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Memories Gone past

Bringing me through it all

I was listening to gospel music this morning while I was doing some other things around the house and one song stopped me short. I am sure many have heard the song about being brought through. It caused me to go back to some of my most hurtful memories in life and thought of how I got through it when I seemed all alone.

It was in the church that changed my life that I realized that no matter how alone I felt that Jesus was always with me. Even when I would get upset at God, they didn't pull away to let me get through it on my own. I had pulled away. Sometimes what my brother and sisters in the Lord, told me didn't sit with me but sooner or later what they said would get through my blockhead. I think the part where they told me to trust them with all parts of my life was the hardest. I was used to getting myself through things.

As I got older in the Lord, I began to see how God worked in others' lives as well. God was interested in all areas of a person's life. He helped with cars running and Jesus was the doctor to so many others. I prefer Jesus' bedside manner better than most.

When my mother passed away and Dad got Alzheimer's, who was going to get me through it all? I had next to no friends and before I knew it, God had brought people to help me. The first person to step forward was someone who had to know all of us. She took one look at the mess I was in and told me no one had been good to me to have me live at home. I didn't know the first thing about living on my own. I knew nothing about Alzheimer's but we got the paperwork done for Dad to get nursing home care. Before he got into a home every neighbor who know us told me to get a job and they would look after Dad.

Well, I got a job as a caregiver which I love to do and Dad just about drove every neighbor crazy. He would take off with the car and no one would know where he was going so off one would go after him. I found out that Dad was a disaster at driving, and one of the neighbors had 911 on speed dial in case he fell outside. My employer didn't like me quite a few times. Through it all though God was looking out for me.

Eventually, I had to find an apartment that I was scared of big time. I moved into my apartment and that is when I became a person. My first friend told me that I had to be able to take care of myself, one told me I had to try to be female, next said to be just me, and my favorite her and I had so much in common that we knew what each other felt and when we needed to just see someone. My job did not a lot for me but paid bills.

I look back and see that God sent each of these people to bring me through it all. After a year, I reconnected with a friend from High School and we got engaged. Nick and I have been brought through a lot.

Nick has been bought through Leukemia every day since we got married. We got through finding out that I had had a heart attack at some time while my parents were alive. Together we got through Dad's end of life with Alzheimer's. God brought us through his mother's passing.

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If we all look back we will see where God has brought us through so much that we wondered how we on our own would do it. God always knows when we need someone to maybe just stop by when we feel down. We have someone with us no matter what happens to us. No matter how small it seems it is important to God. May each person who needs to get through it all know who and where to call.

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