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Metatron's Alphabet


Based in the Kabbalistic culture, Alphabet of Metatron is used for divination, manifestation, and symbolical programming. Here is the alphabet and it's archetypical transcriptions.

1 - (Aleph) Throne of Glory, holy, beginning. It is used to get what you want, to heal, to receive any benefits, to protect against demonic forces.

2 - (Beth) Creator, eternity, wind, 4 directions. It is used to reveal forces, to obtain what is desired, in order to open roads.

3 - (Gimel) Greatness, success. It is used in order to gain fame, power, in order to succeed in any business, for power and physical strength.

4 - (Dalet). A gate, a window, can sometimes mean poverty. In order to avoid temptations, evil, slander and demonic forces. It can also be used to punish a person for sins, an enemy for example, but still, according to the Book of Sacred Names, a sign in the first place is precisely protecting from evil.

5 - (Heh) Creation of heaven and earth, creation, creation. Used to bring any changes to life, both good and bad, in general, in general, to receive any changes.

6 - (Vav) Means an immeasurably large space. In order to gain freedom, to travel, in order to open roads.

7 - (Zayin). Double-edged sword, mother, gaining strength. To protect against any evil, from adversity and misfortune, to protect children from disease and damage, to gain strength.

8 - (Thurs) Right, house, walls of the house. Used to win, to preserve the house, so that people who sow discord and misfortune do not enter the house, in order to drive unwanted people out of the house.

9 - (Tet) Jagged edges of the wall, triple measure, the power of good. It is used to stop quarrels, for the common good, so that a person chooses the right path.

10 - (Yod) Humility. Means calm, peace, elimination of anxieties and worries. It is used to accept some fait accompli that prevents a person from living, from longing, worries, stress, gives reassurance.

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11 - (Kaf). Means - a crown, a mantle, a person standing firmly on his feet. It means punishment for wrong deeds, for sins, for causing harm, both magical and ordinary. It is used to send punishments, illnesses, death to enemies, only with the condition that the enemy is really to blame, if this is not the case, the one who will receive punishment uses a symbol. The symbol means "punishment of the dead", "punishment by the grave".
The symbol breaks any ties between the offending person and his guardians, whatever they may be. It is associated with the name Agla. In addition, the sign can give a "hellish life" in the future, both to the enemy and to the one who used the sign, knowing that it is a sin for another no.

12 - (Lamed) means the King's Crown. To control oneself, in order to gain glory and greatness, in order to get rid of bad and harmful habits.

13 - (Mem) means womb. It means ritual cleansing, ritual bathing, body cleansing, from negativity and disease. It is used for cleansing.

14 - (Nun) symbolize the shield. Associated with Abraham and King David who had divine protection. It means a great gift of heavenly protection, it is used to receive protection in any manifestation, from anything, it is also used to ward off evil from oneself.

15 - (Samekh) - means a flowering branch with young leaves. Used for healing, restoration, to increase strength. For protection and return of damage.

16 - (Ayin) In order to receive, take away the strength of enemies, in order to deceive your enemies, to conquer enemies. The symbol is closely connected with the story of Aoron and Moses, who deprived the Egyptian wands of power, the symbol reflects ancient history and its meaning - Aoron absorbed , deprived the power of the wands of Egyptian sorcerers and received their power (in a free retelling).

17 - (Pe) Represents an open bucket, personifies the eternal divine sweat of knowledge and power, an analogue of a cornucopia, a healing and spiritual stream. It is used to gain wisdom, spiritual development, it is also used to gain the gift of eloquence, since one of the meanings of the symbol - "mouth"

18 - (Tsadi) The wall of the fortress. For protection from magic, enemies, demonic forces. For the development of talents, for the disclosure of abilities and spiritual formation.

19 - (Kof) the magic glyph for writing (Kof) is a tree, means 100. "Tree" is a symbol of magic and a magical beginning, it is used to hear spirits, in order to call them, endows the voice with magical properties. Also denotes the symbol " lamb family" and "new year". Attracts renewal and the onset of a new good period in life.

20 - (Resh) - represent a boat with a mast. A sign to designate the angel of the Sea, which can both bestow greatness and destroy. His divine name is Adiriron, since an angel can cause a number of events undesirable for practice, such as a natural disaster, a leak or explosion of natural gas, etc., it is necessary to remember it when working with him, since pronouncing his name does not give the angel hurt someone, and calms any elemental force.
His name translates as "Name of Joy", "Song of Joy" and is associated with the word Adir - "mighty." The symbol is an effective means of protecting against any demonic forces, evil and corruption, is drawn (ideally) on a deer skin on Friday.

21 - (Shin) Indicates water. The symbol is the initial symbol of the Divine Name (Shadai), personifies water and the element of water. It is used for consecration and purification, it can be a symbol for communication with the dead, so the waters wash the dead world. Draw on the left hand or draw on fabric and tie on the left hand .

22 - (Tav) The two outer lines of the sign represent the two handles of the Torah scroll, and the central line - the one who reads the sacred text. The symbol is magical and is used to enhance any magical practice.

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