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General Signs Reading

Reading the energy for the sign of Gemini. I'm using tarot, a 5-card spread.



Your Current Energy is the Page of Pentacles. The page here is offering up one pentacle, with good intention. However, it does not feel quite good enough. This card usually deals with the earthly realm, the material things we want and need, money, or jobs. It is also reflective of Taurus energy, which is extremely grounded and patient most of the time. (Or either you are dealing with a Taurus directly or have a great deal in your chart).

*Remember, collective readings are harder to pull, because there are multiple energies coming in at once. So, you may resonate with one sentence, or the whole dang thing...PLEASE take what works for ONLY YOU. Never fit anything into where it does not belong, and never make rash choices based on general readings. Not sure why I felt the need to say that again, but there must have been a reason. So, you are elevating yourself in your career, or attempting to, and you are willing to give up the things you have to achieve it...even if that is not a great deal to start with.

I think your heart is what makes your energy genuine here. You have motivation and hella organization skills that will benefit those around that for yourself. It is about time, we both know it. Once you get your space in order, you will feel better and your energy will be lighter.

The Magician came up in the Past Energy Position. I decided to post the meaning from a guidebook for this card, this time. I normally do not do that but this makes complete sense when compared with the above card.

"When the Magician appears in a spread, it points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent's disposal to succeed. The message is to tap into one's full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something." Wikipedia: The Magician (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

See? Did I not just say that to begin with? LoL. Now, that was directly from the site:

In the Present Situation I pulled the Knight of Cups. This is a cup of action and love, or relative to the things that we love. You are anxious about approaching somebody, or either there is somebody who is too nervous to talk to you. Cups is also water energy, always flowing, and can fill any void if placed there. I am not sure if you are diving headfirst into love to avoid work drama, or if it is the other way around...but you are moving towards something (or them towards you) that you have a good deal of love for. Only thing is, it seems to be moving slow.

So, that may be why you are anxious about it, or why they are. One of you can feel it, and are antsy to make something happen. It seems to be coming from a place of love, or at least in the moment that path you are on...even though you may be going slower than you want, is the right path. And you are making your way towards your 10 of Cups :)

In the Future if the energy here does not shift in one direction or the other, the likely outcome is shown by the Wheel of Fortune. This card can be good and/or not-so-good, but this usually depends on perspective. (As lots of things do). As of now, the direction you (or maybe that Taurus type energy) are heading in, is leading you to the moment when you will meet or marry the person you love.

I think you are giving too much to a career that you are not honestly into, or the "career" or the job you have is overlooking how valuable you really are. You willingly give all you have (in the physical sense) to help people you care about (even bosses sometimes), and You are finally starting to see the light. You are realizing that you need to make more time for those you love and that love you...instead of placing all that effort where it it not appreciated. And once you do this, the wheel of fortune will start turning in your favor.

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God is going to give you the strength to make it through this journey on your way to find love, and He will teach you ways you can obtain earthly possessions for yourself as well. He wants you to live comfortably, but not gaudy and flamboyantly. If you have the love you were meant for, this is referring to the journey you are on in your life, working towards your goals (even career goals) and getting there slowly but surely. You are making your way towards your destiny, that beautiful wheel of fortune will land in your favor, but only if you keep your faith.



Current energy is IV of Cups. This tells me you're not satisfied with your relationship or love interest. There's something missing, but is it possible what you seek is right before your eyes? You could also be dealing with a water sign, or it's heavy in your chart.

Past is the Fool. This card tells me you rushed in headfirst, with hopes your world would welcome you with open arms. However, things were harder than you imagined. You never gave up, you persevered through the career and love obstacles. You may have reached a plateau, and you're getting bored again.

Present is the VII of Pentacles. You may be doing a lot of preparation for a wedding. (Idk where that came from Lol, but it's somebody's story). Something in your present job situation may be changing, and it upsets you because you put in the majority of the work, however, somebody else is reaping the benefits. Believe it or not, this situation is going to elevate you to Emperor status.

Future energy is The Emperor. This card is a reflection of all the king cards. It's a good place to be. You're in your power here, but only because you learned all the lessons you were supposed to. Every hardship gives you the necessary experience, and others respect you for how well you've preserved your integrity when others would have flown off the handle.



Current Energy is the X of Cups. This is the ultimate expression of love and the fulfillment of joy. In this moment, something that brings you love and happiness is surrounding you. You are content, maybe you have been through something regarding your family or the hard days are in the background, and you can relax and enjoy your happy home.

The Past Energy is the VII of Pentacles. You worked extremely hard to progress to your X of Cups. When you started, hell, I don't even think you knew where to start. You were so overwhelmed, and you had to take a step back to evaluate the things you truly valued. You may have decided to leave a job, or you finally left some sort of "financial situation" that kept you held back.

The Present Energy Surrounding You is the V of Pentacles. This card concerns me slightly sitting in this position in relation to what is surrounding you...meaning, this is NOT your energy. Has somebody recently caused any drama in your work environment? (Even if you technically work from home?) Or has something led to a financial strain of sorts? If not, something around you is indicating an energy of chaos and upheaval in regards to your pentacles. Be careful of who you let in your "world", and do not allow others to handle your finances or "books" at work.

You may need to check your books, especially if somebody else does them for you. When I say this, I do not mean an accountant that you take your information to once a year to file taxes. I am speaking about an employee you may have in your office, or online that you can access easily (Like a normal employee, during work hours) that works remotely. They may have been fudging numbers to figure out a way to grab some extra cash. If not, they are planning on it, so please check your books again in 3 months.

The Future Energy is the Knight of Swords. This card indicates something is coming at you fast. It could possibly be the money situation from above, but that is very specific and will not resonate with everyone. This is a general reading, so please only take what you know in your heart is meant for you. If you have to question anything, if it does not just scream at you in some way automatically, then it is not for you. Intuition and knowing is an automatic process and with that being said, if the message is for will know the second you see or hear it.

That is the whole point in what I do, and why you are drawn to certain readings over others. :) You will always be led to where you are supposed to be, and you are always where you are now for a reason. Remember that. I felt you guys needed to know that. Do not lose faith. God loves you and He is waiting for you to reach out to Him so He can help you. This is your sign, because I know you are looking for one.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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