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Meet Mary Ngendo-A Catholic Faithful With Powers to Heal and Prophesy

Nyamweya is a journalist currently attached to a leading Kenyan media

Mary Ngendo

Mary Ngendo

Mary Ngendo, a Catholic faithful has stunned many in her Nairobi city by claiming to have powers to heal, prophesy and perform other miracles. This is despite the fact the she is a catholic where its rare for members to claim such abilities. She narrates to SILAS NYAMWEYA on how such abilities came about, whether she is at odds with the church administration and why she is not interested in starting her own church.

Kindly brief us about your background…

I hail from Makueni County and I was born in a Christian family of four. I am the eldest and my parents are Catholic adherents. That is all I can disclose for now.

You claim to have special powers to heal and prophesy, when did you discover such ability?

Ever since I was young, I could tell people what they were going through in their lives and they confirmed this to be true. Whenever I was in contact with a sick person, something could push me to pray for such a person and miraculously, the person could attest to have been healed.

Can you recall explicit cases you have prayed for and people get miracles?

There are so many but just to name a few, I have prayed for barren people who go on conceiving and come back to testify, I have also prayed for people seeking work and they get employment, others with erectile dysfunction and they get well alongside many other sicknesses some of which were untreatable at hospitals.

How do people come to you for such miracles yet you don’t have your own church?

It is through referrals.. Those people I have prayed for and they got healings for instance, bring or refer others to me so that they can be assisted. If God has given me this ability, it is my pleasure that I am able to assist as many people as people. I have not planned to have my own church because God has not told me so.

We never heard of a “Catholic healer” or mwombezi for that matter, how is this possible?

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To some extent, the Catholic Church allows members with spiritual gifts to exercise them through the charismatic wing of the church. Members in this wing are more spiritual and their services are more of that of the Pentecostals.

But don’t you see that your practice including wearing special attire when praying for people will cause friction with the church administration?

I don’t think so because what is wrong with praying for people if God has granted me this power? After all, I am just a vessel through which God is using to help people who are suffering and show his mercy.

Are you thinking of starting your own church if the church administration for instance, kicks you out?

For now, I don’t see anything wrong with the Catholic Church and if the father or church administration decides otherwise, I will still wait for the Holy Spirit to direct me on my next move. However, I don’t envision that since there is nothing wrong with solving people’s problems through prayer. I believe even the Father Needs prayers.

What makes you different from other faith healers?

First of all, I am not doing this as a business and I don’t ask any sadaka or payment. God gave me this gift free and I have to give it free. If one wants to thank me after he or she has seen a breakthrough, well and good and normally, I don’t ask for any offering.

So how do you pay your bills, rent, food etc?

I have a kinyozi business in Umoja which is my main hustle. Sometimes people who need prayers come at my Kinyozi or they call me in their houses or places of work.

What makes your prayers special?

My prayers are just like any other and I don’t use any special items like ointments, candles etc. They are like any other prayers a catholic faithful can do, only that God has given me special powers.

What can you say of Doubting Thomases who say maybe your powers are not God given?

Even the bible says that you will know them by their deeds. If I was using other powers, I would have started my own church and I will be asking for money before I pray for people. I couldn’t even be running a Kinyozi business by now.

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