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Meet Your Spirit Guide

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What is a spirit guide?

All of us, own wisdom within.

This can be channeled through the intuitive mind that manages to connect us with the infinite realms beyond our perceptions. However sometimes we find also difficult to channel that wisdom within, which is normal as long as we live in a materialistic environment. One of the best ways to reach this is by channeling and meeting our spirit guides.
But what is a spirit guide?

The spirit guide is the unheard voice from within. They call the spirit guides by many names such as the inner consultant, the imaginative friend, the inner genius, or simply the spirit guide. It may come to you in many forms through images in your mind such as a person, an animal, sometimes like an inner voice, etc.

The simple technique on meeting your spirit guide

Take six or ten deep breaths.
Close your eyes and relax, lye, or sit down. Get in contact with your inner realm and be present as much as you can. Now imagine like inside your inner realm in Imagination you are walking through a path silently. Make some little steps and then stop to see.

Start walking again and from the distance start noticing something coming towards you. It is very shiny and light. As it is coming closer and closer start noticing its shape, whether it is a human or an animal, whether it is a male or female.

Stay open-minded and open-hearted for whatever appears in front of you. If it is a person, notice their gender, how they look, how old they might be. But if it is an animal start noticing also what kind of animal it is and how does it look like. Anyways no matter what appears in front of you, stay centered and mindful.

Say hello to them and try to maintain eye contact to get closer and closer spiritually to each-other. Ask for their names and still stay open. At first pay attention to what name they are going to tell you. Do not get surprised even if you hear some weird names, all that you can do is only to stay open. Introduce yourself to them and invite them for a walk in your inner realm. Guide them into your inner realm to explore it together.

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Stay open and attentive to whatever kind of advice they might give you, that you haven't noticed within to correct and improve it. Notice that both of you are happy finally seeing each-other.

Be fully present in the company of your spirit guide

Ask questions to your spirit guide in a very polite and kind way.

Maybe they can answer you immediately or even if not immediately, then their answers might come in different forms in your outer realm through the different events of your life.Start noticing more carefully now, whether you feel good or bad by their visits. Every person experiences different reactions while meeting their spirit guides. Do not concern yourself if you can not understand also what they want to transmit to you right away.

Do not concern yourself either-even if you can not see them clearly. The most important is to feel their presence with you, to feel their love and care towards you. Say thank you very often to your spirit guide. Be grateful, kind, polite, and respectful towards your spirit guide.

But it might happen that your spirit guide may come in a certain way that you will not want for example. For example, it can come in a person's form that you do not feel that comfortable around. Again say thank you and let go, you can also let go of the technique if you want to, in order to repeat it again. Ask your spirit this time to come in an easier way, in a way that you can recognize, but try to ask this to them in a very polite way obviously.

If it comes in an easier way as you asked then it is perfect, but if it comes again in another "harsh" way let's say, again do not concern yourself. This time maybe you have channeled another energy or your inner critic. Again, take a breath and just let them go. Show gratitude for their interference and order them kindly to get out of your realm. Ask again your spirit guide to show up, a supportive, kind, and polite one.

Do not panic

Do not get surprised by the way they might show up, they are just a hologram of our creative minds which is endless. They might show up with weird names, weird appearance, etc.. It may happen that they might not even say a single word to you, rather they might communicate telepathically. It may happen that your spirit guide also may change its shapes and forms from time to time including here also even the name, gender, or nature. You can channel your spirit guide anytime you might need them. They are just always there for you.

Hypnosis to get in contact with your spirit guide.

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