind will earn their bodies to the core and send ripples through the brain.

When Moon Children are comfortable with the relationship that they are in everything around them seems to change. An intoxicating feeling comes over them as time disappears, nothing else seems to exist, not even the floor beneath their feet or the chair they are sitting on. Along with this comes intense emotions of unconditional love for each other. The ups and downs they experience in this reality of love make the bond between them stronger.

Friendship, sex, and intimacy ARE NOT inseparable. All three are needed for passions and fantasies to become their reality. Moon Children experience sexual pleasure in a way that makes them wonder what just happened. Orgasms are not their goal but their reward, because spiritual orgasms are very common and satisfying, physical orgasms are not needed.

The most sensual orgasms that Moon Children can have is the one that makes them feel like they are in a different realm of reality. The glow of light pours out of them as they float above their bodies, swirling in a loving embrace. Peace surrounded them for many hours and sometimes even for days. This experience can last up to 36 hours before they need to sleep and recharge their human body.

"It's not about sex or orgasms - it's about the journey to get there."

The blue sky filtering through a oak tree.

The blue sky filtering through a oak tree.

Mood and Personality

Moon Children are extremely moody spiritual beings. They can and do swing from one mood to the next in a split second. This is part of why they have such intense love for each other. It is also why they must have some time for themselves, so they can clear their thoughts and get control of their emotions. Since they are connected to the soul even when they are apart, they still feel each other's moods, so they have to separate their personal feelings from that of their mates. Moon Children's extreme moods and quirky personality traits are what draw them to cross paths at a very specific time in their lives. Taking a break from each other is an unspoken but accepted understanding between them.

Moon Children

Moon Children are spiritual beings that are born on the cusp of the star signs. Here is an example: Aries/Taurus. Moon Children's soul mates are connected by overlapping star signs. Here is an example: Pisces/Aries and Aries/Taurus. What that means is that the Aries in both is where the balance of their relationship can be found. Moon Children are not only affected by the moon and stars at night but also by the moon during the daytime. Each phase of the moon brings out different creative sides and intuitive abilities in each Moon Child. So similar abilities and traits are found to be different in Moon Children Soul Mates because this brings more balance to their relationship.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 Joanna Blackburn


Molly on November 17, 2019:

Very interesting as much as I'm not into labeling the connection between me and my devine masculine or where I like to call it my Adam to my Eve the very connection God designed us to have. This info is so spot on except the one uniqueness we seem to have where I habent heard any others that our signs are the same we are both Aquarius and born only 10 days apart

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