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Money Magic Secrets

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Focus on Intention

To unlock the secrets of money magic, focus on your intention for money. Ask yourself if you merely want to pay your bills, buy food and clothing and you are satisfied. Some people have more money than they know what to do with and store it away in banks and have no special intentions. Maybe some people want a lot of possessions, jewelry, the latest designer outfits each season, or buy the latest electronic gadget. Visualize your intentions for money without judgment. Nothing is good, bad, evil or holy, just think about it right now. Leave behind fear, guilt, and obligation and brainstorm ideas about your intentions for your money, whether it's one dollar or a million dollars.

Create a Vision Board or Journal

Try a vision board to help you with your money intentions. This can be a simple bulletin board you place in a spot you see every day, like in your bedroom or kitchen. If you want to manifest a new car, start collecting images from magazines on from the Internet of the type of car you would like to bring into your life, the color, size, make and model. Some people like to jot down notes in a journal of their intentions for their money to manifest in the near future. Maybe you want to purchase new living room furniture. Start jotting down what type of furniture style would make you happy. Do not be afraid to list details. Money works for you, not against you. Do not settle for less than what you want, even it if means you purchase a gently used item from a prior owner, that's okay, but start jotting down and visualize what it is you want to bring in your life within the next few months.

Visualize Money Flowing Towards You

I know this sounds a bit harsh, but the intention of money is to not simply give it away to strangers or people passing through your life that exist only for a moment. Most of the wealthiest people on this planet do not give away their money, not even to their own children. This is to teach them the value of money, that it's not something you give to beggars, thieves, friends or lovers. Think about this for a moment before getting angry. Set aside emotions. You are the most important person right here and now. You must first bless the money that comes into your life and place value on it, whether it's a dollar or a million dollars. Allow the money to flow to you easily. Visualize that you are sitting quietly on the banks of a beautiful calm lake of crystal clear sapphire and emerald color water. The waves are gently flowing towards you while you have your eyes closed, your hands are open and gently resting on your legs with palms facing heaven. Visualize a river of money flowing towards you and be grateful.

Create an Archangel Altar

An altar can be a small table in a corner of a room, a portion of your desk, or even a tall plant holder with a flat surface on top. The reason for an altar is to invoke a specific archangel that you request their presence and assistance on your journey through money magic.

Go ahead and set up an altar space for Ariel. She resides in the north, so get out your iPhone and see where north faces in your residence and place your altar there. Ariel gives us earth's abundance in wildlife, food, water, air and sun. She can help you with new beginnings, job opportunities or starting a new business.

Place a few items on your altar to start, her number is 4, so maybe set four small stones on your altar in pale pink, topaz, jade, amethyst or golden orange. Because she is the lioness of God, paint or find a picture of a beautiful lion with a lush golden mane. You can place small jars of oil like Frankincense, Jasmine or Sandalwood on the altar. Sit in front of the altar and take a deep breath and envision a white light from the universe entering through the top of your head into your heart space and hold your breath for a count of four, seeing a gold light inside your chest. Do this at least three times. Then on the fourth breath, when you let it out, vibrate the name ARIEL using slow, guttural sounds, some people sing the name. You can even quietly whisper the name. Repeat this at least three times. She then awaits your orders. Tell her to open a door of prosperity to you so that an abundance of energy flows freely towards you. Thank her and quietly go about your day. You can direct her to do anything on the earth plane, but be specific in your intention.

Your devotion should be daily or weekly to your archangel and remember to keep items fresh on your altar. I do not use food items as they spoil and may attract ants. I love using gemstones, trinkets that mean something to me, or small animal totems.

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Invoke Archangel Ariel to help you manifest your earthly desires.

Invoke Archangel Ariel to help you manifest your earthly desires.

Pay Attention to Messages and Opportunities

Become mindful in your daily activities and stop putting your mind on autopilot. As you create a vision board, journal and altar, you will start to see things in your path you never saw before. Perhaps you will have an inspiration to start a new business, to connect online with a hobby group, maybe adopt a new exercise routine that takes you to a park, a school, or a new trail where someone will cross your path with your same interests. Be on the lookout for new job opportunities, become aware of your surroundings, meet people's gazes and smile, write down your dreams and any inspirations that pop into your head throughout the day. Begin to say yes to people, to new job responsibilities, to new social engagements and see what doors begin to open for you.

Be Practical

Start becoming mindful of your spending habits. Only buy what you need, sell items you no longer want or donate them to charity. Stop thinking about possessions and think about what work you want to accomplish. Start a savings account and any coins you collect during the month in change, put them in a glass jar and deposit it in your bank account. Think about receiving and not only giving. Give of your time and energy, but when you receive energy in the form of dollars and cents, store it away in a savings account. Track your spending habits in your journal. Once you get into a pattern of gratefulness, a routine of work, play and devotion to your archangels, you will see dramatic changes in your spiritual and material growth.

Prosperity grows on fertile ground. Your thoughts will manifest your dreams.

Prosperity grows on fertile ground. Your thoughts will manifest your dreams.

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