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Miniature UFOs

What if you saw a UFO but it wasn't outside, it instead was in your house!

What if you saw a UFO but it wasn't outside, it instead was in your house!

A Boy and His BB Gun

So we have drones of our own. Many kinds, from military ones, like the predator drone, to commercial ones, like the four prop versions that come in all sizes. It is amazing how small the mini ones are. Some are only 44 grams.

A drone is obviously defined as an aircraft that has no pilot. Actually satellites in earth orbit and space probes to the planets also qualify as drones. They too are controlled remotely. If there was an unseen intelligence on Mars, what would they think, seeing something falling from the sky and then seeing a rover emerge from the craft? Has this already happened, of course not on Mars, but here, on our world?

A long time ago, on September 30, 1968 at Farmers Branch, Texas, a young boy was outside in the woods with his pellet gun. As some young boys do, he was shooting at some birds until this young person happened upon a metallic football sized object. Not knowing what it was and actually not caring what it was, he fired at it and heard as the pellet made contact with the object. To his surprise, the object quickly rose up off the ground. It then took off at a 45 degree angle, accelerating until it vanished.

It took weeks for him to understand what had occurred. It was not until he watched a program on television about drone like UFOs that he finally came forward, describing what happened to him. This would be decades later.

Instances of Little UFOs

Not surprising, there are other cases of small craft, witnessed by many. Below is a list of some of them:

  • August 27, 1979, Warren, Minnesota. Police Officer Val Johnson was patrolling alone in his police car. At about 2:19 in the morning he noticed a bright light in the distance. Thinking that is was possibly a small aircraft that was in trouble, since it was observed close to the ground, Johnson turned onto the two lane black top road where the light was located. He was going to offer assistance. But once he was on the road, the observed light accelerated until it was on top of him. It collided with his car. When he called the police dispatch for help, he sounded confused. Later, when he was examined, it was found that he had welder’s burn in his eyes. The damage to the police car was interesting. It all occurred on the driver’s side. One of the headlights was missing both the lens and the bulb. There was a deep dent in the hood only about the size of a quarter. On the top of the car, one of the siren lights had a small crack in the glass. At the rear of the vehicle, two antennas were bent precisely at one point with the bends at roughly a 45 degree angle. The windshield was smashed on the entire driver’s side with an obvious small impact site. Whatever hit his car was not very big. The interesting aspect concerning this case is that the this police vehicle has been preserved. It was never repaired and has been kept safe in a garage for anyone to see.
  • September 1, 1974, Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada. Farmer Edwin Fuhr was in one of his fields on a bright sunny day. As he got down from his tractor he noticed a metallic object floating about a foot off the ground. It was rotating counter clockwise. It had a kind of bell like shape to it. It was only about eight to ten feet in diameter with roughly the same height. He was only fifteen feet away from it but he didn’t want to stay there any longer. Slowly he returned to his tractor, horrified at what he was seeing. But his shock would soon turn to complete terror as he noticed four more of the objects grouped close together but at a somewhat greater distance from the first object. They too were rotating counter clockwise about a foot off the ground. As he watched, one object at a time slowly ascended up in the air. As each one rose up, a plume of smoke emerged from the bottom from what seemed to be two vents underneath. When he examine his field he found five crop circles where the plants were lying down counter clockwise with the plants in the center untouched.
  • October 8, 1978, Cato, Missouri. A grandmother and her grandson went outside after a severe thunderstorm where they found a small metallic object only four feet in diameter lying in the field of their farm. It was less than 200 feet away from their house. The object was somewhat square in shape but with extremely rounded edges with a kind of pyramid aspect to it. The grandmother called her son and her husband to take a look at the object. Thinking that it was some kind of debris that was blown in from the storm, her husband started up his tractor so that he could remove the metal debris from his field. However, moments after starting the engine, to their surprise, the object lifted up off the ground. It rotated and moved in a circular pattern for awhile until it gained altitude and eventually entered a very large cylindrical object high up in the sky. The cigar shaped UFO then accelerated away rapidly.
  • April 6, 2001, Mount Clemens, Michigan. A women driving home on a secluded stretch of highway one late night noticed a basketball sized object hovering over the road. It seemed to be a rotating orb with a pin wheel shape to it. At first, she assumed it was stationary but as she got closer she noticed that the object was rapidly approaching her. Orbs usually don’t have mass but this one did. Suddenly it impacted on the roof of her car on the passenger side. When she got out of the car to find out what happened she noticed an unusual residue on the roof.
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The Most Frightening Small UFO Encounter

All of these encounters involved small unidentified objects. Interestingly enough, nearly all of them left trace evidence behind. But despite how unnerving these experiences were, there is one case that seems to top them all and what is more disturbing is that this event is the most recent of them all, taking place on March 31st, 2012.

In Miami Florida on that March morning, Mary Alvarez heard her dog barking downstairs. When she went down to see what was going on, she noticed a metallic basketball sized sphere. However, she didn’t see this object outside the window. Instead, it was hovering in her living room. As she watched the object, her husband came down and witnessed the object also. Right before their eyes, it then transformed into a cylinder shape and moved toward one of the living room walls. Finally, it disappeared as it seemed to phase through the wall itself.

This wouldn’t be their last encounter. Months later on July 8th, 2012, again in the morning, Mary heard strange noises when she was in her bedroom. As she looked out the window she noticed a large triangular object hovering near their house. Soon, after noticing it, the UFO emitted a piercing sound and then disappeared.

What are these objects? Some have speculated that there could be very small occupants controlling these small craft. Our human understanding and perception would most likely push most people to think that this idea is absurd. But could it possibly be true, that there are little people flying around or that maybe whoever created them managed somehow to miniaturize their vehicles? Humans do have imaginations, however. The 1966 movie, “The Fantastic Voyage” is about a craft that is shrunken down to such a small size that it it can then enter the blood stream of a normal sized person. But still, even if these small objects do exist, it is most likely that they are simply drones as indicated by the Miami Florida and the Cato Missouri cases where large craft were nearby possibly controlling the smaller ones.

It May Be Happening and We Don't Know it

Whatever the case this topic is both interesting and frightening. What if Mary Alvarez ignored her dog’s barking? What if she never went downstairs until sometime later? She may have never seen what was invading her house that morning. Could it be that this is happening more often than we realize? Could small drones, from who knows where, be floating around inside our homes when we are not looking? Hopefully not, so that one night, when you hear something, you will not wake up to see something floating in your bedroom, watching you.

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