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Men Looking for a way out of a behavior

What stops men from being all they can be?

Today is a great time to join the Read the Bible in a Year Challenge

Today is a great time to join the Read the Bible in a Year Challenge

Why is today a great time to join the challenge

All men struggle at some point with one or more of the issues noted below and while many become addictions, they all affect mens lives in a negative way.

  • Drugs,
  • Porn,
  • Alcohol
  • Sex
  • Anger
  • Self doubt

This effect manifests itself in men's relationships, job and life. This project to read the Bible in a year came from one man in a men's group focused on dealing with men's life issues by finding God's solutions men can find in God's word, The Bible. By joining other men in this goal men find we are all all alike finding brothers we can learn from and grow together.

More about the Mens Group where this began!

The group meets together weekly where men find God provides both healing and strength through the study of God's word. This is done through the understanding that all men fall short, commit sin, find forgiveness and love God gives. Additionally men see the difference God makes in men's lives who share their relationship with God and accept Jesus as their savior.

Men find honesty with other men is truly a powerful example to others in the group. Our leader Rob provides direction from God's word based on God's leading and what men share. What we find this does is men support each other, offer prayer, share testimonies of God working in their life, all help change lives of men there.

One of the members of the group shared he was going to read the complete Bible in a year. Questions about how he would do this were asked. He shared his plan, to which many in the group wanted to join him in this project. Hub Pages is a way to share the men's journey and growth from both reading and understanding of the relationship men have with God and how it applies to us now in 2021.


From todays Bible reading; Rob's message to men - Beginning

'In the beginning, GOD...'

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Let everyday be our new beginning.

Let us be renewed, released and recharged to reenter the fight.

As we put on our armor each day this year men, let us go out


each day, as it is a new beginning and we are found righteous in HIS eyes, for we BELIEVE!

Happy new year, my brothers, and I am excited to read the Bible this year with you, and see what God has in store for us.

You are loved, surrounded, supported, encouraged, and only a phone call away from each other.

Let us bond this year closer than we have ever before, as I believe the fight has just taken itself to the next level, and the war will be raging!

I love you guys.

Note: Rob always ends his sharing with I love you guys as a reminder of Gods love for us,

Tuesday Night Mens Group

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